Re Main Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & More

Re Main Season 2

The anime series Re-Main portrays a tale that is both uplifting and instructive, how it illustrates the swings of life and fate, as well as how a burning desire may blossom while facing significant challenges.

MAPPA creates the anime series, so it should be no surprise that it is brilliantly done. Even within the broad realm of existing sports anime, Re Main Season 2 introduces a novel facet of sports anime with a sport that is not yet generally popular. The anime series currently has only one season with twelve episodes. And here we shall talk about the Re Main Season 2 release date and everything else.

Re Main Season 2 Release date

Re Main Season 2 Release date

The series premiere date was announced in March 2021. It is animated by the MAPPA studio, under the direction of Kiyoshi Matsuda, with Masafumi Nishida serving as its chief writer and director. Aori Fujika was responsible for the original character designs, while Shiho Tanaka adapted them for animation. Kana Utatane composed the series’ music.

The series aired on TV Asahi between July 4, 2021, and October 3, 2021, in the NUMAnimation time slot. The series is also simulcast on Crunchyroll in the United States. Enhypen performed the opening credits titled “Forget Me No,” and Shugo Nakamura performed the closing credits titled “Kowaretsu Sekai no Byshin wa.” What does this indicate? Not much, in actuality. Unfortunately, our limited information doesn’t provide much insight into the show’s future.

The future of the REMAIN anime is uncertain, but not due to a lack of interest. The series was moderately well-liked, and it remains to be seen whether there is sufficient interest for a continuation to make accurate predictions regarding its potential continuation. The first season received positive reviews, but we lack sufficient information to predict the show’s future.

In any case, the earliest we could potentially see a second season is late 2024, but we’d need confirmation of the future in 2024 or 2024; 2024 is also a strong possibility. Fans are calling for a new season, but we’ll have to wait and see; while a cancellation has not yet been officially announced, it cannot be completely ruled out.

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Re Main Season 2 Cast

Re Main Season 2 Cast

The following cast members are included in Re Main Season 2:

  • Yuto Uemura,
  • Koutaro Nishiyama,
  • Subaru Kimura,
  • Lynn,
  • Soma Saito,
  • Makoto Furukawa,
  • Masafumi Nishida (Director)
  • Masafumi Nishida (Writer)

Re Main Season 2 Trailer

However, keep an eye on Re Main Season 2. We will notify you as soon as we get information on the season. You may view the Re Main Season 1 trailer on our website.

Please watch the program and provide your views. Keep up-to-date and save this site for more updates & show-related news.

After viewing the program, please share your opinions with us. Keep up-to-date and save this site for more updates & show-related news.

Re Main Season 2 Plot

Re-Main is mostly about the life of the champion water polo player Minato Kiyomizu. The anime begins with Minato awakening one morning in a hospital. To his amazement, all his family and friends began to rejoice while he worked. The medical team informed him that he had been in a coma for two hundred days. As he lost all recollections of the past, his buddies informed him that he was once a water polo champion. After months of therapy and rehabilitation, he decided to return to the pool.

Re Main Season 2 Plot

However, Minato quickly discovers that his younger self is arrogant and overconfident. His pals told him he used to be overly proud of his abilities. When his memories ultimately returned, his friends and teammates ridiculed him for reverting to his previous pompous self. However, due to his intense enthusiasm for water polo, he opted to continue playing with another Yaminami High School amateur squad. The team’s performance was average, but the players were incredibly cooperative and supportive of one another.

Minato had learned his lesson at the end of the series, and he now faced his previous squad. Although he knew defeating them would be challenging, he still enjoyed the game with his new friends. Yanomami High did not win the game, but the experience was sufficient. Re-Main Season 2 will follow Minato and his new squad as they compete in an increasing number of competitions.

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Where To Watch Re Main Season 2

This series is accessible on Crunchyroll for online viewing. In addition to this platform, Re Main is also available on TV Asahi and Funimation.


What a great and thrilling reality show this is! The show has a lot of stores for its audience, and they may experience a wide range of emotions, from love to betrayal to temptation to trust to the truth to deceit to sadness.

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