Workin’ Moms: Dani Kind on Anne’s Unapologetically Frank Attitude


There is no sugar coating when it comes to Anne Carlson on Workin’ Moms. If you’re looking for anything other than the truth, then she’s not the friend for you. However, Anne’s unapologetically frank attitude can also be viewed as refreshing and actress Dani Kind gives a real heart to the character under all that sarcasm and exhaustion. She is a little less than thrilled to be pregnant with a third, and unexpected, child and Anne isn’t afraid to let everyone know that. It’s just one of the many refreshingly honest stories the new CBC comedy series is telling.

Anne is also someone Toronto born actress Kind (The Good Witch) immediately related to, having two young sons of her own. She recently spoke with The TV Junkies about bringing that experience to the psychiatrist, who not only has to deal with her new pregnancy, but a teenage daughter who may be feeling a bit neglected by the new baby that now holds her mother’s attention. Kind also talked about why she loves the show, her character and it’s message so much.


The TV Junkies: How did you get involved with Workin’ Moms? How did the opportunity come about?

Dani Kind: There were many actresses in Toronto auditioning for the show and I kept hearing about it. I got my hands on some sides and asked my agents if I could make a tape for us to submit. I put my audition on tape and next thing I knew I had a call back audition with Catherine [Reitman, creator] over Skype because she had just flown to LA. She was about to pop out her second son!

TTVJ: I really love that the show allows the women to be complicated, messy and not always happy about everything involving motherhood. Why is it so important to show all those sides?

DK: Because it’s human. It’s been a very long time now that I, as a viewer, have been asked by these film and television creators to relate to male characters. And I do! Roles for women are being written and realized as complex as male roles always have been.

TTVJ: Being a working mother yourself, what did you find yourself relating to most with the show? Had you been through any of the same experiences?

DK: I read the script and thought, ‘she is writing my life.’ I have many many things in common with Anne and how her life is unfolding. It’s a real testament to the writers on our show.

TTVJ: Workin’ Moms boasts a predominately female cast and crew. What was that like for you as an actress, especially when you are filming scenes that are very raw emotionally or that involve some nudity, such as the opening scene of the series?

DK: I’ve had to do nudity on sets before, but it was nudity that related to sexuality. This was a different kind of nudity, this related to breastfeeding, which I have experienced twice with both my sons. I think regardless if the crew was filled with men or women, the kinds of people we had on our show were so generous and really kept the space safe for all of us actors. That’s the thing that made such a difference.

Though I can say, I have never worked on a set with this many women before and on our very first day when I walked in, and saw an entire main unit camera team of women, I felt extremely emotional. It hit something very deep in me, it was important.

TTVJ: One of my favorite things about Anne is that she seems to have no filter and really say whatever she’s feeling. How refreshing was that for you to play and what’s your favorite aspect about her?

DK: It’s one of the greatest things about being an actor, doing and saying things without consequence. Going balls to the wall and leaving it all at work. It feels amazing and I miss playing her already.


TTVJ: Anne recently found out that she’s pregnant once again, something that she’s not too happy about. How will we see her continue to deal with that news?

DK: I wish I could say but it would give away her journey on this season!

TTVJ: With both Anne’s storyline, where she has to stop taking pills because she’s pregnant, and in Frankie’s story you guys are dealing with mental health. How important is it to bring that topic up for discussion, especially when we’re talking about new mothers? Did you do any kind of special research in preparation for those stories?

DK: I can’t speak for Juno who plays Frankie, but I do know that I’ve been clean of any substance for 8 years now and the moment I popped out my first son I had a VERY strong urge to drink or get arrested or do something “bad.” It was such an intense amount of responsibility that I wanted the pendulum to swing the other way entirely. I understand why wine is so heavily discussed and consumed and joked about amongst mothers. I didn’t have much to research on this except to ask myself some very straightforward questions. And then see what was behind my answers.

TTVJ: Anne has a preteen daughter that is causing her some problems as well with her behavior. What kind of battle does she have on her hands dealing with her oldest daughter going forward?

DK: My daughter played by Sadie Munroe–man, what an actress! She was so professional on that set! She had to do some tough things and she killed it. That storyline is such a beautiful look at a real struggle between mother and daughter. Sorting through my daughter’s emotions on having a baby sister and a mom who may not do things the way other moms might Anne is not a Pinterest mom that’s for sure! I felt very lucky to play out that story of mother/daughter and the struggle for connection.


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Workin’ Moms airs Tuesdays at 9:30 pm on CBC.

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