Raquel Leviss’ Weight Gain: Update for Vanderpump Rules in 2024!

Raquel Leviss' Weight Gain

Raquel Leviss, the star of Vanderpump Rules, has recently been rumored to have had a substantial weight increase due to her present appearance, in which she appears a bit heavier than she formerly did. Similarly, many individuals have questioned whether she is currently pregnant. However, the model has yet to discuss her recent physical metamorphosis.

Raquel Leviss (born in California in September 1994) is a reality television personality in a beauty pageant. She gained prominence after appearing on Vanderpump Rules, a sequel to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Similarly, she was a former beauty queen, having won the title of Miss Sonoma County before competing in Miss California and Miss Malibu USA. She has also participated in various pageants and utilized her position to raise awareness about disability rights and assist children with special needs.

However, she catapulted to fame when she began dating Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy, and she just starred in season 5 of the show’s 2016 broadcast. She is currently a regular cast member on the Bravo series alongside Jasmine Goode and Danielle Lombard. She is probably also popular on Instagram, with over 65,000 followers.

Recently, the cast of Vanderpump Rules disclosed the unexpected friendship between Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss, who became close after she broke up with her longtime lover James Kennedy. As the word circulated, many of her fans and followers were astonished by her new appearance, in which she appeared fatter than before. So, many individuals have been fascinated by her weight growth and makeover.

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Raquel Leviss’ Weight Gain: Vanderpump Rules 

Recently, Raquel Leviss Has Gained a Few Pounds, But She Has Yet To Explain Why And How This Occurred

Rhe Celebrity Has Gained a Few Pounds

Many people are curious about Raquel Leviss’s (@raquelviss) appearance, as she appears much overweight in season 9 of Vanderpump Rules. Comparing her past and current photographs, it is evident that she has acquired some weight. Raquel Leviss has not yet disclosed the reason behind her weight gain.

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Likewise, many others have speculated that she is pregnant after learning about her metamorphosis. In the meantime, Raquel Leviss generally keeps her admirers in the dark about her personal life, particularly her dating life. Similarly, her social media pages will not have the facts you require, especially with dating and pregnancy rumors.

Raquel Leviss

Similarly, Raquel uploaded a selfie of herself and her co-star Katie Maloney-Schwartz on Instagram Stories, wishing the 35-year-old a happy birthday and commenting on her weight at her engagement party. However, she removed it after numerous people accused her of making Katie appear less appealing next to her. Nonetheless, the reality star, who is as cute as a baby deer, had no intention of doing so.

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Katie Maloney, on the other hand, recently published a lengthy and “important” Instagram post about her weight gain and body positivity, sharing a photo that “some” people found “unflattering,” which was originally posted by her castmate Raquel Leviss on her Story in honor of the reality star’s birthday. She penned,

She was informed that this was mean,’ and I was informed that I should be angry. Both of these assertions are false. When I saw this, I thought, gosh, I seem so pleased, like that is a genuine smile. I am not blind; I can see that the expression I am making has given me approximately twelve chins.

Raquel Leviss Has Gained a Few Pounds

Raquel Leviss is significantly altering her diet and training regimen to sustain her weight gain. Likewise, she has begun the new month with a new, rigorous program. The Vanderpump Rules SUR-ver claimed in a March Instagram Story video, “Day one of my 75-day Hard challenge,” about the 75 Hard programs, which is marketed as a transforming mental toughness program.

In addition, she stated, “We’ll go straight to it. I’ve been stating that I’ll begin a strict diet and exercise routine on March 1, so here we are, and I’m making poached eggs on [Dave’s Killer Bread] whole-grain bread.”

Since beginning the program, the 28-year-old celebrity has photographed her meals, including poached eggs with toast and a banana, a bowl from Sweetfin, a turkey, lettuce, tomato sandwich, and orange slices. (According to a website blog post, each participant in 75 Hard follows a “planned diet” that “may be anything you want it to be (Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, etc.) so long as it is in line with your goals.”) Similarly, she stated that she “cannot consume alcohol” and “must consume one gallon of water daily” while participating in the program.

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On day four, Raquel pondered her new routine before taking a 45-minute walk with Graham. She declared,

The most important lesson I’ve learned thus far is time management. We have things to do during the day, and if you don’t get up, you’ll waste valuable time, especially if you have other plans. Today I have appointments and chores that must be completed by a specific time, so I must keep organized. If not, I will not be able to complete both workouts. Which is likely the most important? This is preparatory.

Her social media accounts are: Instagram.