Mind Your Manners Filming Location: Where Does the Show Take Place?

Mind Your Manners Filming Location

Sara Jane Ho’s most recent makeover series for Netflix, Mind Your Manners, was filmed in Australia, especially in the states of New South Wales and Victoria. Some of the show’s scenes were recorded in La Porte Space, a local coworking space. Several of them, meanwhile, was filmed at SKYE Suites. Also featured on the broadcast are Jin Wu Koon Muay Thai Kickboxing and Kung Fu Academy.

Mind Your Manners is a Netflix reality television series that follows worldwide etiquette instructor Sara Jane Ho as she instills her lessons and excellent manners into the lives of others and helps them become the greatest versions of themselves. This show tries to improve a person’s complete personality, from their looks to how they carry themselves, as opposed to other makeover programs focusing on a specific trait or feature. Sara feels that self-assurance and confidence are the keys to unlocking a person’s finest attributes.

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The teacher has always assisted individuals in achieving their objectives by teaching them things such as horseback riding, archery, and using silverware and hand fans, among others. The unique structure and genuine interactions between Sara and her clients provide an eye-opening and enlightening watching experience. In addition, the spotless background of her office and the external images are likely to arouse one’s interest in discovering more about the filming sites for “Mind Your Manners.” We have you covered if you want information on its filming sites.

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The Netflix film Mind Your Manners; The Facelift Series Was Filmed in Australia, Specifically in New South Wales and Victoria; Some Scenes of the Show Were Filmed at la Porte Space!

Mind Your Manners

Mind Your Manners was filmed in Australia, namely in Victoria and New South Wales. Sara Jane Ho (@sarajaneho) hosts the program Mind Your Manners with a different customer each week. The makeover parts are usually fun and designed to make viewers feel better.

The episodes of Mind Your Manners are filmed in New South Wales, an east coast state containing the bulk of Australia’s population. Sydney, the state’s capital, is one of the primary filming sites for the series, with the majority of the action occurring at SKYE Suites on Kent Street in Sydney and La Porte Space, a coworking space located on Epsom Road in Rosebery.

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The other filming site for Mind, Your Manners was Victoria, the second-most populated state in Australia. Sara Jane Ho and the rest of the actors and crew traveled around the state to record essential series sequences. Several first-season shots were filmed at Caffe e Cucina, 580 Chapel Street, South Yarra, and Groomed to Go, Frankston. The filming crew utilized two more Sydney locations for the first season’s third episode, including Dress for Success on Marrickville Road.

In addition, as seen on the map, the archery sequences in episode 4 take place at Sydney Archery on Hugh Bamford. Several scenes for the first season were also recorded in the Joh Bailey Salon at 7 Knox Street, the Palace Chinese Restaurant at Shop 38, Level 1 of the Piccadilly Tower, and the All Saint Clinic at 50 Bay Street. Multiple films and television shows have been filmed in Sydney.

Netflix Film Mind Your Manners

The Netflix reality series Mind Your Manners aims to teach good manners to others and help them become their best selves. This program tries to alter a person’s complete personality, from appearance to behavior, as opposed to other makeover programs focusing on one feature or characteristic.

Throughout the event, Sara imparts a plethora of etiquette and manners-related knowledge to the audience, which is beneficial for the students and anybody witnessing and absorbing the material. Sara Jane Ho began her career as a mergers and acquisitions analyst at the New York investment firm Perella Weinberg Partners. After finishing her studies in 2013, Sara started her etiquette school, Institute Sarita, in Beijing.

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In 2016, Sara published the Chinese edition of her best-selling book, Finishing Touch: Good Manners for the Debutante, and became an author. In 2019, she also presented The Sara Jane Ho Show on her own YouTube channel and hosted The Sara Show on Beijing Television and Tencent Video. With Mind Your Manners, she received access to millions of people on the OTT platform, catapulting her to new heights professionally.

Mind Your Manners Filming Locations

The filming of “Mind Your Manners” occurs throughout Australia, especially in New South Wales and Victoria. Presumably, the main filming for the first season of the reality series began in November 2021 and concluded in early January 2024. So, without further ado, let’s examine all the filming locations for the Netflix series!

New South Wales, Australia

The majority of ‘Mind Your Manners’ was filmed in New South Wales, the most populous state on Australia’s east coast. Sydney is one of the series’ primary production locations, with most scenes filmed at La Porte Space, a coworking space located at 87/103 Epsom Road in Sydney’s suburb Rosebery, and SKYE Suites, located at 300 Kent Street in Sydney.

For the first season’s third episode, the production crew employed two more Sydney sites, Jin Wu Koon Muay Thai Kickboxing and Kung Fu Academy at Level 1/232-236 Cleveland Street in Chippendale and Dress for Success at 132 Marrickville Road in Marrickville. In addition, the archery scenes in episode 4 of the premiere season were shot on-site at Sydney Archery in Hugh Bamford Reserve in North Bondi.

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Several sequences for the first season were filmed at the All Saint Clinic at 50 Bay Street, the Joh Bailey Salon at 7 Knox Street, and the Palace Chinese Restaurant at Shop 38 Level 1 Piccadilly Tower, 133/145 Castlereagh Street. Numerous films and television series, including ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing,’ ‘Heartbreak High,’ and ‘Nine Perfect Strangers,’ were shot in Sydney.

Victoria, Australia

Additional segments for ‘Mind Your Manners’ are recorded in Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state. Sara Jane Ho and the rest of the series’ actors and crew travel throughout the state to film crucial sequences. Several scenes for the premiere season were shot at Groomed to Go in Frankston and Caffe e Cucina on Chapel Street at number 580 in South Yarra.

What’s The Plot of The Show?

What's The Plot of The Show?

The show focuses on altering people’s lives by helping them rediscover themselves while also learning the social etiquette required for success.

The finest aspect of the show is that Sara focuses on people from all walks of life; for example, if you are a mother who wants to return to the workforce or someone who wants to boost their confidence, Sara has a solution for you.

People may adapt the show’s recommendations and guidance to their personal lives anytime they decide to take the next step toward improving their lives.

How Many Episodes Exist?

The show has six episodes, all of which are presently accessible on Netflix. In each episode, a different client’s experience is chronicled.

The first episode centers on Stephanie, who wishes to transition from a party girl to a more “ladylike” appearance.

William, who has been experiencing dating difficulties, is featured in the second episode.

Raishel then appears in episode three to receive a confidence boost, followed by Illiana in episode four, who desires Sara’s assistance to improve her life after parenthood.

In the show’s 5th and 6th episodes, Sara’s customers “elevate” themselves as they begin on new life journeys.

CURRENTLY, Netflix is streaming MIND YOUR MANNERS.