La Brea Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & More

La Brea Season 2

The second season of one of the primetime’s most innovative programs returns. The La Brea Season 2 recounts the narrative of the Harris family and other survivors whose lives have been shattered.

Fans of the American science fiction series La Brea are anxiously awaiting the launch of La Brea season 2. They are eagerly anticipating this new season of La Brea, and for all of these fans, we have compiled all the most recent news about La Brea season 2, so check out this post immediately and know all about the series La Brea season 2.

La Brea Season 2 Release date

La Brea Season 2 Release Date

The second season debut of La Brea is scheduled for Tuesday, September 27 at 9 pm E.T. on NBC.

So, spectators can be confident that they won’t have to wait long to return to a Los Angeles that is becoming progressively archaic. A teaser trailer also provides a sneak peek of what to expect, which you can view below.

Regarding what to anticipate, Jonno Roberts (Wrecked’s Declan Stanwick) has been officially cast, and we may also anticipate the return of recognizable figures from the first season.

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It is still unknown when the second season will air on Paramount+ in the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, streaming information will be accessible closer to the event.

La Brea Season 2 Cast

According to Deadline, the entire original ensemble of La Brea is returning to the series, with Tonantzin Carmelo (Paara) & Michelle Vergara Moore (Ella) joining as series regulars. Below is a list of the whole cast:

  • Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella
  • Veronica St. Clair as Riley
  • Tonantzin Carmelo as Paara
  • Lily Santiago as Veronica Castillo
  • Rohann Micrhandaney as Scott
  • Chloe De Los Santos as Lilly
  • Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi
  • Josh McKenzie as Lucas Hayes
  • Zyra as Izzy
  • Jack Martin as Josh
  • Jon Seda as Sam
  • Eoin Macken as Gavin
  • Natalia Zea as Eve
  • Chiké Okonkwo as Ty Coleman

La Brea Season 2 Trailer

The complete trailer for La Brea Season 2 has not yet been published, but a teaser has been made to whet fans’ appetites. Unsurprisingly, season 2 will have more adventure, mystery, drama, and tension.

Thursday, June 30, a teaser trailer was released. Watch below:

How Many Episodes Are Scheduled?

Season 2 of La Brea will consist of a total of 14 episodes.

The first season included just 10 episodes; hence, season 2 will feature a few more.

Assuming no scheduling disruptions, season 2 should end on Tuesday, December 27, 2024.

La Brea Season 2 Plot

La Brea Season 2 Plot

We cannot predict where season 2 of La Brea will take its narrative, but the cliffhangers from the previous season provide many hints. Several characters were able to pass through the enigmatic portals in the series’ conclusion, so we’ll be following their adventures on the other side.

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Three group members were drawn through the Topanga portal, while three others risked their lives on a new Seattle gateway in a rescue effort, regardless of where it may lead them. Natalie pulled Isaiah through to 1988, which was the season’s dramatic climax.

Investigations into the portals have yielded some discoveries, but most information remains unknown. The second season of La Brea will likely address some issues, but we anticipate many more will be raised as the episodes go.

Where To Watch La Brea Season 2

Season 2 of La Brea airs on NBC, which is included in most cable packages. If you’ve cut the cord, you can watch NBC through streaming services such as Hulu with Live T.V., Sling T.V., YouTube T.V., and FuboTV.

The series is also available on Peacock for streaming. Peacock is accessible by smartphone or computer, as well as on television. Some cable companies provide Peacock in their cable packages at no cost. Peacock is also available on Fire T.V., Apple T.V. Plus, and Roku.

Sky and Now cable subscribers in the United Kingdom may access the Peacock application on Sky Glass, Sky Q, Sky Plus, Sky Go, and Now. Season 1 of La Brea is accessible to Paramount Plus subscribers in the United Kingdom.

Details about the second season of La Brea?

Details about the second season of La Brea?

In an interview with TV Line, Appelbaum divulged many narrative points for the second season. First, he discussed where Riley, Josh, and Lilly may have gone when they vanished through the time-traveling fissure of light at the end of the episode.

“They will be in a different period in Season 2,” he stated. “Their narrative will take place after 10,000 B.C. Character discovery inside a universe will be one of the most exciting elements of Season 2, unlike anything we’ve seen thus far.”

Appelbaum also hinted that Rebecca Aldridge’s (Ming-Zhu Hii) mystery tower would play a crucial part in Season 2. “We will investigate this structure and enter it at a given point to examine its inside. I believe that will be one of the most entertaining aspects, revealing the universe they inhabit, “he remarked. There will be many intriguing things, but I will not tell who or what.

The first page of the screenplay for the second season was also provided to TV Line, indicating that the first episode is titled “Three Days Later.”


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