Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery: Everything the Actress-Singer Has Admitted to Throughout the Years

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga is continually changing her appearance, but has she undergone plastic surgery along the way? The singer-look actress has changed drastically since she entered the music industry in the mid-2000s and shared her cosmetic surgery admissions along the road.

Growing up wasn’t easy for the singer, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, as she confessed in a 2010 interview that she was bullied for being “born this way.” “I had a large nose, extremely curly brown hair, and I was overweight,” Lady Gaga told Cosmopolitan. “People made fun of me.”

When she was about to make it great in the music world, the singer felt pressure to get surgery. While promoting A Star Is Born in 2018, Lady Gaga claimed, “Before my first song ever came out, it was recommended I get a nose operation, but I said, ‘No.’ I love my Italian nose. I would look the opposite if they wanted me to appear like a sexpot.”

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Throughout her career, Lady Gaga has experimented with every color and length combination for her hair. In contrast, she declared in a 2011 interview that she had never altered her physical appearance.

In 2011, the “Poker Face” singer told Harper’s Bazaar, “I have never had cosmetic surgery, even though many pop stars have.” She continued, “I believe that encouraging insecurity through plastic surgery is much more destructive than creative body alteration expression.”

Lady Gaga has acknowledged that she was “very fascinated” with face injections at one point in her life. In a 2013 interview with Howard Stern, she revealed, “I wasn’t exactly in the best frame of mind, and I would smoke a bunch of joints and drink, and then I would say, ‘Oh, let’s go see my girl,’ and we would drive to this strip mall, where I would get injected with a bunch of whatever, Juvederm, and then leave.”

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Eventually, a worried friend pointed out that she was developing an addiction, bringing her to her senses. “A photographer friend told Lady Gaga, ‘I love you, but if you don’t stop putting substances into your face, I’m going to murder you.”

What Has Changed About Gaga’s Face?

What Has Changed About Gaga's Face?

It is undeniable that Lady Gaga’s features have changed over the years. And while she has been less open about the work she has had recently, Lady Gaga was open about her filler addiction in a 2013 interview with Howard Stern: “I’ve never had any work-work done, but I went through a phase when I was smoking pot when I was obsessed with getting facial injections.

I’m telling you, I wasn’t really in the finest state of mind, so I would smoke a lot of marijuana and drink a lot, then say, “Oh, let’s go see my girl,” and then go to this strip mall where I would be shot up with a lot of whatever, Juvederm, before leaving.

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Despite Lady Gaga’s Claims That She Adored Her “Italian Nose,” Her Nose Looks Very Different

Despite Gaga's Claims That She Adored Her "Italian Nose

Stefani Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, has always been proud of her Italian roots. She made no secret that she refused to undergo a nose job when industry pros urged her to do so before the release of her debut song. 

Before my debut song was out, it was advised that I undergo a nose operation, but I refused. I like my Italian nose,'” she proclaimed in 2018 when promoting A Star Is Born. “If someone wanted me to seem like a sexpot, I would look like the reverse.”

Fans and doctors cannot deny, however, that the “Shallow” singer’s nose has changed in size and form in recent years. However, like many singers, Lady Gaga may have been hesitant to have rhinoplasty for fear that it might alter the tone of her voice (apparently, this is a very regular occurrence following rhinoplasty); therefore, numerous doctors have speculated that she may have opted for an alternative method. Gaga may have elevated the tip of her nose using dermal fillers instead of undergoing rhinoplasty, according to Dr. Zara Harutyunyan of the Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center in West Hollywood, who told RadarOnline, “Many vocal artists incur a significant risk by undergoing rhinoplasty.”

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In 2018, London plastic surgeon Dr. Joffily told The Daily Star, “Even though her nose appears different, it may be the consequence of a combination of fillers and Botox.” He claimed that fillers and Botox might also be responsible for the singer’s other facial changes. “I assume Botox since her brows become higher in several photographs.

In addition to fillers in her chin and cheeks, she may have had fillers in her lips.

She Has Confessed To Being “Very Obsessed” With Fillers

She Has Confessed To Being "Very Obsessed" With Fillers

In contrast to her previous stance on plastic surgery, the Oscar winner has frequently acknowledged receiving fillers in the past. In a 2013 interview with Howard Stern, she remarked, “I’ve never had any work-work done, but I went through a phase while using cannabis when I was fascinated with getting facial injections.” She continued by saying that a friend had pleaded with her to stop.

I’m telling you, I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, and I’d smoke a lot of marijuana and drink a lot of beer, then I’d say, “Oh, let’s go see my gal,” and we’d drive to this strip mall, where I’d get shot up with a lot of whatever, Juvederm, and then leave. A photographer friend was like, ‘Lady Gaga, I love you, but if you don’t stop injecting [expletive] in your

What About Her Beautiful Brows, Lips, And Skin?

Perhaps the “Sour Candy” singer’s penchant for fillers made her lips appear fuller than they did at the beginning of her career. Still, they cannot be held responsible for everything, such as her higher brows, which many fans and surgeons credit to a brow lift. Gaga’s radiant skin never ceases to amaze us, and surgeons and cosmetologists have speculated that her complexion may result from further treatments than the supposed fillers.

After examining images of the celebrity, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar told RadarOnline, “It’s likely that she’s been using lasers and micro-needling techniques to get her luminous complexion.” Whatever Lady Gaga has been doing, it’s working because she looks phenomenal at the moment. Although we believe she was natural beauty at the beginning of her career!

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