Corey Harrison’s Weight Loss: How Did Pawn Stars’ Big Hoss Lose Weight?

Corey Harrison's Weight Loss

After gastric band surgery in 2010, Corey Harrison lost around 200 pounds. Before learning that he was pre-diabetic from his doctor, the Pawn Stars alum did not pay much attention to his health and weight. Corey Harrison subsequently underwent lap band surgery, resulting in significant weight loss. Many people believed he was unwell or suffering from a disease. He altered his diet, began exercising, and attended the gym to sustain his weight loss.

Corey Harrison is an American entrepreneur and reality television personality most known for participating in the History television series Pawn Stars. Since 2009, he has documented his work at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which he co-owns with his father, Rick Harrison, on a reality program.

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Although the premise of Pawn Stars was Harrison arguing with his father and grandpa over his understanding of the shop’s inventory, managerial duties, and general sales judgment, viewers were more interested in his weight reduction. Shortly after the show’s premiere, he underwent a remarkable physical makeover. Let’s go further into Corey Harrison’s weight reduction!

Corey Harrison’s Weight Loss: Big Hoss from Pawn Stars Underwent Lap Band Surgery; He Is Not Sick and Has No Illness; View the Before and After Images!

Corey Harrison's Weight Loss 2024

Pawn Stars Corey Harrison (@realcoreyharrison) is the protagonist of one of the most successful weight reduction tales. Images of him before and after his dramatic physical metamorphosis are eerily satisfying. It was astounding how he lost almost 200 pounds following lap band surgery in 2010 and has maintained his weight loss since then. Before understanding he lost weight due to surgery, many people believed he was ill and suffering from a disease.

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At his heaviest weight, Corey Harrison weighed 402 pounds. But even at that weight, he had no intention of losing weight for his health. He was unaware at the time that he was quite uncomfortable with his size, something he would later learn. He remained inexplicably unconcerned with his weight until 2010, when his doctor prescribed diabetes prevention medicine.

After realizing he was pre-diabetic, the Pawn Stars veteran focused on his health and weight for the first time. He underwent weight loss surgery for his health, which worked miracles for him. In 2014, he confessed on Good Morning America.

I’m driving home from the doctor’s office, somewhat anxious about it, when I notice the clinic that does lap band [surgeries]. I drove in and asked, “What are the requirements to have the surgery?” he said. “I had little funds at the time. I took out four credit cards and charged money to that, and voilà!”

And that concludes the matter! Well, not everything, but the beginning! However, Corey Harrison has not looked back since undergoing weight loss surgery. After undergoing the gastric band treatment, he lost 50 pounds within the first six weeks and an additional 100 pounds within the first year. He was about 150 pounds lighter or nearly half his previous weight.

With the help of a lap band, Corey Harrison progressively lost more than 200 pounds and shrunk to half his previous size when he weighed approximately 400 pounds. He didn’t recognize how horrible he felt at his larger size until after he dropped weight; thus, he was ignorant of how good he felt after losing weight. He said it was strange to feel better at 31 than at 25.

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Following his makeover, the reality star enjoyed his new physique and remained motivated to maintain his weight reduction. After losing weight became his new comfort, he did not wish to return to his previous 402 pounds. He said,

I could never go back to my previous weight. It made me aware of what I consumed, how I consumed it, and what I did to myself. It was a moment of awe.

To guarantee that Corey Harrison never regains his pre-weight-loss size, he adopted a significantly different lifestyle that includes regular exercise and physical activity. He continued to get his band examined routinely and began attending the gym regularly.

And coming to the gym wasn’t just something he had to do to maintain his post-weight loss size; it was also something he looked forward to, as he could now exercise. Corey Harrison said he enjoyed snowboarding as a youth but was too large to do it in his twenties. Therefore, he was thrilled to be able to touch his toes since it meant he could once again snowboard. Upon realizing his error, he purchased replacement equipment immediately.

In addition to workouts, the gym, and physical activity, Corey Harrison altered his nutrition. When he discovered he could only fit four to five ounces of food in his stomach, he became more conscientious of what he ate. He avoided filling his stomach with junk food.

