Rolling the Dice with the Rich and Famous: Inside the Celebrity Gambling Scene

5 Famous Celebrities Who Lost a Fortune At The Casino gambling

We live in a world where having some free time doesn’t happen that often, which is why seeking some activity or hobby to make the most out of that time is important. Only when we have something to do that makes us happy and full of energy can we say that we live life to its fullest. Now, celebrities have a bit different approach here, and the fact they are famous, and that people recognize them everywhere they go, can sometimes be tiresome, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy certain activities, on the contrary.

Take gambling as an example, as the pure concept of playing games of chance is about expectation, which is why gambling is so exciting. That uncertainty and not knowing what will happen while trying to guess the outcome makes casino games so interesting and attractive. Understandably, people are interested and want to know more about what casino games celebrities play the most and even whether they have any success gambling, which is why we will focus more on that today.

1. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

What better way to start this list than by mentioning Charlie Sheen because his personal life is also full of excitement, even though his roles in movies and TV series made him globally popular. Knowing this, it’s nothing strange that Charlie Sheen is fond of games of chance, and even though Charlie doesn’t have just one game he prefers playing, blackjack is something worth mentioning. That is because he won 1 million dollars at one blackjack table, which is a pretty impressive thing to do, regardless of what you do for a living. Of course, he was also a star of Casino Player Magazines in 2011, naming him the “King of Las Vegas.”

2. Michael Jordan

Even though the first thought when someone mentions Michael Jordan is basketball, Jordan also has many other interests that go beyond the sport. He played baseball at the pro level, and everyone knows about his passion for golf, but in his spare time, he also likes to play a hand or two of poker. He was for some time a regular player at certain casinos in Las Vegas, and his poker skills were also pretty good, and that, combined with how much competitive he is, is just one more reason why he succeeded in almost everything he does. As for winning big, it’s blackjack once again, as the blackjack table brought him the most profits because he once won more than 1 million dollars.

3. Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Just like his buddy Ben Affleck, Matt loves to play roulette and blackjack too, but the biggest reason he likes to gamble is to spend quality time with his friends. That is why we can often see him at tables in Las Vegas playing poker with Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire, as this famous trio almost always plays poker together. As for winnings, there aren’t some big ones worth mentioning, but if he keeps playing at this pace, it’s something that will (inevitably) happen in the near future.

4. Jennifer Tilly

Gambling is an activity that even the ladies simply love, and many will say they have more luck than men when it comes to some big winnings. One of the ladies who is extremely popular at poker tables is Jennifer Tilly, and we can often find her in online and land-based casinos playing with other experienced players. Thanks to her experience, she is considered a professional, and she shows up at various tournaments all around the globe, and she even succeeded in winning more than $60,000 thanks to a good hand on one of them. Her other passion is slots, and she simply enjoys being a celebrity in this world too.

5. Paris Hilton

Another lady on this list that can often be seen in Las Vegas casinos is Paris Hilton since she adores spending her free time playing various games such as blackjack, craps, and roulette. Las Vegas is not her only station, as she often travels around the world and tries her luck in some of the most popular world casinos. It is not a secret that she also likes online gambling, and she uses any chance to play her favorite games this way when her obligations do not leave her enough free time to go to Vegas or some other popular destinations.

6. Ray Romano

Many people cannot imagine this great comedian at the poker table where he should be serious in order to win, but the truth is that Ray Romano is one of the best poker players in the world. He participated in the World Series of Poker a few times, and many casino owners know him, as he literally plays every day and bets on high stakes. He does not differ from other players and takes every chance to visit land-based casinos and enjoy being surrounded by great players, but when he does not have enough time to do that, he gladly visits some of the popular gambling websites.

7. Brad Pitt

We all know how great actor Brad Pitt is and how dedicated he is to each role, so he does his best to prepare properly. One of the roles that required special preparation was the role in Ocean’s franchise, and Brad has decided to visit casinos and learn the rules of various games. Thanks to that, he has realized that gambling is a great way for him to spend some free time, and he has become a great player that can often be seen in different casinos in the world, depending on the filming location.

The bottom line

As you can see, gambling is a great way to fulfill free time and try to win some money, and thanks to the excitement it provides, even celebrities cannot stay immune to that. If you want to start your journey in the gambling world, the best way to start is to visit some of the online casinos, as here you can learn the rules at your own pace. It is crucial to find a reliable one, and if you do not know where to look, visit this website.