Is Cris Cyborg Transgender: Many People Wonder If The MMA Fighter Is Male or Female; Many Believe She Was Born a Guy And Changed Later

Is Cris Cyborg Transgender

Cris Cyborg is sometimes misidentified as transgender because she has strong masculine characteristics while being a girl. Many believe she has transitioned from male to female since she was born a guy, despite not wanting to be one. Few view Cris Cyborg as resembling a woman, even though some of her previous photographs depict her as a woman who did not ‘appear’ transsexual.

Cris Cyborg is one of history’s most accomplished and well-known female MMA fighters. The Brazilian-American fighter is considered one of the finest female mixed martial artists in history. She has held the title of Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion since January 2020.

She is also a former Strikeforce, UFC, and Invicta FC Featherweight World Champion. She is also the first MMA fighter (male or female) to win the Grand Slam, holding world titles in four mixed martial arts companies.

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Despite her enormous accomplishment, she is sometimes termed transsexual due to her masculine appearance. Many believe she was born male and eventually transformed into a woman. Upon witnessing her, they are uncertain whether she is male or female. So, is Cris Cyborg transgender? Read to discover her sexual orientation!

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Is Cris Cyborg Transgender? Many Individuals Believe That The MMA fighter Was Born a Man! Or Is She a Woman?

Believe That The MMA fighter Was Born a Man! Or Is She a Woman?

Cris Cyborg (@criscyborg) may be considered one of the greatest fighters in mixed martial arts, but she has not been able to combat every myth about herself. Given the number of times, she has stated her discomfort at being referred to as transgender, the notion that she is transgender is one of the most vicious rumors she despises.

Therefore, if someone ever claims that Cris Cyborg is transsexual, you should know this is false. I mean, I can see why so many would be confused as to whether she is male or female, why so many would presume she was born a man. She has a very loud voice, a highly muscular build, and a strong jaw, all of which are contrary to the typical feminine traits of a lady. Consequently, I can understand why people might assume she is transsexual.

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The height and weight of Cris Cyborg are 5’8″ and 66 lbs. Not to add, she has cut abs and muscles, like many other female MMA fighters, which makes many questions if she was born male and transformed into a woman or whether she was always a woman.

The reality, however, may be deduced from her often angry, offended, and outraged response to being labeled transgender. She is not masculine, as many appear to believe. But what about the male characteristics that confound everyone? Some individuals who have not previously concluded that she is transgender based on her appearance believe that her steroid usage may be to blame. She used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) extensively in the past. Remember that she had already failed many drug tests?

As a result of her usage of anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs, Cris Cyborg has likely undergone an irreversible transformation that rendered her transsexual. There are photographs of her both before and after she took them. In the before image, she seems to be a woman; however, in the after image, she may be mistaken for transgender.

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Is Cris Cyborg Transgender?

But just because it is unclear whether Cris Cyborg is male or female at first glance, please refrain from bringing it up. Because she has a poor track record of doing nothing when mistaken for a man, consider her altercation with Angela Magana!

Angela Magana has never stopped calling Cris Cyborg a man with a penis at every opportunity, even though they were separated by 30 pounds in the weight class. Moreover, it did not prevent Cyborg from hitting Magana in the face when the two met in Las Vegas. Never before has a UFC female champion hit another female outside the cage and never before has a lady been repeatedly mentally assaulted by transgender slurs.

You could empathize with Cris Cyborg and comprehend his aversion to Magana. In a tweet, she highlighted Magana’s offensive statements when she referred to Cyborg as a man and reiterated for the thousandth time that she was not transsexual. Even though Magana had no interest in her sexuality or gender, she had to reiterate that she had always been a woman.

Many Individuals Believe That The MMA fighter Was Born a Man! Or Is She a Woman?

Mark Aragon, who represented Holly Holm’s squad at the JacksonWink MMA Academy on social media, referred to Cris Cyborg as a “guy” after her victory. He shared the backstory of Cyborg on Instagram.

This guy is as tough as nails! At the press conference, he stated that Holly was the first to make his nose bleed.

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Cris Cyborg felt offended by his crude and immature name-calling, so she made it obvious that it was unacceptable for anybody associated with Holm’s team to refer to her as transsexual. Even the UFC agreed and barred Aragon from future competitions.

Cris Cyborg was grateful to the UFC for acknowledging that everyone has a right to work in a setting that is free from discrimination.

Her social media accounts are: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.