Into the Badlands Exclusive Video: The Widow Exposes Bajie’s True Intentions to M.K.

After pretty much destroying her relationship with Tilda (Ally Ionnides) last week, the Widow (Emily Beecham) is out to take down even more. While we learned that Minerva is in fact Flea, the little girl Bajie (Nick Frost) once trained, she’s a little less than thrilled to have him around and back in her life.

In The TV Junkies exclusive clip from the Season 2 finale episode below, the Widow exposes the truth about Bajie and his intentions to M.K. (Aramis Knight). She reveals that Bajie is really only after the book and his intentions may not have been all that honorable. Viewers will have to tune into the finale, airing Sunday, May 21 at 10 p.m. on AMC, to find out what M.K. does with this new information.

According to the official synopsis for “Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire,” Sunny (Daniel Wu) faces the toughest showdown of his life. Elsewhere, Bajie’s loyalties are tested to their limits. If the below clip isn’t enough to tide you over until Sunday’s finale then check out photos from the episode. While this is the last episode of Season 2, Into the Badlands has been renewed for a supersized Season 3 coming in 2018.

What will M.K. do with this new information about Bajie? Check out the clip and sound off in the comments!