Smokey Robinson’s Plastic Surgery: Has The Singer Undergone Plastic Surgery to Reduce Aging Symptoms?

Smokey Robinson's Plastic Surgery

Smokey Robinson has extremely few wrinkles or creases, and his skin is the smoothest and tightest, which gives the impression that he has undergone plastic surgery. Botox, fillers, a facelift, a neck lift, a brow lift, and an eyelift were allegedly performed on the singer. Smokey Robinson still needs to address these plastic surgery rumors.

As the leader of the Motown singing group the Miracles, Smokey Robinson rose to notoriety as an American singer, composer, record producer, and former record executive director. In addition to being the lead singer, he was also the group’s founder, principal songwriter, and producer. In 1972, he left the group to focus more on his position as vice president of Motown.

After a brief absence, he returned to the music industry as a solo artist the following year. His solo career has culminated. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1987; Smokey Robinson received the 2016 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for his lifelong contributions to popular music. This year, he was recognized in the Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame.

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In contrast to the past, when he was mostly known for his music, he is now frequently the topic of conversation due to his appearance. People assume he has undergone plastic surgery, and who would blame them when he appears so unnatural, with no creases or lines and the tightest skin? Here is all the information you need regarding Smokey Robinson’s cosmetic surgery!

Smokey Robinson Has Undergone Plastic Surgery? Experts Believe He’s Had Work Done, But He Won’t Admit It

Smokey Robinson Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Smokey Robinson (@smokeyrobinson) is rumored to have undergone many anti-aging plastic surgery treatments. He allegedly received Botox, a facelift, a browlift, a neck lift, and fillers. However, he has never acknowledged undergoing plastic surgery and has never addressed the claims that he has.

There is no point in disputing that Smokey Robinson has undergone plastic surgery, as he has unquestionably done so. We can know since his appearance has altered dramatically over time. And not because he allowed himself to age naturally and gracefully but because he did everything possible to prevent this from occurring.

Smokey Robinson Has Undergone Plastic Surgery 2024

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He injected Botox into his forehead to eliminate all the wrinkles and creases. Surely an 82-year-old could not look like that without cosmetic surgery? His forehead is too wrinkle-free and smooth for him to pass as youthful at his age.

And look at those cheeks on Smokey Robinson! Shouldn’t they have begun to sag by now? I presume they were sagging and losing volume a few years before their dramatic rejuvenation with fillers. His cheeks began to sag, and his face suddenly grew puffier and broader.

Since he also underwent a facelift, it is possible that he did not wish for his face to seem puffy. And that plastic surgery helped him get rid of sagging skin and puffiness, but it over-tightened his skin to the point that it got overstretched, and he now appears unrealistically smooth and wrinkle-free.

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Also, this is only some of it. If you believed he only handled wrinkles, you were mistaken. There were crow’s feet that needed care. In response, Smokey Robinson received a brow lift and an eye lift. To erase his wrinkles, he had the loose skin around his brow and forehead tightened, but the surgeon went a little too far and made his brows too far from his eyes. He has a continual expression of astonishment.

However, the eye lift seemed to have worked just as Smokey Robinson had anticipated. He underwent plastic surgery to remove the bags from under his eyes and any extra skin from his eyelids, giving him a flawless and young appearance. The area around the eyes is prone to aging; however, with this process, he could flawlessly correct these flaws and renew his eye area.

Smokey Robinson' Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Smokey Robinson had his face refined. There is not a single wrinkle or line to be found, which may appear odd, yet it has become what it is. Therefore, it is unsurprising that he would get plastic surgery to ‘repair’ his neck, which was barely attached to his skin.

He underwent a neck lift treatment to remove and tighten the extra skin from below his chin to the base of his neck, and he no longer has a double chin or sagging neck skin. As a result of this neck lift treatment, he now has a sleek and sculpted jawline.

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These plastic surgery treatments are only assumptions based on Smokey Robinson’s look, which does not match his age, since the singer has not verified it. He has never addressed the rumors and has thus far refrained from commenting on them. Therefore, if some people dispute that he completed the task since he has not confirmed it, we also have professional judgments.

Dr. Andrew Miller, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in New York City, Smokey Robinson likely had cheek fillers since the hollows in his cheeks under his eyes are now filled in midlife photographs, and he may have had eyelid surgery because there is a larger crease above each eye than in his younger years. In addition, he indicated that he may have undergone rhinoplasty at some point because his nose is noticeably smaller in recent photographs than in older ones.

According to Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, a world-renowned face feminization surgeon, Smokey Robinson has received Botox to the forehead and around the eyes, a brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty as well as filler to the cheekbones, a neck lift, and fresh veneer.

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