Cris Cyborg’s Plastic Surgery: What Caused Her Face and Body Changes? See Her Before-And-After Photo!

Cris Cyborg's Plastic Surgery

Fans feel that Cris Cyborg has undergone plastic surgery, which explains why she has undergone such a drastic facial makeover. Others believe that she has used HGH or steroids since her body has also transformed. Cris Cyborg has never admitted to using steroids or HGH, but she initially denied undergoing lip and butt augmentation (lip implants and butt lifts).

Cris Cyborg, a mixed martial artist of Brazilian and American descent, is hailed as one of the greatest MMA competitors in history. Since January 2020, she has held the title of Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion. Additionally, she is a former UFC, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC Featherweight World Champion. She is the first MMA fighter in history (male or female) to win the Grand Slam, having won world titles in four major mixed martial arts promotions.

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As a professional fighter who began her career in 2009, people have observed her physical and facial transformations. Many appear to believe that cosmetic surgery is the cause of her drastic facial makeover. Others attribute it to HGH and anabolic drugs. Here are the specifics on Cris Cyborg’s cosmetic surgery, drugs, and human growth hormone!

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Cris Cyborg’s Plastic Surgery: MMA fighter before surgery: Her Face Transforms!

Cris Cyborg's Plastic Surgery

After beginning her profession, Cris Cyborg’s (@criscyborg) physique and face have radically changed. Most notably, her face. Many admirers could not help but question whether or not it was the effect of plastic surgery. They believe she has undergone lip implants and a butt lift to get her current appearance.

Cris Cyborg is widely recognized as one of the finest female mixed martial artists of all time and is a massive star in the MMA world. She is also the current Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion, a position she has held since January 2020. Her influence extends beyond the octagon and frequently garners attention for matters like plastic surgery.

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The naturalness of her fighting style has frequently caused debates among individuals. The majority of individuals prefer unnatural. Since everyone can observe how drastically she has changed since she first appeared, they suspect she has undergone plastic surgery. Her physique and looks are frequently the subjects of inquiry. Fans are especially intrigued as to whether or not she has undergone liposuction and butt surgery.

MMA fighter before surgery: Her Face Transforms!

Cris Cyborg answered these fan inquiries in an interview with MMA Prime, stating that her lips and butt are entirely natural and unaltered. She declared strongly,

My own and my butt’s lips are genuine. People question me, “Do you inject your own body?” False, this is Brazilian dung.

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Even if the fans received a response from Cris Cyborg herself, the subject of cosmetic surgery talks, they were quite dissatisfied with what she said because that was not the anticipated response, as she had undoubtedly undergone surgery. In other words, they had observed her for a considerable time and saw her face and body change as her appearance evolved.

Even after her responses, the controversy around Cris Cyborg’s face never subsided. However, the topic changed from plastic surgery to steroids. People in her industry frequently utilize anabolic steroids to gain muscular mass. This topic has been discussed in several forums.

Most people believe that her face and physique alteration is due to anabolic steroids, while some assume she underwent plastic surgery and continue to ask, “What happened to her mouth? It cannot simply be steroids.” They hypothesize that Cris Cyborg has received collagen injections, as her face appears numb and frozen when speaking.

Others, observing how drastically her face has transformed and how she now possesses such a tough appearance, believe she has undoubtedly had chemical modifications. Without HGH and plastic surgery, nobody’s face will get elongated and thicker in their twenties. They have emphasized that she has been caught twice for using illegal drugs; therefore, she is not above the law. In addition, the difference between the before and after images is absurdly clear.

Cris Cyborg’s face distortion, as they see it, is most likely due to the use of HGH (human growth hormone) rather than steroids, which have a greater tendency to affect the body internally, and plastic surgery, as the majority of fans believe. If it’s the fact that changes, then it’s HGH, not steroids, because HGH is the one that typically manifests in the face and hands.

Others contend that while Cris Cyborg’s face has undergone a radical alteration, her physique has also altered dramatically; therefore, it cannot be due to HGH alone. Possibly, due to the usage of steroids, she has taken on a more masculine appearance.

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When women take anabolic steroids, they begin with a baseline testosterone level of 1/10th of that of a man. As a result, they experience extreme hormonal changes, which is why they develop masculine features they normally wouldn’t have, such as a manly jaw, a deeper voice, and large upper-body muscles.

Plastic Surgeries? Cris Cyborg on Whether Her Lips And Butt Are Real

Cris Cyborg on Whether Her Lips And Butt Are Real

Cris Cyborg, the women’s UFC featherweight champion, has gained considerable notoriety over the years for her activities outside the ring. Among them, the titleholder’s fighting style receives the most attention.

Cyborg is currently riding a wave of success after successfully defending her championship against former Invicta FC bantamweight champion Yana Kunitskaya at UFC 222. Despite this, the mixed martial arts fighter continues to draw public interest for reasons other than her fighting skill.

Fans have inquired whether Cyborg has ever undergone lip or butt augmentation. When speaking to MMA Prime, Cyborg once responded to the often-asked question.

My lips are genuine, as is my butt. The robot stated. “People are often asking me, ‘Why are you injecting your body?'” “No, this is Brazilian dung.”

View the complete interview down below:

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