Janet Jackson’s Weight Gain: How much weight has Janet Jackson gained?

Janet Jackson's Weight Gain

Janet Jackson is an internationally recognized singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer from the United States. She is the Janet Jackson family’s youngest and tenth child. After the release of her self-titled debut studio album in 1982, she earned attention for the socially conscious lyrics that established her as a role model for young people.

In 2018, she was nominated for induction into “The Rock & Roll” for the third time. Also, in 2018, she was named one of the seven members of the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame class.

She is primarily recognized for her intriguing albums and elaborate theatrical performances. In 1976, she began her career on the variety television show The Janet Jackson.

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She appeared in “Why Did I Get Married” and “Why Did I Get Married Again” by Patricia Agnew. She earned a record deal with A&M Records in 1982, catapulting her into pop stardom. Her 3rd and 4th studio albums, Control (1986) and Rhythm Nation 1814 were released (in 1989).

Soon, a documentary series titled Janet Jackson will premiere (in 2024). Her music and dance were a driving force in the expansion of MTV, allowing her to achieve stardom while overcoming gender and racial barriers.

Janet Jackson About Her Weight

Jackson About Her Weight

As the years went by, Janet Jackson saw that her physique was changing, which caused her to experience an increase in self-esteem concerns. In addition to that, being the center of attention was not beneficial. According to what she said in the documentary series, things went from bad to worse while she was playing the role of Penny in the comedy Good Times.

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She explained, “I did Good Times, and that’s when I started having weight issues, and that was also the beginning of how I looked at myself.” “As I was maturing at a very early age, I started gaining a chest, and they would tie it so that I would appear to have a flatter chest.”

Janet Jackson's Weight Gain 2024

She also admitted that her weight has changed over the years, which has been particularly challenging since she has spent her whole life in the spotlight. She claims that she could not find a solution to her weight problem for many years. She explained, “I’m an emotional eater, so whenever I’m worried out or something is troubling me, it helps me to calm down by eating.”

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Janet Jackson recently gave an interview to Allure in which she discussed her desire to age gracefully and how, for many years, she opted to hide her body under layers of garments. “Even as a young adolescent, it was all about slacks and suits,” she said during the interview. Because I have always loved black and because I do not ever want to show any portion of my body, I have always felt most comfortable covering it up to this point.

Janet Jackson gained

But all of that changed with her album Janet Jackson in 1993, on which she posed seductively on the cover. She likened the experience to unlocking a locked door and appreciating her body simultaneously. “It was something that was challenging and demanding. On the other hand, I’m delighted I went through [the door]. I’m delighted I got in. It was a means of embracing and loving oneself and accepting one’s physique.

Janet Jackson claims that she admires women who are “happy in their skin, in their size, in being full-figured, and I adore it,” as she stated in the interview. “Back in the day,” she added. “I was never comfortable in my body.” You were expected to maintain a specific body type and appearance. And all of it is now recognized and lovely, and I adore it.”

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