Kelly Monaco Weight Loss: Is She Ailing? Her Health Report

Kelly Monaco Weight Loss

Kelly Monaco looks to be on a weight reduction quest and reverting to her ideal body shape by exercising regularly and consuming a vegan diet. The star of General Hospital gained 15 pounds during the lockdown because she could not exercise due to hip and spine surgeries. Kelly Monaco has lost weight since then.

General Hospital has been broadcast for over fifty years, making it the longest-running American soap opera. The passionate fans of the program still obsess over every development concerning their favorite characters. Over the years, several characters have come and gone, and the program is credited with starting the careers of some of the most well-known television and Hollywood performers.

Fans of the program are accustomed to surprising character exits, yet they can’t help but develop connections to the show’s multitude of intriguing characters. In recent years, the actor who portrays Sam McCall on the soap opera, Kelly Monaco, has been popularized. The actress is also widely recognized as the champion of the inaugural season of the reality television show Dancing with the Stars.

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Previously, Monaco gained more than 15 pounds, and the actress’s weight increase piqued fan curiosity and sparked rumors that she has a child. However, lately, she astonished her admirers with her new, extremely skinny, and thin appearance. She seems to be younger than her true age. Consequently, many individuals have been fascinated by her most recent physical makeover. They wish to determine the cause of Kelly Monaco’s weight decrease.

Kelly Monaco’s Weight Loss: The General Hospital Star’s Transformation Could Be Attributable To Her Vegan Diet And Regular Exercise Routine!

Kelly Monaco Weight Loss 2024

General Hospital’s Kelly Marie Monaco, aka Kelly Monaco (@kelly m23), knows what it’s like to be bullied and how to cope with internet trolls. She is one of the several ABC soap actresses whose looks have prompted nasty remarks from soap viewers. Her weight reduction has recently prompted online body-shaming and abuse. The actress has recently been targeted online due to her shifting weight over the past few years. She has also been the subject of invasive rumors that she has cancer, anorexia, drug abuse, and a mental breakdown.

Fans of General Hospital are relentless in their assaults, although fans of the other three daytime programs do not appear to have the same reaction. In 2020, fans saw that Kelly Monaco had gained weight over the lockdown. When a fan questioned whether she was pregnant, she responded that hip and spine surgery rendered her unable to exercise, causing her to gain 15 pounds in seven months without physical activity. She appears to have lost weight since then.

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Recently, the champion of Season 1 of Dancing with the Stars astonished everyone with her considerably thinner and fitter physique. Her metamorphosis following weight reduction has altered her look, making her appear in her 30s at 46 years old. This is how she is accustomed to being and how she would appear even if she hadn’t had to drop the weight she acquired in lockdown.

She had a wonderful metabolism and, consequently, a great figure, as Kelly Monaco once confessed while dancing brilliantly on the program in exposing costumes since she was so confident about her body. She never had to make an additional effort to maintain her thin figure, nor did she ever need to undergo weight reduction.

I have a decent metabolism. Whenever I overeat, which is uncommon, I immediately burn it off. I may thank my busy lifestyle for that.

We need to find out how Kelly Monaco just lost weight. However, she once revealed how she stayed in shape while performing on Dancing with the Stars’ sixteenth season. We can learn from her since, at the time, she and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy (@valentin) were looking magnificent as they worked to win the competition, having practiced for at least seven hours every day.

However, Dancing was one of many activities that kept Monaco in top condition. The fitness fanatic and lifelong vegetarian highlighted the value of a balanced diet and physical activity. She added that when she is not dancing, she likes a variety of workouts. This may be how she lost a substantial amount of weight and is now fit.

Kelly Monaco’s daily workout consisted of two hours of aerobics, modest weight lifting, and sit-ups at the gym. Outside the gym, she spent her leisure time rollerblading, hiking, and Dancing, which helped her maintain her health and figure. She said in an interview with SheKnows that.

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My exercise regimen fluctuates. I exercise at the gym, practice yoga, attend cardio courses, hike, and swim. I’m active. I would rather be outdoors than indoors.

It is not unreasonable to imagine she followed these workout regimens and lost weight. In addition, Kelly Monaco’s diet consists of only vegetarian meals. She has been vegan for seventeen years to campaign for the welfare of animals and the environment. Her diet is predominantly plant-based and avoids all types of meat, including dairy products. Multiple studies have demonstrated that non-vegetarian diets accelerate weight reduction. She declared,

Since I’ve been vegan for so long, milk and eggs are off the table. However, my guilty pleasure is a Snickers bar. I love Snickers bars.

