Kendrick Perkins’ Weight Loss: The Former NBA Star: What Happened?

Kendrick Perkins' Weight Loss

In 2020, Kendrick Perkins shed 33 pounds in just three weeks and had likely lost more weight since then. The former NBA player’s weight decreased from 382 to 349 pounds. Kendrick Perkins adhered to a meal plan advised to him by Awaken180° Weight Loss and routinely exercised for two hours, which worked wonders for his weight loss.

Former American professional basketball player Kendrick Perkins presently serves as a sports analyst for ESPN. Before his retirement in 2019, he played for the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans (with whom he won the 2008 NBA Championship).

His retirement has resulted in several fluctuations in his weight, primarily an increase that experts say puts him in danger of developing diabetes. It was urged that he lose weight. For his health and fitness, he resumed dieting and exercising to lose weight. Let’s go further into Kendrick Perkins’ weight loss!

Check Out the Diet and Exercise Plan of Retired Basketball Player Kendrick Perkins to Learn How He Lost 33 Pounds in 2020!

Retired Basketball Player Kendrick Perkins

Early in 2020, Kendrick Perkins (@kendrickperkins) shed 33 pounds in only three weeks, and he’s probably lost more since then.

When it came to keeping in shape, working out, and adhering to his exercise and nutrition plan after leaving the NBA, Kendrick Perkins relaxed a little too much, causing health issues. His weight climbed to a point where it raised the risk of a health emergency, which was not good, and he was advised to lose weight.

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When the former NBA player was playing, his weight and size were never an issue since he was playing and had to follow diet and exercise regimens for players and prepare for the sports, which kept his physique in line. But after he retired, he was liberated from everything. The ability to do whatever he pleased and not have to exercise or adhere to a strict diet all the time may have been soothing for a while, but that freedom came at a cost. All of this ended in him having to lose weight by doing the same.

After his retirement, Kendrick Perkins did not focus on his health and fitness, and his weight rapidly became evident. Not only a few pounds were added to my weight as a result. More than that existed. There was weight gain, but it wasn’t a small amount. Before starting a weight loss quest for his health, he weighed 75 pounds.

Diet and Exercise Plan of

He gained 75 pounds from relaxing his diet and exercise regimens, increasing his risk of developing diabetes. When Kendrick Perkins walked in for a normal check-up in 2020, the doctor informed him that, given his girth, he had been on the verge of developing diabetes. He was informed that he needed to alter his diet and lose weight to maintain his weight.

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On Twitter in March 2020, Kendrick Perkins discussed the risk of health issues arising from his girth, which prompted him to concentrate on getting in shape and begin a weight loss quest.

I’ve gained 75 pounds since I retired two years ago! I just saw the doctor, who warned me that I am on the verge of developing diabetes and that I need to lose weight and alter my diet. Day 1 began today because I had to be there for my family!

The retired athlete’s followers found the tweet and accompanying video showing him striking a punching bag at the gym with purpose and devotion to fitness and weight loss to be highly inspiring and encouraging. Not just in the video but also the following month, when he revealed that he had shed 33 pounds, his commitment was evident. As of April 19, 2020, he tweeted,

I started this new diet regimen called @Awaken180 with 2 hours of cardio a day three weeks ago when I weighed 382 pounds. Now that I’m 349 pounds lighter, I still have 89 pounds. To maintain the Mamba attitude and never give up, Kobe is on my feet.

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Kendrick Perkins’ three-week weight loss from 382 to 349 pounds was astounding. He truly saw results from his food regimen, which included Awaken 180° Weight Loss and daily exercising for two hours.

He must have shed more weight since then because it has been more than two years. After that, he stopped keeping track of his fitness and weight reduction efforts, but he did indicate that he still had 89 pounds to lose. He could have lost all of that additional weight.

To get fit again and make up for the time he struggled in the playoffs due to ailments, Kendrick Perkins once underwent a 28-pound weight loss in December 2011.

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