Saraya’s Plastic Surgery: This Is How Wrestler Reacted To The Rumors

Saraya's Plastic Surgery

Do you watch WWE? If you have ever watched WWE, then you might have seen Paige. Paige is one of the top female wrestlers to ever step into the ring of WWE. Paige is the stage name for Saraya. Due to her moves and signature steps, Paige has been trending all over the wrestling community. She has grabbed many fans’ attention and can be safely called one of the most stylish female wrestlers. People want to know every short update about their favourite artists and keep searching for it on the internet. 

However, rumours about her undergoing surgery are trending across the internet, and people are curious to know more about the topic. To discuss this, we have come up with this article titled Saraya’s Plastic Surgery.

Saraya’s Plastic Surgery: What Do We Know Till Now?

Saraya's Plastic Surgery: What Do We Know Till Now?

Saraya, AKA Paige, is a WWE superstar that has made many fans in her short-span career. She is signed under All Elite Wrestling with her real name Saraya. She plays WWE with a ring name Paige. Due to her attractive looks and amazing moves, she has managed to attract many fans.

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Her attitude, way of speaking on the mike, and walking have given her immense popularity among fans. At one stage was the most popular female wrestler in WWE. She is a former WWE diva champion and has won it twice; she is also the first-ever NXT women’s champion. The awards are enough to show the legacy that Saraya carries.

With a huge fan following comes huge responsibility, and you also have to face many trolls and be ready for all kinds of judgment you will face throughout your career. Due to her looks, she is always on the trending list. However, recently a rumour about Saraya’s Plastic Surgery started circulating across the internet. This began when one of the watchers noticed her elevated lips and said she might have put botox.

This rumour has truly shocked the internet. However, fans on this topic are divided into two parts, one supporting the WWE superstar and others against her. Finally, after much trolling and judgment, Paige decided to react to Saraya’s Plastic Surgery. Read this article completely to know more about Saraya’s reaction to Saraya’s Plastic Surgery.

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Saraya’s Plastic Surgery: How Did Wrestlers React To It?

Saraya's Plastic Surgery: How Did Wrestlers React To It?

Saraya is the real name of a WWE wrestler Paige. Her look has made many WWE viewers her fans. Paige soon became a sensation in the industry. In the fast-moving industry, everybody wants to be relevant, especially those in the media industry. Some celebrities stay relevant and undergo plastic surgery. Some plastic surgery gets successful, while some might be unsuccessful. Unsuccessful plastic surgery might be the reason for the end careers of many celebrities. 

Saraya’s Plastic Surgery started trending as many of her fans noticed a change in her facial expressions. After many trolls, she finally chooses to react to their trolls. She says that she has never put a knife to her face, and also she depicts her frustration by saying that is the kind of rumour that frustrates me a lot. She also admits that she went to some surgery to shed off the wrinkles, but it gets detached after three months. When reacting to Saraya’s Plastic Surgery, She requested her fans to be patient and stop judging everyone based on their looks. 

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She has also accepted that she had surgery on her breast and admitted that she had undergone surgery five years ago. However, she assured everyone that she had never undergone cosmetic surgery. Hence putting an end to rumours of Saraya’s Plastic Surgery, Paige clarified that she hadn’t undergone facial surgery, but she has put some botox I’m for wrinkles and undergone surgery for her breast and lips. 

How Much Money Does Saraya Earn?

How Much Money Does Saraya Earn?

Saraya, also called Paige, has a successful wrestling career. Along with wrestling, she endorses many brands and charges a decent amount for single-brand promotion. Also, she earned some money from other businesses. In total, she makes a total of $4 million from all of her professions. The data is taken from Wikipedia.

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