Zion Williamson Weight Loss: What Kind Of Weight Loss Did Zion Williamson Experience?

Zion Williamson Weight Loss

During the preseason game against the Bulls, Zion Williamson displayed a highlight clip of his physical transformation, which stunned his fans.

Zion Williamson, a former number one overall draft pick, made his long-awaited return to the court and did not disappoint. After being out, Jones fracture of his right foot cost him 514 days and a lengthy rehabilitation period, the former Duke star was ready to return to competition.

Zion Williamson, a physical specimen, had gained weight throughout his rehabilitation, as seen by his public appearances during this time. Players like Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley made fun of the 6’6″ forward due to reports that his weight had risen to over 300 pounds.

In all this criticism of Zion, rumors circulated that this was the Pelicans forward’s attempt to leave. All of these speculations were refuted by the 22-year-recent old’s physical change. The former Duke player used the criticism as motivation to work hard in the gym and get down to 284 pounds.

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Zion Williamson Divulges His Weight Loss Techniques

Zion Williamson Divulges His Weight Loss Techniques

Zion Williamson was over 310 pounds during the Mountain Dew commercial. How’s it possible that Zion Williamson has already lost 284 pounds?

According to sources, the Pelicans player has given up several of his favorite foods, like bacon and cheese, instead of consuming them in small quantities.

The individual opted to adhere to a rigid diet program for his daily meals.

The man selected eggs, spinach, tomato, fruit, and avocado toast for breakfast.

A protein drink served as the man’s snack. Uncomplicated. Then, around midday, he consumed a chicken breast that had been grilled. And to accompany it, he ate vegetables, rice, and a salad.

Then, for the day’s evening meal, his main dish would often be fish, but once every week, he would have a steak.

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Again, he had vegetables, rice, and salad as side dishes with this lunch.

This remarkable eating strategy enabled Zion Williamson to go from being overweight to being utterly shredded. As far as can be determined, he still adheres to it now.

Jhonas Lewis, Zion’s chef, prepared all his meals from July to September. Lewis estimated Zion was shedding “7-9 pounds a week” due to his new diet and two-a-day exercises. He also stated, “You can not pay Zion to put on his clothing.”

The exact weight Williamson shed or is playing at remains a closely guarded secret, maybe due to the body-shaming Williamson endured last season while he was recovering from a foot ailment and unable to run or exercise. However, he has turned things around nutritionally; don’t tell him what he’s eating. If anyone doubts Zion Williamson’s physical transformation, he is eager to remove his shorts and give the evidence.

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Concerned with Zion’s Thinning Physique, Shaquille O’Neal Speaks Out

Concerned with Zion's Thinning Physique

Charles Barkley mentioned Zion’s weight increase on the ‘NBA on TNT broadcast. Barkley remarked that Zion Williamson reminded him of a child between himself and Shaq. After hearing this, Shaq and the rest of the team couldn’t contain their laughter. Zion Williamson appeared thinner on the media day. And in the most recent edition of his podcast, O’Neal expressed anxiety over his slimming down.

According to what he said, “He looks fine, but he’s Zion. As a result, they’re going to provide that misery. Shaq predicted his opponents would use their whole might while facing up against him. I add that I pray his brand-new tiny body can take it. Injuries became more frequent as I slimmed down. To a greater extent from physical contact.”

O’Neal elaborated, saying, “But listen, he looks terrific; I wish him well. But, well, when he was huge, Zion, he was cool. Not the Zion version of “If I had a baby with Chuck…”

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Zion Williamson Replies to Weight Concerns Before Injury Return

Zion Williamson Replies to Weight Concerns

Zion Williamson wants people to stop obsessing about his weight and focus on his court performance.

Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated profiled the New Orleans Pelicans player as he prepares for the 2024-23 season.

“And though he won’t reveal his weight, Williamson quips he wouldn’t mind that number leaking,” Beck wrote. “‘I wonder if there’ll be rumors when I step on the scale at training camp,’ he laughs.

Williamson’s weight has been a topic of discussion since his first year at Duke.

Before last season, Williamson’s physique was again a subject as Pelican’s exec David Griffin said the 22-year-old had undergone summer foot surgery.

The Pelicans hoped Williamson might play in 2021-22. Recovery difficulties prohibited him from playing.

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon stated Williamson weighed 330 pounds in December (h/t NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman). NBA.com lists his weight at 284.

Williamson inked a five-year, $193 million agreement with the Pelicans in July.

Williamson’s contract mandates him to undergo quarterly weigh-ins to measure his total weight and body fat percent, which must be below 295. If he exceeds his guarantee, the Pelicans can reduce it.

The Pelicans and Williamson are preparing for the 2024-23 season. They’ll play the Nets at Barclays Center on Oct. 19.

New Orleans won the play-in tournament and earned the No. 8 spot in the Western Conference. A first-round loss to the Phoenix Suns in six games.

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