Angie Stone’s Weight Loss: How Much Did She Weight Before Undergoing Surgery? Her Health: Updates and News!

Angie Stone's Weight Loss

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, Angie Stone lost one hundred pounds. Before therapy, the actress weighed more than 300 pounds; in 2024, she weighed roughly 154 pounds. When she was hospitalized after receiving a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, a rude awakening prompted her to take action regarding her health.

Angie Stone is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. She rose to prominence in the late 1970s after joining the hip-hop ensemble The Sequence. Stone began performing in the 2000s, making her cinematic debut in the comedy The Hot Chick and her stage debut as Big Mama Morton in the 2003 Broadway musical Chicago. Since then, she has been in several musical theatre productions and supporting parts in film and television.

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Stone has been nominated for two Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards and three Grammys. At the 2021 Black Music Honors, she received the Soul Music Icon award. In the early 1990s, Vertical Hold, an R&B ensemble, was where she started her career. The Recording Industry Association of America certified Stone’s solo debut Black Diamond (1999), on Arista Records as gold, and the song No More Rain was featured on the album.

Stone released her seventh studio album, Dream, in collaboration with TopNotch Music and Conjunction Entertainment via Shanachie Entertainment in November 2015. Full Circle, the eighth studio album by Stone, was released by Conjunction Entertainment and Cleopatra Records in July 2019.

Angie Stone has garnered great attention for her extraordinary weight loss efforts. Her effort to shed weight has aroused the public’s curiosity. Then we have you covered.

Angie Stone’s Weight Loss in 2024: Following Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the Singer Lost 100 Pounds; Updates on Her Health!

Angie Stone's Weight Loss in 2024

The photo comparison reveals that Angie Stone (@theangiestone) has had a substantial weight decrease. Because she was born with a bigger frame, she has discussed her weight struggles. Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and autoimmune illnesses are significant health risks associated with higher body fat percentages. Weight loss is performed for reasons connected to health.

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Before getting surgery, Angie Stone weighed over 300 pounds at her heaviest. Over a decade later, when the singer-songwriter was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and hospitalized, a rude awakening prompted her to take action. The soul singer had acquired a substantial amount of weight due to diabetes. She also had high blood pressure due to the diabetes medication she was taking.

How Much Did She Weight Before Undergoing Surgery?

Stone, 61 years old and still engaged in the music industry, made her first attempt to lose weight in 2006. She accepted the offer to appear on the VH1 reality fitness program Celebrity Fit Club, but her performance decreased when she shed around 20 pounds or 8% of her total body weight. Neither for the competition nor her health is she even near.

Thankfully, she decided not to let this setback deter her and instead opted to endure and continue fighting. She learned how to eat properly to control her hypertension and diabetes. Angie Stone battled with her weight, so gastric sleeve surgery looked to be her best option; she lost 100 pounds after the treatment.

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Angie Stone stated that half of her stomach was removed during the treatment. The variables include body fat and muscle, assuming that the water weight of each individual remains essentially constant. For those uninformed, gastric sleeve treatment reduces the volume of the stomach.

Singer Lost 100 Pounds; Updates on Her Health!

In 2024, she weighs 154 pounds and has under control her blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol levels under. If she maintains a healthy lifestyle, there is no reason why Angie Stone cannot continue to delight us for many years to come. She declared,

I am no longer diabetic. Now that I’m better, it doesn’t matter how big they want me to be; I’m good.

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Stone alleges that she was subjected to body shaming by critics for being overweight and for having a dark complexion. In a recent interview with FOX Soul, she admitted that the weight problem made it a difficult reality. In their opinion, having wide lips and having dark skin did not go together. They failed to recognize that she had previously been overweight. , they missed that piece.

One might argue that Angie Stone had a substantial problem on top of her weight issues. She was able to love herself despite her weight loss challenges.

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