Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain: How Do Fans React On This?

Conor McGregor's Weight Gain

Do you watch MMA fights? If you watch, you might know how much weight Conor carries. Conor McGregor is one of the biggest MMA wrestlers of all time. His performance on the mic is also adored a lot by the fans. Many consider him the best wrestler in the current generation. His rivalry against Khabib is one of the best in the history of MMA and can be safely called the best rivalry in recent times. 

He is one of the rare wrestlers who is always on the list.

And Conor MacGregor is trending again, but this time not due to his wrestling and tweets, but due to his transformation. Read this completely to know how fans reacted to Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain.

Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain

Conor McGregor's Weight Gain 2024

Conor McGregor, known for hard-hitting punches, is now trending for his weight gain. Conor is one of the top wrestlers of all time. His rivalry against Khabib is the most discussed rivalry of this generation. Apart from his fighting, Conor is also known for his Mic performance. He is as hard on the mic as he is on the battlefield. Also, he sometimes seems to be unstable in his tweets. Whether targeting Khabib directly or giving a controversial opinion, the wrestler has never stopped.

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Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain started trending over Twitter recently when putting a pic of his weight comparison across different years. The shared tweet received a lot of mixed options. The tweet tweeted by Connor shows his change in weight from 2020, 2021, and 2024. In 2020, the wrestler was 145.

In the next year, 2021, Connor McGregor witnessed an increase in weight and reached 155 KG gaining a weight of 10 kg. Now in 2024, Conor has gained 15 Kg of weight, and he is now 170 kg.

Conor McGregor Weight Gain

As soon as the pic was posted, many started discussing its weight Conor. Many started pointing out how the weight gain might impact the game positively or negatively. Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain received a mixed reaction and was a hot topic after the picture got viral. Read this article to know how people reacted to Conor McGregor’s weight gain.

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Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain: How People Reacted To It?

Conor McGregor's Weight Gain: How People Reacted To It?

As we all know, the role of weight in any wrestler’s career, so many Connor’s fans showed their concerns about his weight gain. Some tried highlighting the positive impact of weight gain on his game, while some noted the negative impact that weight gain might have on Conor McGregor. 

Conor McGregor is one of the biggest wrestling stars of all time. His physique is always noticed and discussed. Recently, the MMA fighter posted a picture showing his weight gain journey, and he is 170 KG now. After knowing this, a fan commented that you could Knock out Leon in a single punch.

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While a fan noted that Conor already is not good with running across the court, a weight change might hurt Connors’s Movement across the court. No matter how people react to Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain, Conor seems positive about his weight gain and is ready to rock the stage again. Also, he is looking for a proper beast in his new look.

We hope this article was good enough to inform you about Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain. What do you think about Conor McGregor’s Weight Gain? Mention your thoughts below. If you have any suggestions, then mention them below.

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