Movies with the Best Costume Design for all the Fashion Lovers


For a movie to be remarkable, it needs more than just a good story, direction, and amazing actors. One of the main characteristics of every popular movie is the costume design. Dresses make everything believable in movies, be it a period drama, modern-day story, or futuristic.

The biggest film award in the world, the Oscars has had a separate category for Best Costume Design since 1949.


As they say, costumes tell a story of their own, and getting them right is a big challenge. So many of the movies have got it right and were highly praised by critics and audiences alike. So, whether you are a fashion enthusiast or not, watching a movie with amazing costumes is always a yes.


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Here is a list of some extremely fashionable costume design movies. Dig in!


1. Phantom Thread (2017)


A movie set in the time just after the Second World War, Phantom Thread is about a couture designer Reynolds Woodcock. This extremely famous designer who makes dresses for high society and even royalty falls for a waitress as he visits a restaurant. Later she becomes her muse but tensions arise when his controlling personality makes it clear that he is very hard to please.


For the movie, famous designer Mark Bridges won the Oscar for Best Costume Design in 2018. You have to watch the movie to understand how amazing the dresses are, fit for the time the movie is set in but still so appealing even in this age. Mark’s other work has also been appreciated in movies like Silver Lining’s Playbook, A Marriage Story, Joker, etc.


2. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)


How is it possible that a list of movies with the best costume design is being made and The Devil Wears Prada doesn’t make it? The movie revolves around Andy who joins a fashion magazine, Runway, as second assistant to the editor but doesn’t know much about fashion. She gets a hard time from the editor of the magazine Miranda Priestly and her first assistant Emily.

But later gets a fashion transformation that gives her a boost and makes her go ahead in her career. The costumes in this movie are from a number of famous fashion houses, which made it one of the most expensive movies in terms of costume design. The movie was also nominated for best costume design category in the Academy Awards.


3. Black Panther (2019)


Give it to Wakanda for not only giving us an amazing superhero but also some of the best costumes. Ruth E. Carter designed some amazing outfits for the movie and later became the first African American woman to win the Oscar for the best costume design award. The whole movie was a celebration of African fashion.


Ruth managed to strike a balance between African tribal culture and the land of ‘Black Panther’. The movie was a success at the global box office and its costumes played a huge role as it was something not seen before in Hollywood and especially in the Marvel universe. So, while the Marvel universe has some amazing costumes, none come close to the grandeur of Black Panther.


4. The Great Gatsby (2013)


A little party never killed anybody, but the dresses at these parties really did things to the audience. The Great Gatsby, released in 2013, is about Nick who settles in New York and becomes obsessed with Jay Gatsby and his lavish lifestyle. Jay regularly throws flamboyant parties in hope that his lady love may attend one day.


For the movie, famous names like Prada, Tiffany, Brooks Brothers, and Jewelers were involved to create a masterpiece. The director’s vision was to create something that looks vintage but is through modern eyes. This is why when you watch the movie, all the tuxedos, big dresses, loungewear, and linens are all 1920s but still so modern.


5. Titanic (1997)


Our hearts will forever go on with Titanic and the amazing costumes everyone got to wear in the movie. Released in 1997, James Cameron’s Titanic won the Oscar for best costume design in 1998. The amazing costumes were designed by Deborah Lynn Scott. To design the dresses, thorough research was conducted on the etiquette of that era.


Another unique thing was that there were dresses for two major classes, the elites who were staying in 1st class and the lower middle class who were staying in 3rd class. So not only the dresses were amazing, but the class difference was also perfectly portrayed through them.



All these movies have an amazing story but more than that some extraordinary costumes. You might not be able to wear those in real but just watching them gives a sense of joy, only real fashion lovers can understand.