Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain: A Sad Story of Rappers Fat Shaming

Lil Yachty's Weight Gain

Do you listen to western rap? If yes, then you might have heard of one of the trending rappers, Lil Yachty. Lil Yachty is one of the most versatile rappers who made his debut with his album in 2017. Apart from his album, the rapper received a lot of appreciation for his solo songs, such as Minnesota and One Night, which were released in 2015. Since his first song, he has been part of every hip-hop discussion. 

However, other than his raps, Lil Yachty is discussed for his fat and weight gain. Due to the weight gain, the rapper receives many funny memes associating his body with different meme faces. Keep continuing this article to learn more about Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain. 

The Struggles of Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain

Struggles of Lil Yachty's Weight Gain

Even after delivering many hit albums, the rapper is often criticized for their weight and not perfect body. From the beginning of his career, the rapper has received judgments on his body and comments on his clothes. However, the rapper never fell off and is now one of the most discussed rappers of all time. Recently the rapper has announced the arrival of his new album, which will be released next year. Fans are already hyped about this album and can’t wait to see their favorite rapper again. 

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However, other than the excitement fans and trollers have seen, making fun of the rapper’s body and discussing his fat was a continuous process. Rappers have never focussed on such trolls, but sometimes it gets overboard that it can be challenging for the rapper to bear the continuous attack on his appearance. 

Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain: When The Rapper Hit Back The Trolls. 

Lil Yachty Weight Gain

Everybody knows how trolls react whenever they see anything that is not pleasing to their eyes. They go to new lows daily to troll every successful personality, irrespective of sparing thoughts on mental health and the things that might be happening in the star’s mind. In 2019, Lil Yachty was again on the hit list of trollers, where people started calling him out for his big body and gaining weight. 

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Many started to be experts and guide the big man to understand how to be fit, and trollers were at their work again. They started making fun of Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain and were making derogatory remarks about Lil’s Body and comparing him with the animals. After continued trolling and disrespect, the rapper finally decided to respond to the trolls and hit back at the trollers with an Instagram post saying, “I am Tired of you all.” And this post was enough. Lil posted another photo with a caption showing he is not fat, and even if he is fat, it should not affect you. 

Some people called these replies a stunt of publicity; however, they were needed, and Lil Yatchy was right in giving trollers back the taste of their medicines on Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain. But the trolls didn’t stop; they continued trolling the big man and started trolling him again. Lil Yachty has also not backed off; he is still making great music and is one of the best in the scene. 

What’s Next For Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain? 

Lil Yachty's Weight Gain?

Even with lots of struggles, Lil Yachty is all set to come back with his new album. Talking about this, Lil, on his Instagram story, mentioned that it’s not going to be a rap but can be an alternative. The announcement of the show was enough to excite the audience, and rightly so, as it is Lil Yachty’s Album. Updating more on this, Lil Yatchy has put another story saying mastering and done. However, he has not mentioned the release, which is expected to release in 2024.

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Final Words

This article is to update the readers about Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain. The story first discusses the background of weight gain Lil Yatchy; then, we discuss the public reaction to it. And lately, we discussed the impact of talks of trolling on Lill Yatchy. And at last, we pen down the updates on the release date of a new album by Lil Yachty. 

We hope you have found this post helpful in knowing everything regarding Lil Yachty’s Weight Gain. Mention your reactions and opinions below.

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