Vaping Celebrities: New List of Stars Who Vape in 2024

A List of Stars Who Vape - celebrities vaping

In the dynamic world of popular culture, the influence of celebrities is undeniable. They can shape trends, dictate styles, and make confident lifestyle choices more socially acceptable. One trend that has been significantly magnified due to celebrity influence is vaping. From seasoned actors to pop sensations and sports stars, many have switched to this alternative form of nicotine intake.

Some have even opted for disposable devices from reputable brands such as Vapor Puffs, prized for their convenience and discreet design. In this feature, we delve deeper into the fascinating world of vaping celebrities, revealing a detailed account of these famous faces and their preference.

1. Johnny Depp: The Hollywood Pioneer

Pioneering this trend is Johnny Depp, the versatile actor known for his eclectic and often eccentric roles. Depp made waves in the vaping community as one of the first high-profile celebrities to be seen in public. His character in the romantic thriller “The Tourist” famously puffed on an e-cig, marking a significant moment for vaping culture in Hollywood. The iconic scene quickly sparked conversations and undoubtedly led many of his fans to consider vaping as an alternative to smoking. Depp’s influential status in the film industry and his daring to break the norm have made him an intriguing figure in the culture.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio: The Award-Winning Vaper

Leonardo DiCaprio vaping

Leonardo DiCaprio, an iconic actor known for his intense roles in numerous blockbuster movies like “Titanic,” “Inception,” and “The Revenant,” is another celebrity who has adopted vaping. DiCaprio has been seen vaping at numerous high-profile events, including award ceremonies. His unabashed display of vaping during the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony sparked controversy and attracted media attention. This brazen display of vaping, coupled with his staunch advocacy for environmental issues, positions DiCaprio as a powerful figure promoting an alternative to traditional, more environmentally harmful tobacco products.

3. Katy Perry: Pop Music’s Star

Katy Perry, the vibrant pop star known for her catchy tunes and outlandish costumes, is another celebrity known to enjoy vaping. This ‘California Gurl’ has been spotted using her e-cig at various events, from parties to music festivals. Perry’s massive fanbase and influential position in the pop music industry make her habit noteworthy. Her association with vaping undoubtedly brings it further into mainstream visibility, adding a pop culture appeal to vaping.

4. Simon Cowell: Reality TV’s Vape Advocate

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, the sharp-tongued and straight-talking judge from “American Idol” and “Britain’s Got Talent,” was known as a heavy smoker. However, he turned to vaping to quit his old habit. Cowell has since been a vocal advocate for vaping, regularly seen puffing on his vape pen during breaks on his shows. His successful transition from smoking to vaping and subsequent advocacy has significantly raised awareness about it as a viable alternative to traditional cigarettes.

5. Mike Tyson

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has also embraced vaping in sports. Tyson is not only seen enjoying a vape in his personal life, but he also actively promotes this industry. His cannabis farm, Tyson Ranch, produces various cannabis products, including vape-related products. Tyson’s active involvement in the vaping industry and legendary status in the boxing world further solidifies his position as a critical figure in the vaping community.

6. Paris Hilton: Adding Glamour

Adding a dose of glamor to the scene is Paris Hilton. The socialite, entrepreneur, and reality TV star has been spotted several times with a vape pen in hand. Hilton, known for her trendsetting fashion choices and luxurious lifestyle, brings a unique style to the scene. Her choice to vape is another testament to the growing popularity among the rich and famous, further pushing vaping into the mainstream.

7. Lindsay Lohan: An Early Adopter

Lindsay Lohan, once the darling of Hollywood, was among the early adopters of vaping. Known for her roles in films like “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday,” Lohan made headlines when she was seen vaping in her docu-series, “Lindsay.” Her public use of an e-cigarette during the early days of this movement was significant and played a part in bringing it into mainstream consciousness. Her adoption of vaping when it was relatively new and less accepted showed a trendsetting approach to personal habits.

8. Tom Hardy: British Charm and Vape Breaks

TOM HARDY is smoking

Tom Hardy, the British actor known for his roles in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Inception,” is another celebrity known to be an avid vaper. Hardy’s preference for vaping over traditional cigarettes is well-documented, and he is known to enjoy a vape break during film shoots. His candid moments captured during behind-the-scenes footage show that Hardy is unapologetic about his choice, helping to normalize vaping and making it more accepted in the public eye.

9. Steve Aoki:

Last but not least, Grammy-nominated music producer and DJ Steve Aoki is a notable figure in this scene. Known for his high-energy performances, Aoki often features a vape device on stage, even amidst his cake-throwing and crowd-surfing stunts. As a dedicated vaper, Aoki embodies the edgy, contemporary appeal of the lifestyle, presenting it as an integral part of the EDM culture and appealing to a whole new demographic.

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In conclusion

The influence of these celebrities plays a crucial role in shaping societal views on vaping. Their public use of e-cigarettes has brought vaping further into mainstream consciousness, marking a significant shift in nicotine consumption. As vaping continues to grow in pop culture, it’s vital to remember that like any other habit, it should be approached responsibly, with an understanding of its potential risks and rewards. This growing list of celebrity vapers shows that societal norms are changing, and it will be interesting to see who else will join this trend.