Kendrick Perkins Wife and Son: Meet Vanity Perkins and Her Three Sons!

Kendrick Perkins Wife and Son

Kendrick Perkins is wedded to Vanity Alpough Perkins, with whom he shares three sons and a daughter. She has been as supportive of his second son Kenxton’s interest in basketball throughout his whole career. Kendrick Perkins frequently posts footage of his second kid playing hoops to demonstrate his basketball prowess.

Former professional basketball player Kendrick Perkins works as an ESPN sports analyst for the United States. Before his retirement in 2019, he played for the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans after entering the NBA directly from high school.

The former NBA player comes from a really pleasant and caring household. This section contains information about his wife, Vanity Perkins, and his sons and daughter.

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Kendrick Perkins’ Wife: All There Is to Know Regarding Vanity Perkins!

All There Is to Know Regarding Vanity Perkins!

Kendrick Perkins’s (@kendrickperkins) wife is Vanity Perkins (_queenvanity). She is the one who has provided him with a semblance of security even though his profession has necessitated him to relocate regularly. She was born in Port Arthur, Texas, on July 7, 1985, to Thomas Alpough and Julie Alpough. She graduated from Memorial High School in 2003 and Middlesex Community College in Bedford after that.

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She had just from high school when she met Kendrick Perkins. Even though he attended a different school, they met and fell in love in high school. Thus they call themselves high school sweethearts. The pair argue over when they first became high school sweethearts. Kendrick stated it was from the 10th grade, although Vanity stated it was from the 11th.

In 2009, Vanity became Kendrick Perkins’s wife. Eighteen days before her birthday, they married the marriage on July 25, 2009, in front of 200 guests at Carlton Woods Country Club in Woodlands, Texas.

Vanity was then Kendrick Perkins’ spouse, but she had already given birth to his child. She had given birth to her son Kendrick Jr. two years before the September 10, 2007, wedding. On October 10, 2011, four years after the birth of their first child and two years after their wedding, they welcomed their second son, Kenton. Four years later, on October 20, 2015, Vanity gave birth to twins, Zoey and Karter, bringing their family size to six.

Kendrick Perkins' Wife

While Vanity was a lovely wife to Kendrick Perkins and a wonderful mother to their children, she was never able to establish independence throughout her husband’s NBA career since they were constantly on the move. Due to this, she could not pursue numerous career-related goals, such as launching her firm.

Vanity Perkins claimed in an interview that she was afraid to accomplish anything because Kendrick Perkins’ profession forced him to move frequently, and it was inefficient for her to manage a business from her residence. It was difficult to be the wife of an NBA player. She described when she began a project in Oklahoma but had to abandon it when he was traded. She also stated that her Boston College credentials were not transferred once he was sold again.

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Now, Kendrick Perkins is no longer a member of the NBA. Since he has been retired since 2019, it has been easier for his wife to make a permanent job decision. Vanity Perkins has effectively utilized internet space to operate many enterprises. She is currently the proprietor of the online site Vanity forever. Style sells hair and accessories for women, including virgin human hair bundles, lace closures, and lace frontals.

In addition, the wife of Kendrick Perkins has established a new meet app called WinknDrink to facilitate socialization through food- and drink-centered dates and gatherings.

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Kendrick Perkins Has Three Children, But Only Kenxton is Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Kendrick Perkins Has Three Children

Kendrick Perkins and his wife, Vanity Perkins, have three kids and a daughter: Kendrick Jr., Kenxton, and Karter. In that order, they were born on September 10, October 10, and October 20. Only his second kid, Kenxton, appears to have inherited his father’s passion for basketball and the necessary talents.

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Kenxton, the second son of the ex-NBA player’s wife, was born to be a baller, she added, and she would give him all the support and encouragement he needed by attending all his practices and games. She discussed his basketball enthusiasm in an interview.

I am very proud of him because he was practically born to play baseball. Therefore, I embrace and support his lifestyle.

Vanity Perkins also stated that her eldest son Kendrick Jr. has resisted getting into basketball, but he has recently gravitated toward the sport and become interested in the game.

Kendrick Perkins previously uploaded a highlight tape of his kid Kenxton intimidating the competition, fearlessly rushing the hoop, and grabbing the ball anytime he desires. He stated with pride,

My Killa is being raised differently! I refer to him as Jokic Jr. The Whole shebang. Yes, he is just 10 years old. Carry on…

That was not the first time he had displayed his son with pride. Earlier, he posted footage of his baby on social media and said that Kenxton Perkins was nicknamed “Stone”!

His social media accounts are: Twitter, Instagram.