Jhene Aiko’s Plastic Surgery: Lipstick Alley Discussions Regarding the Performer’s Cosmetic Surgery; View Her Before and After Images!

Jhene Aiko's Plastic Surgery: Lipstick Alley Discussions Regarding the Performer's Cosmetic Surgery; View Her Before and After Images!

Many admirers assume that Jhene Aiko has undergone cosmetic surgery to alter her eyes, nose, cheeks, and lips. Some assume that the singer is not a natural beauty and has undergone eyelid surgery, a nose job, cheek fillers, and lip fillers, while others believe she has just matured into her appearance. Jhene Aiko has never acknowledged having cosmetic surgery.

Jhene Aiko is an American singer who began her career doing vocals and acting in music videos for the R&B group B2K. In 2011, she released her first full-length effort, a mixtape titled Sailing Soul(s), following which she signed a recording contract with American record producer No I.D.’s record label ARTium, which Def Jam Recordings distributed.

In 2013, she released her debut extended play (E.P.) for Artium and Def Jam, titled Sail Out. The singles 3:16 AM, Bed Peace (with Childish Gambino), and The Worst accompanied the E.P. The Recording Industry Association of America subsequently certified the latter as platinum (RIAA).

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Souled Out, Jhene Aiko’s big-label first album, was released in 2014; three years later, Trip, her second studio album, was. Her third album, Chilombo, was released in 2020 and received three Grammy Award nominations.

Despite her music receiving considerable praise, there has been a sudden rise in the number of people questioning her plastic surgery. As soon as she was deemed beautiful, people began to scrutinize her appearance and suspect that she had had plastic surgery. The discussion then began about whether she was a natural beauty. Here are the specifics of Jhene Aiko’s cosmetic surgery!

Jhene Aiko’s Plastic Surgery: Nose and Fillers Rumors on Lipstick Alley!

Nose and Fillers Rumors on Lipstick Alley!

Jhene Aiko’s (@jheneaiko) look has undergone a dramatic change, which is considered the consequence of plastic surgery. Fans have noted that her eyes, nose, cheekbones, and lips no longer resemble their former selves. If these rumors are accurate, she must have had a nose job, eyelid surgery, cheek fillers, and lip fillers.

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It didn’t take long for admirers to speculate that Jhene Aiko had cosmetic surgery. Ironically, just a few years into her career, they uncovered photographs of her as a teenager, when she seemed much different. Instantaneously, the talk surrounding her expanded to include her cosmetic surgery, music, and relationships.

The conversation surrounding Jhene Aiko’s cosmetic surgery began on several gossip websites, most notably Lipstick Alley. Most participants favored the latter in a thread formed to solicit comments on whether she was a natural beauty or the result of cosmetic surgery. Numerous people appeared to have noticed that the singer’s eyes and nose were drastically different than before and were aware that she had likely undergone plastic surgery.

Discussions Regarding the Performer's Cosmetic Surgery

Most Lipstick Alley community believed that Jhene Aiko had reduced the size of her nose tip and repositioned it. Many believed that her cheeks had also altered more subtly than in the other pieces. Similarly, some believed she had also had her lips altered.

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Others, however, refused to accept that she was anything other than a natural beauty. People were comparing images of her as a teenager to those of her as an adult, which was not a fair comparison because teenagers undergo significant physical maturation. In this approach, they argued that even natural changes were destined to be referred to as plastic surgery, but they did not explain how the nose contour varies as a person ages.

Other admirers replied that while most of Jhene Aiko’s works were not more visible, her nose operation was absurdly easy to detect. Because by altering her nose, she ruined the distinctive appearance of her ancestry. She, according to rumors, was not one of those black/mixed women superstars with their naturally round, broad noses; therefore, she underwent nose reduction surgery.

View Her Before and After Images!

Others admired that Jhene Aiko was only about 35% Asian but that her Asian genes were quite potent. Because black noses are broad but seldom flat, and even the widest back noses have a different bridge, it was stated that her nose was characteristically Asian owing to its flatness. Her nose was “ethnic,” and she underwent plastic surgery to alter it.

Some supporters who maintained she was a natural beauty said that her appearance changed considerably after she gave child because she was depressed and lost so much weight. Her face shed its baby fat after a few years, a significant change that was not necessarily the result of plastic surgery.

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Others refuted rumors that Jhene Aiko underwent cosmetic surgery but did not dispute rumors regarding her plastic surgery. They stated that she had ‘work’ done on her face to repair it following an accident and that it was evident due to the scars on her face throughout the years.

People on Lipstick Alley who were only there for the rumor mill lacked the stan behavior and mental acrobatics to claim that Jhene Aiko was not a natural beauty and had undergone plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes. They admired her work, which they stated did not appear evident but was excellent. They also said that she was suddenly praised as beautiful after undergoing plastic surgery since she seemed different from when she was usually present.

It should be emphasized that Jhene Aiko has never acknowledged or rejected these rumors of plastic surgery.

The singer and her boyfriend, Big Sean, recently drew inspiration from the film Juno for their Halloween costumes, dressing as Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker, respectively. Their costumes for Halloween were among the best this year.

Her scoail media accounts are: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter.