Kelly Ripa Discusses Plastic Surgery

Kelly Ripa Discusses Plastic Surgery

Kelly Ripa still has the same young appearance she did in the 1990s when she first appeared in “All My Children.” Ripa, who is 51 years old, appears young and even without makeup. Celebrities must work to maintain their appearance, and many turns to plastic surgeons for assistance. However, many well-known figures, including Kim Kardashian, deny completing any significant job. Fans found it hard to believe when the creator of SKIMS admitted that she had just received a small amount of Botox between her brows.

Although Kelly Ripa is naturally beautiful, she occasionally enjoys a little cosmetic enhancement.

While presenting her Live with Kelly and Ryan program, the actress shared her opinions on plastic surgery and described how she achieves the perfect pout.

Kelly Ripa, 50, has discovered a cream that offers her gorgeous lips despite her lack of desire to have surgery. Lip Kits by Lisa Rinna.

Kelly Ripa Underwent Plastic Surgery On This Uncommon Body Part

Kelly Ripa Underwent Plastic Surgery On This Uncommon Body Part

Kelly Ripa revealed on the “Live With Kelly and Ryan” Instagram page that she had to visit a plastic surgeon to get her earlobes repaired. As she displayed her several piercings, she disclosed that as a child, she had pierced her ears with a needle and an apple. After years of wearing big earrings, her earlobes could no longer withstand the strain. Ripa drew attention to the gauges on her lobes and remarked, “These were my ear holes that were completely torn apart. Consequently, I had to visit a plastic surgeon. My two earlobes are now quite different.”

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Ripa pointed out that a portion of her right earlobe was missing since the cosmetic surgeon had to patch together the torn lobes when the cameras zoomed in on her ear. She displayed her left ear, which had healed well, and informed the cameras, “I have two earlobes.” Although it was the extent of Ripa’s plastic surgery at the time, she has joked about undergoing more procedures on other body parts.

Kelly Ripa Botox for Her Eyes

Kelly is shown here at CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute in November 2013. In the same year, she acknowledged receiving Botox injections in her armpits to prevent sweat and around her eyes to make her seem more alert in the morning.

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Wrong Botox on Kelly Ripa

Wrong Botox on Kelly Ripa

Kelly said in 2016 that she had a negative experience with Botox the previous year. “I received poor Botox around… was it a year ago? And it wasn’t very good. It altered my excellent side, leaving me with two negative sides. I’m not joking!”

“I’m beginning to look like myself again, but for about six months, people asked, ‘What’s wrong with Kelly? She no longer displays a grin. “And I thought, ‘I’m smiling!'” she said. Kelly was smiling at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York in May 2015.

“Botox Deficiency, Acute”

In 2020, Kelly invited her Instagram followers for a Botox appointment with her physician. “In this period, a great deal of anxiety; is written all over my face. “Today, however, Dr. Anolik mustered the courage to treat my acute Botox deficiency condition,” she informed her admirers.

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Kelly Ripa is Thinking About Lip Injections

Kelly Ripa is Thinking About Lip Injections

In February 2024, the TV hostess’s makeup artist informed her, “It may be time to consider lip injections.” Previously, she had stated that she would never contemplate lip injections. She is observed five months later during a cookery program on Live, although she has not disclosed whether or not she received lip fillers.

Future Breast Augmentation?

Kelly has expressed dissatisfaction with how her breasts seem in swimwear photographs due to her age and three children. In September 2024, she remarked that her present appearance “reinforces my belief that I need a breast job. Therefore, if you know a guy or can recommend a guy, the 32 now quadruple A-longs are not looking good.”

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Future Cosmetic Surgery Is a Possibility For Kelly Ripa

In a September “Live With Kelly and Ryan broadcast,” Kelly Ripa displayed a bikini photo (via The U.S. Sun). Ripa demonstrated that her husband, Mark Consuelos, who took the photo, only captured her torso. She moaned, “And it renews my attempts that I need a breast job.” The 32 now quadruple A-longs do not appear favorable. Ripa had previously expressed her desire for breast implants when she asked Consuelos sarcastically on Instagram whether she could have them. “Can I get a job with boobs? I also adore you.”

Ripa pondered whether it was time to have lip fillers. During another episode of “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” she revealed a chat with her makeup artist, Kristopher Buckle (via People). “I say, “You know, I’ve been seeing all these injectable lips that they do today, and I’ve been considering putting fillers in my lips… He said, “It may be time.” “She declared.

Meanwhile, Ripa utilizes optical illusions to enlarge her lips. She remarked, “I color outside the lines,” according to Hello! “Lisa Rinna’s Lip Kit is an incredible thing.” She also said that Buckle makes her nose look thinner by contouring it with bronzer. Although Ripa may explore plastic surgery in the future, she is pleased to enhance her appearance using creative makeup techniques.

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