Is Sia Pregnant: The Singer Was Allegedly Spotted Carrying A Baby Bump!


Is Sia pregnant? However, the singer has not confirmed the allegations herself. There is no evidence to imply that she is pregnant, and the story is so odd that someone must have invented it out of boredom. In addition, speculations about Sia’s pregnancy initially arose in 2020, two years before it was reported that she had adopted two children.

Sia is an Australian singer and songwriter whose biggest songs include Chandelier and Cheap Thrills. After beginning her career in the mid-1990s in Adelaide as a singer for the acid jazz band Crisp, which subsequently split, she published her debut studio album, OnlySee, in Australia. Before her debut as a solo singer, she recorded four additional albums: Healing is Difficult, Color the Little One, Some People Have Serious Issues, and We Are Born.

Her sixth album, 1000 Forms of Fear, which produced the top-ten hit Chandelier, debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200. Since then, Sia has been widely popular. She has recorded three successful albums, one of which was a collaboration with Labrinth and Diplo as part of the group LSD.

Due to her secretive demeanor, Sia is rarely discussed for anything but her music. Recently, though, there have been whispers that she is pregnant. This is startling because it came out of nowhere, much like the last time these reports originally arose. Soon later, it was reported that she had adopted two children. People are not anticipating such occurrences and want to know, “Is Sia pregnant?”

Is Sia Pregnant? Details of Her Two Children’s Adoption!

Details of Her Two Children’s Adoption - Is Sia Pregnant

Is Sia (@siamusic) pregnant? After the rumors that the singer was expecting a child emerged, this is what everyone on the Internet is discussing and what everyone wants to know. However, as was the case previously, the rumors appear unfounded and untrue.

Sia has not yet commented, and it is extremely improbable that she will because she cannot possibly answer every single rumor about her, especially those that spread out of nowhere. Why did anyone even consider her to be pregnant? She is 46 years old and quite discreet.

Approximately two years ago, in 2020, Australian newspapers stated that Sia had been spotted with a ‘baby bulge’ and was pregnant. Even insiders or sources close to the artist confirmed that she was having a kid, corroborating the rumors.

While dining at a neighboring restaurant, Sia was allegedly noticed with a large tummy bulge. This led to rumors that she was pregnant with her partner. In addition, many sources stated that she made TWO toasts with water instead of wine, even though it was exceedingly rare to make a toast with anything other than a full glass of wine.

When Sia’s representatives were contacted about the pregnancy rumors, they said they did not comment on her personal life and moved on without confirming or rejecting the reports. People believed the unwillingness to reply might be interpreted as confirmation; hence, the supposed pregnancy rumor spread throughout several social media platforms. Just before that week, there had been rumors about her engagement.

Sia was not, however, pregnant; she did, nevertheless, have children. In an interview with SiriusXM’s Morning Mash Up in 2020, she disclosed that she had welcomed two kids into her family just a few weeks after pregnancy rumors surfaced. She was never pregnant since she adopted her two teenage kids from foster care while they were leaving the system. To be more specific, in her own words.

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Last year, I genuinely adopted two boys. They were both 18 years old; they are now both 19. They aged out of the system for children in foster care. True, and I adore them.

Sia was, therefore, never pregnant. She did have children, so the reports were not entirely incorrect, but what was the significance of her being seen with a baby bump? Was it a coincidence that she later disclosed that she had just adopted two children, or did someone make it up? In any case, we now know she was not pregnant, and she is not now, either.

The Cheap Thrills singer is content with her decision to adopt two foster children. She revealed that she decided to adopt after watching the documentary Foster and felt an instant connection to the adolescent kid when she realized he did not have his own family. She stated in her Vogue Australia cover article that.

I was like: ‘What? In essence, he has nobody. Oh my God. I am going to find him and become his mother.’ So I proceeded to do so. The celebrity then tracked down the youngster and adopted him with his pal.

As this was occurring at the same time as pregnancy rumors were circulating, she was likely too preoccupied to care or even notice.

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