Julia Roberts’ Plastic Surgery: What is the Hollywood Icon’s Stance on Cosmetic Procedures?

Julia Roberts' Plastic Surgery

Julia Roberts has denied undergoing any plastic surgery, except Botox injections, which, according to many, do not qualify as surgery because they are not intrusive. The Pretty Woman actress stated that she does not judge anyone who chooses plastic surgery. Julia Roberts has taken a risk by forgoing plastic surgery (facelift) to conform to Hollywood standards.

Julia Roberts, who began her career as an actor more than three decades ago, has now achieved celebrity status in Hollywood. She starred in the 1990 romantic comedy Pretty Woman, in which she was dubbed “America’s Sweetheart.” Her films have grossed over $3.9 billion worldwide, making her one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. She has performed in various cinema genres and won multiple prizes, a British Academy Film Award, an Academy Award, & three Golden Globes.

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She is a critically and commercially successful actress and one of the most attractive. She is so stunning that she could easily compete with the newest generation of women despite being in her new fifties. People assume she has undergone cosmetic surgery because she has scarcely aged. However, she has exhibited a degree of pretentiousness on multiple occasions regarding her inability to complete her work. Here are the specifics of Julia Roberts’ plastic surgery rumors!

Julia Roberts’ Plastic Surgery: The Actress Believes She Has Taken a Risk By Avoiding Facial Work!

Julia Roberts' Plastic Surgery 2024

Even though Julia Roberts (@juliaroberts) has denied having plastic surgery except for Botox (which she does not consider surgery), people continue to believe she has had a nose operation and breast augmentation.

Since becoming America’s Sweetheart in the 1990s after her success with Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts’ visage appears to have been trapped in time, as she has barely aged in the intervening decades. She was attractive then and continues to be stunning in her mid-fifties, just like the movie’s main character. How did she acquire a few facial creases and wrinkles after thirty years? People will inevitably suspect she underwent plastic surgery.

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

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However, the Notting Hill actress has consistently denied undergoing plastic surgery for decades. Even roughly a decade ago, in the 2010s, she stated that she wanted to grow into her face before she would contemplate working. She stated she wanted to see what a more mature version of herself might look like before considering a change. In an interview with Elle magazine, she admitted,

It’s awful that we live in such a scared, dysmorphic world where women don’t even allow themselves to see what they’ll look like as older adults. Before I begin wiping the slates, I want to know what I’ll look like. I want my children to recognize my anger, happiness, and bewilderment. Your face tells a narrative, but it shouldn’t be about your commute to the doctor.

As it turned out, Julia Roberts did not like that the older version of herself had a few lines and wrinkles, so she drove to the doctor’s office to get Botox injected into her face. However, she did not like the story her face told after receiving the anti-wrinkle treatment, so she discontinued the procedures. 2012: In a conversation with Access Online

I tried Botox once and was permanently surprised for a few months. I did not find it to be cute.

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This time, Julia Roberts emphasized that she does not judge other celebrities who have chosen to get plastic surgery. She informed the publication that she did not want to judge a person who cannot turn their head or move their lips or desires to have their chin on their forehead. She stated that if it made them happy and were effective for them, she would not object.

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery 2024

The Erin Brokovich actress did not need to resent anyone for plastic surgery because her beauty never diminished with age. She did not need plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance because she barely aged. Since 2009, she has been a global brand ambassador for Lancome’s beauty and fragrance goods. In 2024, she is still a global brand ambassador for Lancome’s beauty and fragrance products. They would drop her like a hot potato if they believed that having her as an ambassador would result in a loss.

In 2014, Julia Roberts discussed how her decision not to get a facelift was a risk by Hollywood standards. In addition, she stated that Lancome, the French cosmetics firm, would have to accept her as she aged. They have, but I don’t believe she has aged, at least not like most people. She’s matured like wine. She appears more beautiful than ever.

By Hollywood standards, I have already taken a substantial risk by not having a facelift. I’ve informed Lancôme that I want to be an aging model, so they must retain me for at least five more years until I’m over 50.

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People believe Julia Roberts has had a nose job, and others believe she has also had a breast augmentation, despite her explicit denials and (do I detect a note of pretentiousness?) assertions that she has not undergone plastic surgery. How else could she not have lost the fullness of her lips, arguing many?

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