Grey’s Anatomy: Amelia Steps Up

Well Grey’s Anatomy has done it again. After ten years and countless episodes they still manage to put out exceptional episodes that pull our emotions in all different directions.

In this week’s episode entitled “Staring at the End,” we watched Amelia prepare for Nicole’s surgery. Amelia has always been one of my favourite characters and Caterina Scorsone has always impressed me with her performances, but this week took things to another level. I was blown away. Watching Amelia struggle through finding the best methods to remove Nicole’s tumor was torturous but when she stood up on that stage to explain the procedure she gave me goosebumps. The confidence that she showed standing up there in front of all her colleagues really surprised me.

Amelia is an excellent surgeon but she has always been a little uncertain of herself. She knows that because of her past and because of who her brother is that many of her colleagues still question her abilities and it was great to see her finally take a stand for her self. She refused to ask for help. She knew she could do this on her own.

Next week we will see the surgery and likely its outcome, which I’m hoping is good for once. After all the heartbreaks we’ve been watching lately Grey’s needs some happiness to balance things out. I think that a failure would crush Amelia and I really don’t want to see her character take another downward turn. This week showed huge growth for her character and I can’t wait to see where she takes it from here.

Grey’s Anatomy - Amelia

On the flip side, Grey’s Anatomy did something that I never thought possible. They made me like and genuinely care about a character that just a few weeks ago I couldn’t have cared less about. Geena Davis’s introduction into the show has been a little rough for me. They threw her right in the middle of a fairly major story arc and just expected us to care for her character. Up until now I was pretty indifferent to her, but that’s definitely no longer the case.

Watching Nicole get strapped down on that table for her radiation treatments and reach out for Arizona’s hand was heartbreaking. We’ve seen her be so tough and almost heartless throughout this whole experience but in that moment we saw that there really was a person in there.

It’s understandable that after everything she has been through that she doesn’t want to get her hopes up again and it’s really quite impressive that she was able to push on and continue to teach Arizona as much as she did. The incessant pushing and challenging that she did to Arizona seemed a bit excessive but look at what she was able to accomplish in such a short time. She knew exactly what needed to be done and she did it. Geena Davis did an excellent job as Nicole and I’m really looking forward to seeing her in future episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy Amelia Romantic

Extra “Grey’s”

  • Did anyone else want to smack Callie when she stood up and asked Amelia if Derrick was coming to help her and if she thought it was a good idea for her to be doing the surgery by herself? I know I sure did. That comment could not have been any more disrespectful. I get that Callie is going through a lot with her and Arizona splitting up but seriously? That was just plain rude!
  • I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to be snapped into that plastic mold that held Nicole’s head in place for her radiation treatments. It must be horrible for patients to go through that every time they have treatments done.
  • What exactly did Amelia mean when she said “life will out?” Am I the only one that didn’t understand the meaning to that statement? Help me out here.
  • How awkward were Amelia and Owen this week? Yikes! I do love these two together though and I hope that they can get past this awkward stage and move on with their relationship.
  • Isn’t it chemo and not radiation that makes your hair fall out? Am I wrong on this or is it yet another medical error being made on Grey’s Anatomy?

What did you think about this week’s episodes? Were you as impressed as I was with both Amelia and Nicole this week? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET on CTV and at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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