Actress Mila Kunis Shocking Weight Loss For ‘Black Swan

Mila Kunis Weight Loss

Mila Kunis shed 20 pounds with Natalie Portman for the film ‘Black Swan,’ but as she acknowledged to Howard Stern, her technique was not healthy.

In the past, Hollywood has seen some remarkable alterations. Take Adele as an example; she had lost so much weight that fans became concerned about her health.

Take Zac Efron and his ‘Baywatch’ diet, for example. The actor looked very shredded, but behind the scenes, he wasn’t feeling all that great, and he regrets the diet to this day.

Even though ‘Black Swan turned out to be a terrific picture, there were some hiccups behind the scenes, such as Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis performing a sequence in which they were uncomfortable.

In addition, getting in shape for the picture required some effort.

Kunis lost 20 pounds, and let’s say her weight loss methods were not exactly ethical.

Mila Kunis described a painful cigarette and low-calorie diet to reduce weight for ‘Black Swan.’

Stern was startled to find that Kunis had to lose around “95 pounds” for her Black Swan part. Mila Kunis said that she did not starve herself but was subjected to what Stern termed “torture.”

“I didn’t starve myself,” Kunis stated. “I did it in the healthiest manner imaginable and wouldn’t advocate it to anyone, but I did it because I’m not a ballet dancer. It needed to be on a point within three months; thus, it was necessary to fake it. I had to seem slender to look like a dancer. You pretend. Unfortunately, the best way to fake it is to appear the part.”

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Kunis remarked, “I’ve never monitored my diet. One of those times, I received meal delivery service for the first time. I will inform you that I am not supporting this in any way. I used to be a smoker; therefore, I smoked many cigarettes and restricted my caloric intake. It was a daily diet of 1200 calories or fewer. I would suggest 1200 calories each day on average. It is terrible. I then smoked. I do not support this in any way. Also, I’m not a smoker; smoking is disgusting.”

Kunis formerly smoked cigarettes, but she revealed that she has successfully kicked the habit for a very long period.

Mila Kunis Was Outstanding in “Black Swan.”

Mila Kunis Was Outstanding in "Black Swan."

Kunis was terrific in ‘Black Swan,’ even though she was first surprised to land the role. “I am unsure of how or why I was hired. I never actually inquired. I did not want him to have second thoughts. I agreed and said, “OK, if you believe me, I’m game.” That was its entirety. I will never regret having the great experience or doubt it. I thank Darren for it every day.”

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Mila Kunis was nominated for several accolades for her exceptional performance in the picture. She disclosed with Yahoo Entertainment that she was not in attendance for the awards but rather to work.

“I believe I had the most fun at the Oscars of everyone! Because I smuggled alcohol in, I did shots. I knew I would not win the Golden Globe. Please. It never even entered my head.”

“I like my work, but I don’t need to win. “I simply need to work,” she said to Stern.

Kunis’s perspective on a film that turned out to be quite the trip and a shining moment in her illustrious career were superb. Unreal to believe that she is currently producing her finest work.

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Due to ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ ‘Black Swan Star Mila Kunis Landed The Part

Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' 'Black Swan Star Mila Kunis

Kunis was interviewed on The Howard Stern Show about her experience filming Black Swan. Howard Stern, who mentioned that she was a star of romantic comedies, wished to understand more about how she landed the role in such an intense independent drama.

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“Darren [Aronofsky] and I had a Skype conversation,” Kunis recounted. “I reside in Los Angeles while he resides in New York, and he said, ‘Come meet with me. I thought, “I can’t travel. I’m now filming something; lets Skype.’ This occurred quite early in Skype’s history. He was like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ We’ve been having many Skype meetings.”

Kunis stressed that Aronofsky contacted her about Black Swan. Additionally, she stated, “It originated with Sarah Marshall. If you ever speak with him, it will be because he saw me in Sarah Marshall. Her performance in the raucous farce attracted his attention, despite her lack of ballet training.

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