As for snacks, Kelly Monaco stated, “I have a Cobb salad with no meat, cheese, or egg yolks every night and a bite-sized Snickers every day. You should still indulge yourself!” Some others assert that her diet is deficient in protein and healthy fats, which are essential for optimum health. However, she does not appear to have altered her diet, indicating that this was the diet she followed to lose weight and get fit. Surely, it cannot be unhealthy.

The Secret of Kelly Monaco’s Fitness

The Secret of Kelly Monaco's Fitness

“I have a good metabolism. Whenever I overeat, which is seldom, I burn it off. I may applaud my active lifestyle for that.” Kelly’s vegan diet, which she has adhered to for many years, is primarily responsible for her excellent physical condition. Kelly’s other secret is that she exercises daily for two hours. Her exercise regimen consists of sit-ups, light weights, and intense cardio. Monaco also enjoys Dancing. In an interview, Kelly stated, “Dancing is a great exercise; you won’t even realize you’re working out.” It is her everyday ritual. In addition to these hobbies, Kelly enjoys swimming, rollerblading, and hiking for fitness.

Kelly favors yoga for her mental wellness, which promotes the body’s suppleness. Kelly stated, “I cannot fathom myself doing nothing.” That would remove the enjoyment from life.” Kelly stated in an interview with She Knows, “My fitness program varies on the weather, the day, and how I’m feeling.” I go to the gym daily and do anything from jam sessions to yoga, cardio classes, and hiking.” Kelly continued, “I like to be active and out of the house as opposed to being sedentary at home.”

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Kelly Monaco’s Diet

Animal rights and their safeguarding Kelly Monaco became vegan many years ago. Her diet consists mostly of plant-based foods. There are no animal products or dairy items in her daily diet. True, but she has a weakness for shoe bars. Regarding her affection for Snickers bars, Kelly stated, “My guilty pleasure is a Snickers bar.” I enjoy Snickers and have a sweet craving, you know, a bit sweet and salty. Twix is my favorite candy, followed by Reese’s Pieces. The Dancing with the Stars champion has a special spot for KitKats.” I have a bag of stuff and Twix, Reese’s, Sneaker bars, Kitkat, etc., set up in my preferred sequence.

I adore cooking, as I cook frequently and with great passion. Monaco has her organic vegetable garden, where she cultivates an abundance of her vegetables and spices. Kelly cultivates her fruits, vegetables, and animals. Kelly possesses Zucchini, Cucumber, and fourteen distinct types of tomatoes. She examines the garden daily to see what’s in season, saying, “I have 30 tomatoes; I’ll prepare spaghetti for dinner tonight and gather everything.”

When asked, apart from Dancing, what does a typical day of your diet consist of? Kelly responded, “Well, I am a vegetarian. Thus my diet is vegetarian.” My diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. And I burn calories quickly; therefore, I must maintain my weight.”

When asked about specific foods, Kelly responded, “I don’t know; I eat whatever I want, and I eat very healthily and cleanly.”

Kelly Monaco Illness

Kelly Monaco did not return to “General Hospital” production. There were several rumors regarding her health. People believed that her absence from the screen was a result of illness.

This is somewhat accurate. According to her mother, Kelly experienced a respiratory problem as she was going to return to the sets. She was having trouble breathing. She raced to get Covid-19 testing immediately. Thankfully, her test results were negative, and she is now healthy. She is nonetheless subject to a 14-day quarantine. When her quarantine is ended, she may return to General Hospital as Sam McCall if everything goes well.

Kelly Monaco’s Boyfriend

Kelly Monaco's Boyfriend

Kelly Monaco began dating Mike Gonzalez while she was a high school student. The pair also served as lifeguards at a nearby resort. Additionally, they attended community college together. From 1991 to 2009, they were a couple for over 19 years. Kelly has been rumored to be dating her co-star Billy Miller for years. Kelly dated Heath Freeman from 2010 until 2014; however, despite their relationship ending, they remained close friends. Heath died on November 14, 2021, which was a sad event.

Kelly has dated, according to Who Dates Who, Billy Miller (2015), Val Chmerkovskiy (2012-2013), Heath Freeman (2010-2014), and Michael Gonzalez (2015). (1991 – 2009). According to official sources, Kelley is not formally dating anyone. Nobody knows what occurs in the background, but she is currently single.