Vintage Vibes: Classic Cars Loved by Celebrities Through the Ages

Vintage Vibes: Classic Cars Loved by Celebrities Through the Ages

There is something about nostalgia that drives people to purchase and drive older vehicles. There are countless examples of people who wanted to buy a vehicle from a specific period.

That way, they can feel the touch of times that are not long gone. While this is something many people from all over the globe do, we must say that celebrities are probably best known for their passions for old timers from various periods.

Today, finding old timers you might purchase is easier than it has ever been. One of the ways you can do it is via tools such as FAXVIN. But still, we have a feeling that celebrities have a special preference when it comes to these vehicles.

Therefore, we want to talk about a list of classic cars that are adored by celebrities from all over the globe. Without further ado, let us begin.

Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5

The first vehicle we want to talk about is Aston Martin DB5. Movie enthusiasts know that this one has gained prominence because of its appearance in James Bond films, most notably “Goldfinger.”

Since then, this vehicle has become a dream come true for so many people worldwide. When you look at the vehicle it immediately becomes clear why this is the case. Its design is impeccable, and the same can be said about its functionality.

When it comes to the celebrities that own this one, you will see that Nicolas Cage is a proud owner. Sure, Nicolas Cage was always affiliated with old timers, but he said once that this model has a special place in his heart. What should be known about DB5 is that it shares many aesthetic traits with the previous model DB4. But the real change between these two is under the hood.

Austin-Healey 100-6

Austin-Healey 100-6

In most cases, you will hear people addressing to Austin-Healey 100-6 as “Austin-Healey 3000.” We are talking about a model that was produced back in 1957. While it was different from previously produced models, it still had that touch that was the main trait of those produced before.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that so many people preferred this one. The list of people who own this one is nothing short than exceptional.

Probably the best-known owner is Jerry Seinfeld. He has spoken about it being his best vehicle of all times. When it comes to the vehicle itself, probably the best thing about is handling.

The reason is quite simple: it has an excellent steering response and balance. Since it has a low center of gravity, it makes it possible for the vehicle to stay stable regardless of the speed we are talking about. It is really one of the best cars ever made.

1958 Chevrolet Corvette

George Clooney is another celeb that often talks about his passion for old timers. When it comes his vehicle of choice, we would have to say 1958 Chevrolet Corvette. One of the interesting things to know about his relationship with this vehicle is that he didn’t buy it.

He inherited it from his father. That is why Mr. Clooney simply adores it. Not to mention that he spoke about his passion in several interviews over the years. Speaking of passion, George Clooney isn’t just known for his love of vintage cars; he’s also gained a reputation for his occasional adventures in casinos.

What it should be said about this model is that it was more excessive than any of previous models that come from the same manufacturer. The overall design remained the same, but the functionalities were upgraded.

For instance, it had chrome suspenders that were quite lengthy. For instance, it was from the rear window base and it spanned down to the truck. Besides that, quad headlamps were another solid addition.

Jaguar XK140

Jaguar XK140

Jaguar XK140 is one of the symbols of the 1950s, we can all agree on this. Many do not know that this model came as a direct upgrade of the previous one, XK120. When it comes to its performance, it is nothing short than exceptional.

It can develop 0-60 mph within 9 seconds, and it can develop 121 mph. Also, fuel consumption is 20 mpg. When you take all these into consideration and you put it in the context of the time when it was produced, it surely is an impressive model.

David Letterman is someone who has talked about this model in depth. Now that he is officially retired, he has enough free time to activities he enjoys. For instance, driving this exceptional vehicle.

He often speaks about his being among his most valuable possessions, among a variety of vehicles he owns. He even said that if anyone is interested in purchasing this one, the wouldn’t consider selling his car collection if the price is lower than $2.5 million. 

Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The last vehicle we want to talk about is 1981 Camaro Z28. Famous actor Matthew McConaughey owns one of these. We are talking about his first car ever, so nobody should be surprised why this vehicle is his favorite.

The reason why this one sparks a lot of interest among people is that it is the second generation of cars that feature computers. Also, it is quite powerful since it was powered by a 350 cubic inch V8. 

But it needs to be said that it was available only with automatic transmission. Also, the number of produced models was only around 120,000. With a high number of them declining over the years, we can see that having the one that’s in a mint condition is quite rare.

So, this adds significant value to owning one of these. It is one of the reasons why he prefers this one to many other models he owns.


With so many options out there, finding a vintage car that fits your preferences is not an easy task. Surely, answering this question is simple for many people. With that in mind, we can see that having a list such as this one can make the process much easier. We are certain that this insight of ours will create that particular effect.

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