In Grey’s Anatomy, Jake Borelli Has Gained Weight!

Jake Borelli Weight Gain

Jake Borelli’s weight increase was disclosed in the premiere episode of Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, which aired on October 6, 2024. Social media are saturated with conversations about how he has gained weight and grown obese. However, Jake Borelli has failed to recognize his weight increase.

The Thundermans’ Wolfgang and Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Levi Schmitt are two of American actor Jake Borelli’s most well-known roles. Born in Columbus, Ohio, he appeared in over a dozen productions with the Columbus Children’s Theatre, including parts in Cheaper by the Dozen, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Wiley and the Hairy Man, and Holes.

After graduating from Upper Arlington High School, he was admitted to the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Ohio State University. Still, he chose to pursue acting in Los Angeles instead. After relocating to Los Angeles, he secured minor parts on various television programs, including iCarly, Parenthood, NCIS: Los Angeles, True Jackson, VP, Greek, and Suburgatory.

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The actor has since acted in many short films. He was cast in the Netflix comedy-drama Reality High in 2017. He revealed the same year that he would play Grey’s Anatomy intern, Dr. Levi Schmitt. Since then, five years have passed, and he has recently completed Season 19 of the recently-aired television program.

The nineteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy shows that he has gained weight. Nonetheless, despite the fans’ interest in it, he has not recognized it. This is everything we currently know about Jake Borelli’s weight growth.

Reason for Jake Borelli’s Weight Gain!

Reason for Jake Borelli's Weight Gain!

Levi’s weight increase is attributable to his will and eating habits and not to any ailment.

Season 18 of the medical drama concluded on May 24, 2024, and filming concluded a few months before. Jake’s weight increase occurred during his regular gap time when he overate and missed the gym.

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Therefore, there is no unique explanation for the actor’s weight growth; it is simply due to his eating habits. It is also typical, as most individuals gain weight and experience 20 to 30 pounds fluctuations. Therefore, Jake’s weight increase occurred similarly to other normal individuals.

While there is also the potential of Borelli gaining weight owing to the next season’s screenplay requirement, as a result, the majority of online users are observed body-shaming the actor, which is wrong because everyone’s weight fluctuates.

Jake Borelli discusses the friendship between his character and Dr. Jo Wilson

Jake Borelli discusses

In a joint interview with ExtraTV, Jake Borelli and Camilla Luddington expressed how much they enjoy playing best friends on Grey’s Anatomy. Borelli even said,

I must say that our relationship is my favorite aspect of the whole performance. Since the first day of my arrival and filming, our friendship has been wonderful.

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Luddington concurred and added, “They’re always funny together!” She remarked that she loved seeing the characters interact. Even when Ellen Pompeo doesn’t appear, it’s always intriguing to see how the performers interpret the numerous character connections across the hundreds of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

This interaction appears to exist off-screen in the case of Borelli’s affection for his character’s relationship with Dr. Wilson. 

In 2020, Luddington sat with BuzzFeed to answer some of the fans’ most urgent questions. When asked if her character’s on-screen romance with Levi impacts their off-screen connection, Luddington responded, “I text Jake often!” Borelli tweeted simultaneously, “Uggg, I adore my scenes with @camilluddington.,” showing his agreement with her sentiment.

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