Nelk Boys Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Nelk Boys?

Nelk Boys
Nelk Boys

The Nelk Boys is a crew of five boys in which three from Canada & two from the USA are recognized for their wild public pranks and trials. The group was created in Canada in 2010.

NELK Boys, composed of Kyle Foregeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and Lucas Gasparini, is an American videography production business.

Their brand title is FULL SEND, and their lifestyle perfectly matches the brand’s purpose, which is to do anything they need without worrying about the results.

The members have been captured and engaged in many crimes of the law and crimes. Despite the Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Star introduced them one time.

Nelk Boys Net Worth 2024

The entire net worth of Nelk Boys is above $4 million as of 2021. Their main source of revenue is from their YouTube channel, which has more than millions of subscribers. 

Nelk Boys Source Of Earnings

YouTube Earnings

Nelk Boys posted approximately 250 videos which have got simply under 1 billion views. They publish 3 to 4 videos each month. Presently, they are equating 700,000 views every day on their YouTube channel.

The members of Nelk additionally have their separate YouTube channels. NELK YouTube channel gets above 21 million views per month. 

Analyzing all the facts, NELK BOYS is estimated to make an average of $0.018 per ad-view. It adds up to $3.1 million per year from YouTube.

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Brands And Collaboration Earnings

They have approximately 4 million followers on Instagram, where they do collaborations with other brands and earn money.


They have a clothing brand named FULL SEND. They sell hoodies ($70), t-shirts, hats, and other kinds of stuff.

They likewise have another website where they sell all types of clothes stuff.

Nelk Inc. is a certified company in Canada following the name of Kyle & Jesse – the founder members. Nelk Inc. has a certified label on FULL SEND & NELK in Canada.

The FULL SEND & NELK brand has been listed on different product levels from time to time. It means that NELK BOYS are pushing aggressively into marketing different stuff in the next few days.

In 2021, the NELK has begun their brand of solid seltzer named Happy Dad. Happy Dad additionally has its personal verified Instagram account with a handful of images.

Nelk Inc. has a current income of USD 781,915 in 2021. Regarding other origins of income (i.e., paid subscription plans, sponsors and selling clothes, etc.), NELK BOYS make a good income. It would approximately add $1 million more to their previous YouTube revenue. So, their net worth is $4 million+, according to us.

NELK Boys History

In 2010, the Nelk Boys YouTube channel was initially built by Kyle and some other members such as Niko, Marko, and Lucas. The name of the channel was NelkFilmz at that time and then changed to NELK.

In 2017, Lucas moved from the NELK because of his connection with the channel’s stuff, including public offenses which would influence his profession.

After that, Jesse Sebastiani enrolled in the group. Stephen enrolled in the NELK boys group in 2019. In February 2020, Salim entered the group.

In 2020, Jesse began looking less in the channel’s videos. He stated that he was confined to the endless games and his lifestyle with the boys. His relations with his family and colleagues were striving because of his career.

In February 2021, Jesse left the group. Hence, he yet serves on their merchandise brand FULL SEND.

In 2021, Lucas came back and enrolled in the rest of the group in Los Angeles. Prior members of the team are Niko, Marko Mastinovic, and Jason Pagaduan.

All of them left because of similar reasons like poor lifestyle habits, poor fame, and not continuing their education accurately.

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Nelk Boys Members

Jesse William Sebastiani

Jesse Sebastiani is a 27-year-old YouTuber. His parents became separated when he was a kid.

Because of his parent’s divorce, he went to Shelburne, Jacob Sebastiani, and sister Sarah Pearl. 

He was very brave as a growing kid and loved snowboarding. Before becoming a YouTube, he served at a fuel rig, garden, and scrapyard.

Kyle John Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard grew in Mississauga, Canada. Jesse and Kyle’s prank clip on YouTube You Lit Me On Fire!!! Became a tremendous hit, and they went to Los Angeles for more opportunities. They also got the chance to communicate with various famous personalities.

Stephen Deleonardis

Steve Deleonardis is 22 years old member of the Nelk Boys group. His childhood passed in Oviedo.

He is recognized for his courage in tackling any challenge, also if it includes drugs and liquor. 

After entering Nelk, he went from Florida to Los Angeles, California. Steve has had several famous times in his career. He also came on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0.

Lucas Gasparini

Lucas Gasparini was born in Greater Sudbury, Canada. He doesn’t reveal anything about his personal life. The 25-year-old guy keeps his life private.

Salim Sirur

He was born in San Jose, California, the USA, in an Ethiopian family.