Corey’s Weight Reduction Was The Result of A Life-Altering Doctor’s Visit

Corey's Weight Reduction

Corey Harrison told Good Morning America in 2014 that he opted to have weight loss surgery after finding he was pre-diabetic three years earlier. “I’m driving home from the doctor’s office, scared out about it, and I see the facility where they perform lap band [surgeries]. I drove in and said, ‘What are the requirements to have the surgery?'” he added. “I had little funds at the time. I took out four credit cards and charged money to that, and voilà!”

With his lap band in place, Corey Harrison’s weight decreased by over 200 pounds, from approximately 400 pounds to approximately 300 pounds. He told GMA that he didn’t know how horrible he felt when he was overweight until he dropped weight. “It’s strange to feel better at 31 than at 25,” he continued.

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As he stated in the morning program, Corey Harrison also altered his diet and training regimen. “My stomach can barely hold four to five ounces of food,” he stated. When there is just so much room available, you shouldn’t stuff it with, you know, junk.

Chumlee Lost About 100 Pounds As a Result of Corey’s Weight Reduction

Chumlee Lost About 100 Pounds

“Chumlee believed we were going to be obese people together forever or something, but as I dropped a lot of weight, he began to lose weight as well,” Corey recounted. “Are you aware I’m proud of him? Diet and exercise allowed him to lose over 100 pounds.”

Corey Harrison joked when asked if Chumlee looked as fantastic as he did. “Not!” he laughed. “He is the assistant! We must remember that.”

Chumlee, for his part, remarked on his weight reduction in a 2014 interview with People. Chumlee told the magazine, “It was time for me to become well.” “I began at 320 pounds and am now 225 pounds. Initially, I avoided all processed foods except mustard. Now, “moderation in all things” is my mantra.”

Meanwhile, Corey Harrison told the magazine that people had commended his weight reduction. “They genuinely tell me, ‘You resemble that man from Pawn Stars, but you are far skinnier and more attractive than he is.'” “I remark, “If I were to pretend to be someone, it wouldn’t be that guy from Pawn Stars.”

Stroke Rumors Regarding Corey Harrison: Is He Sick?

Corey Harrison stoke rumors are but rumors. He is thriving and content with his life. No health-related topic is to be discussed. In 2014, he experienced a near-death experience.

Corey averted a catastrophic motorcycle crash. He hurled himself from his motorbike to avoid a major collision while on his way to pick up supplies for the birthday party his family and friends were preparing for him. The bicycle spun out of control when the bottom fender mount detached.

Instead of immediately heading to the hospital, Corey returned to the party. He was ultimately taken to the emergency department, receiving eight screws and two plates to repair his hand.

Update on Corey Harrison’s Health

As a result of many weight loss surgery, Corey Harrison is in good health.

Harrison adjusted his lifestyle after discovering he was pre-diabetic after an enlightening doctor’s appointment. “As I’m driving home from the doctor’s office, I notice the facility where they perform lap band [surgeries], and I immediately stopped in and said, ‘What are the requirements to undergo surgery?'”

Harrison stated during an appearance on Good Morning America. At the time, I had limited financial resources. Here we are! I charged money to four credit cards that I obtained.

Due to the procedure, Harrison’s weight was reduced from 400 to 200 pounds. Additionally, he altered his lifestyle to include exercise and a balanced diet.

He added, “I can barely accommodate four to five ounces of food in my stomach.” You don’t want to stuff it with garbage when there is so much space.”

Corey recalled that Chumlee believed that “we were going to be obese people together forever or whatever,” but when I began to lose weight, so did Chumlee. You are aware I am proud of him. Through diet and exercise, he lost almost 100 pounds.

Corey made a witty remark when asked if Chumlee was as beautiful as he was. Not, he said humorously. The assistant is he! Observe that!

In contrast, Chumlee highlighted his weight reduction in a 2014 People interview. It was time for me to become healthy, Chumlee told the publication.

In addition, he claimed, “I began at 320 pounds and am now 225. I began by eliminating all processed foods except mustard. My new motto is “Moderation in all things.”

Meanwhile, Corey informed the outlet that fans had congratulated him on his weight loss.

They comment, “You look precisely like that man on Pawn Stars, but you are far skinnier and more attractive than he is.” I claim, “If I were to impersonate someone, it would not be that Pawn Stars man.

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