Yungsweetro Before Plastic Surgery: Rojean Kar Resembles Travis Scott’s Baby Mama Kylie Jenner. Fans seek Before-After Pictures!

Yungsweetro Before Plastic Surgery

Yungsweetro has undergone a complete bodily transformation by cosmetic surgery, most likely Botox, a nose job, fillers, lip fillers, breast implants, liposuction, and a butt lift. Rojean Kar, also known as Travis Scott’s side chick ig model, has not stated that she has had plastic surgery, although it is glaringly clear. Despite popular demand, there are no images of Yungsweetro before his cosmetic surgery. Before surgery, she presumably appeared more human and less like a computer-generated picture.

Rojean Kar, known on Instagram as Yungsweetro, outed Travis Scott for cheating on Kylie Jenner “every f*cking night” and “in every f*cking city” with many ladies, including herself, after he naively claimed that he knew her despite having proof (she said she did). A few days ago, she revealed all of this on her Instagram stories, which has shocked the Keeping Up With the Kardashians audience to its core — not. No one was surprised by this shocking news. People were astonished by Yungsweetro’s blatant cosmetic surgery.

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Rojean Kar Aka Before Plastic Surgery: Yungsweetro Ig, The Side Chick of Travis Scott, Resembles Kylie Jenner!

Rojean Kar Aka Before Plastic Surgery

Yungsweetro (@yungsweetro) appears to have undergone many typical cosmetic surgery operations, such as Botox, fillers, lip fillers, rhinoplasty, breast implants, liposuction, and butt lift.

When Rojean Kar uploaded videos detailing her relationship with Travis Scott after he categorically denied knowing her, a new Kardashian romance saga was formed. People were more interested in her beauty and her resemblance to Kylie Jenner, the poster child for plastic surgery than they were in the disaster.

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Nobody could get past her looks for some reason. They were first unable to determine whether they liked it or not since, to put it charitably, they are not accustomed to seeing people like that. Travis Scott’s ‘ig side girl’ is a counterpart (an extreme and severe version, if you catch my drift) of Kylie Jenner, his baby’s mom, who might be a cosmetic surgery clinic. Every single facial feature of Yungsweetro appears so sickeningly flawless as if all of the images she publishes on Instagram could be manufactured by artificial intelligence to demonstrate the ideal plastic surgery.

The Side Chick of Travis Scott, Resembles Kylie Jenner

People on the internet who viewed Yungsweetro’s Instagram stories were initially drawn to her face and left thinking something like ‘there’s something weird about the way that girl appears’ before concluding that she had cosmetic surgery. The Kardashian culture has significantly affected her. According to appearances, she’s even surpassed them.

Not a single aspect of her face or physique seems unaltered by plastic surgery. Yungsweetro must have been in a jumble of insecurities to undergo a whole physique transformation. Plastic surgery may be a decision, and a powerful one at that, for many women, but was that a choice? (She does have a sh*tty option) Yungsweetro is not these women because it is not empowering to go such drastic lengths to alter oneself to conform to unnatural-looking beauty standards entirely.

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Rojen Kar made no effort to combat ‘beauty’s’ ludicrous and unrealistic standards and trends (they were never here to stay; they are already on the wane), which may be detrimental to women’s self-esteem. If she did, she would lose the struggle, which is the worst outcome possible because the images she uploads on Instagram might very well be of a wax figure after undergoing so much plastic surgery.

Yungsweetro is beautiful, but unfavorably, she is out of this world beautiful. She undoubtedly resembled a human before undergoing plastic surgery, but now it appears like she eliminated the personality and individuality of her face to become an IG model.

Fans seek Before-After Pictures!

Rojean Kar’s forehead is very glossy and smooth. She has undoubtedly received Botox, which is unnecessary for someone her age. She is 29 years old currently. In addition, her pillowy complexion screams fillers. In addition, her nose is far too beautiful and button-shaped to be natural. She cannot possibly reject a rhinoplasty operation. In addition, she cannot refuse lip fillers, given her large lips and enormous pout.

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And it’s not only her face but her entire body as well. She appears artificially filled and has the ideal hourglass form due to liposuction and a butt lift as well? It looks like it is.

Many dislike the cosmetic surgery Travis Scott’s side chick ig model has had. Well, it’s not for them to like (but isn’t it), but since she shaded Kylie Jenner on the internet several times, a discussion about their similarities was inevitable. Rojean Kar possesses the same irritatingly saccharine voice as Kylie.

As you read this, the arrival of Yungsweetro is being debated on many online forums. None of the remarks have been complimentary. People would be scared if they went outdoors in the rain and had eight layers of plasterboard and hair product melt off their faces. Another labeled her a fake in the uncanny valley manner.

Her social meida accounts are: Instagram.