The New High Rollers: Celebrities and Their Crypto Gambling Adventures

Celebrities and Their Crypto Gambling Adventures

The gambling industry is one of the first to implement new technologies, which makes it the most innovative one as well. Knowing this, it’s nothing strange that crypto gambling has been one of the most talked about topics today. 

Namely, the rise of crypto gambling on various renowned platforms like dappGambl has been tremendous, but celebrities who promote such platforms have also helped a lot. So, let’s check some of the most invested celebrities and their crypto gambling adventures.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

One of the top movie stars, besides his superstar roles, also likes high bets, which is nothing strange considering how much time he spends at casinos. Yes, this is nothing new, but stating that Affleck also has a peculiar taste in using crypto to play games of chance is something entirely new.

His gambling days started way back, in the early 2000s, and since then, he even won the California Poker Championship in ’04. Now, even though these facts speak volumes about how good a player he is, he applied his knowledge and skill toward earning cryptos.

In recent years, his passion, gambling, has been placed in the second plan, but we cannot wait to see his skills once again at some (online) casino. The fact he already has some pretty huge success is enough reason for him to continue playing, and with cryptos being available, who knows what we can expect from Ben Affleck?



One of the celebrities who truly enjoys all the benefits crypto gambling has to offer is popular singer and rapper Drake. He is a partner of one of the most famous gambling platforms, Stake, and he promotes it whenever he can.

He even shows up in numerous live streams that this platform holds for a wide audience, so whoever wants to learn more about the benefits of crypto gambling can watch Drake telling them. It goes without saying that he has some benefits from doing so, but since this cooperation started, it has boosted the platform pretty much, so it is a win-win situation. 

Another great thing about these live videos is that people can watch him gambling and even win some money. However, he loves to gamble, and he is pretty successful in it, which makes it a real pleasure to watch him play some popular games.

In a world where streaming and gambling are so popular, Drake’s actions just attract even more people to join, as if anything else, who wouldn’t try to test their luck and gambling skills playing against Drake?



Seeing this name on the list will probably surprise most people, but Lionel Messi is more than aware that cryptocurrencies are something that will stay with us for a long time and change many things for the better. One of them surely is gambling.

He is a partner of the popular platform Bitget, and as their ambassador, he changes the way people look at cryptos and gambling, too. Having him as a partner surely increases the number of users of this platform and makes this entirely new world closer to the fans, as Messi simply attracts new players and encourages them to try something new.

On the other hand, besides great marketing strategy, Messi also likes to play games of chance, and above all, he has some success while doing so. Yes, he is not that into gambling like some other famous athletes and footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gianluigi Buffon, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but still, seeing him actively playing speaks volumes about his passion for this industry.

Snoop Dogg 

Snoop Dogg 

People have a different opinion about Snoop Dogg, but the fact is that he’s a renowned rapper, actor, and established entrepreneur. His partnership with Roobet is yet another Snop Doggs investment that has proven to be highly profitable for both parties.

Namely, not just that he promotes this platform, but the platform itself offers a variety of bonuses, raffles, and giveaways to its users (players). It’s needless to say how big of a deal this is and how much such actions help gain an audience and draw more and more people to the platform.

Also, a unique feature where the luckiest ones can even play a game against Snoop Dogg has proven to be a tremendous success. All of this just makes this artist even more popular across the globe, and due to this gambling crypto platform, the entire gambling experience is enhanced.

Ashton Kutcher 

It seems like everything Ashton does is a success, and his latest investment into esports betting platform Unikrn has proven to be exceptional. Namely, the stakes of Unikrn have risen through the roof since 2015, when Kutcher first invested in this platform. Of course, we cannot give all the credit to the famous actor for such success, but his role definitely is a tremendous one. 

As for the platform, the biggest reason it’s on our list is because it allows players to use cryptos for placing bets. Now, even though there are many platforms with the same gambling features, this one stands out as one of the most popular among celebrities.

Understandably, this is precisely where Kutcher’s name had the most impact, but with this said, having an opportunity to play your favorite game of chance against your favorite celebrity and actually win some cryptos is an adventure that doesn’t just happen every day.



Even though there is, and it seems like it always will be, a discussion over whether influencers and streamers should be considered famous, we cannot overlook the fact that millions of people are following what they do and what brands they promote.

The name influencer says enough about this, but this streamer has partnered with Stake, a crypto gambling platform that offers a variety of options and possibilities for both payment methods (cryptocurrency included) and rewards.

As for how Roshtein helped this platform – just stating that his streams, when he actively gambled on this platform, have gone viral is enough. The impact of his actions and streams on the global popularity of crypto gambling is enormous, which is why Roshtein made this list.

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