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Charity Witt

Charity Witt is a well-known Canadian female bodybuilder and weightlifter on the NBC Network. An elite powerlifter who has squatted and deadlifted more than 400 pounds at once. The NBC sporting competition The Titan Games proclaimed her the champion in 2019. Charity Witt is a capable and confident weightlifter woman of great strength.

Early Life of Charity Witt

Her birthplace was San Antonio, Texas, USA. Their mother reared her, her older brother Richard, and her younger sister in Atlanta, Georgia.

Charity Witt’s mother is a musically trained Canadian violinist. When she met Richard and Charity’s father, she came to Durango as a university choir member from Texas. The couple fell quickly in love.

Although they were much in love, their marriage was fraught with difficulties, and their children spent most of their time outdoors to escape hearing conflicts. When Charity was nine, their father stopped her and Richard from playing Nintendo to tell them he loved them and never forgot it.

Charity’s persistence was significantly influenced by her mother’s ability to keep everything together despite difficult circumstances.

When her father returned during her sophomore year of high school, their relationship was not as tight as it had been. During this period, Charity was focused on caring for her younger sister rather than communicating with her brother, Richard.

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Charity Witt Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Charity Witt Age

She was born on May 12, 1993. In 2024, Charity Witt will be 29 years old. She is 5′ 7″ tall and weighs around 75kg. She has Hazel eyes and Blonde hair. Charity Witt belongs to the Canadian and American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Charity Witt Education

At school, she was a geek and an introvert, and she often thought she didn’t fit in with her family; as a result, she hung out with the wrong crowd. During this period, she was drugged and raped, but by whom is unknown. She continued to excel in the classroom but did not participate in athletics since she did not love them.

Charity Witt’s Personal Life

Charity Witt Life

She attempted suicide by overdosing on cough medicine since she was involved in an abusive relationship at 17, which greatly impacted her mental health. She subsequently fled to Canada and obtained employment at a wedding venue that functioned as a bed and breakfast.

The work paid little but gave her free housing. Due to her work ethic and desire, she was promoted to manager within a year, but unfortunately had a heart attack at work.

Charity, omitting the identity of her ex-husband, stated that she decided she had had enough, left, and subsequently filed for divorce.

Despite the difficulty, she was determined to overcome this catastrophe. In 2015, Charity was in a relationship with Georgia’s Strongest Man champion and powerlifter, Landon Jameson, who assisted her in her first lifting competition.

It is thought that the two were previously married. Matt Kafora, the Arizona-based proprietor of the Orangetheory Fitness chain of gyms and K9 Games Dog & Puppy training, is the current object of Charity’s affection. The two are frequently shown on Instagram hiking together.

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Charity Witt Professional Career

After being diagnosed with heart arrhythmia, her passion for athletics intensified. In an interview with the Gwinnett Daily Post, she stated that swimming helped her manage her pulse rate since it increased her lung capacity and respiratory control. She then began lifting weights to improve her swimming, but when she began powerlifting, she fell in love with it. On her first attempt at powerlifting, she could lift 275 pounds (124.7 kg) and realized it was her calling. Additionally, she started endurance training, cross-training, and yoga.

Despite falling in love with the sport, her family was repulsed by powerlifting; she told The Athlete Daily: ‘They felt it was for guys and told me I was going to be a terrible powerlifter and that it was just for sumo lifters and gross ladies.’ She stated that pursuing her passion was satisfying and disregarded her family’s criticisms.

She won the Best Lifting competition at the 2015 Iron Beast Invitational in Gainesville, Georgia, outscoring all male and female competitors with the best score. She achieved American Powerlifting Committee (APC) records for squatting 280 pounds (127 kilograms), deadlifting 345 pounds (156.49 kilograms), and bench pressing 170 pounds (77 kilograms) (77.11kgs). In addition to setting a new record, she was the first woman in APC history to win the overall best lifter award. She then established two more APC Nationals world records; in the 165.35-pound (75-kilogram) weight class, she deadlifted 385 pounds (174.63 kilograms) and squatted 396 pounds (179.62 kilograms).

Amazingly, she continued to establish new world records in the International Powerlifting League (IPL) after tearing her hamstring, achieving a 396-pound deadlift, a 401.5-pound squat, and a 984.28-pound total.

The charity sought new challenges after competing in powerlifting events for two years, smashing records, and receiving the IPL’s overall best lifter award. She made friends with four competing strongmen at the gym, who pushed her to train as a strong woman. In 2016, she competed in her first strongwoman competition in the Lee Haney Games, despite the initial difficulty. She won first place and qualified for USS and NAS Nationals. In March 2016, she transferred to the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) and won the Women’s Open 181.88-pound (82.5-kilogram) weight class at the Iron Coast classic.

As her Instagram popularity grew, NBC’s Titan Games recruiters discovered her. Since the program is fronted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Charity was first skeptical when she received a message from the recruiters.

The second time they contacted her, she understood they were authentic. She made it beyond the auditions and then competed against other women in a one-on-one setting.

Charity Witt won the competition and the $100,000 prize; she utilized the money to construct and start her training center. She reported that the competition helped her gain confidence in herself and her career decision.

Charity Witt’s primary occupation is that of a fitness instructor; she offers hotel gym and home training ebooks and a package for up to $200, which she reduced during the lockdown.

The bundle includes an ebook, a meal plan, private Facebook community access, and a template calculator.

As a result of her decision not to obtain a pacemaker, Charity must always consider her health when competing. She told the Gwinnett Daily Post that coping with afib has been a continual challenge but that she has adapted to it and is aware of the indications that indicate she should take a break from lifting.

Charity Witt noted that competing helped her maintain control and concentration because she feared being overly enthusiastic and releasing too much adrenaline. Nothing I did could have ready me for this amazing experience.’

Naturopathic Medicine

When she returned to Georgia, she applied for a Hope Scholarship, which enabled her to study medicine with a concentration in Biochemistry and Pre-Oncology.

Charity is now a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in Oncology, which indicates that she intends to use alternative medicine to treat cancer. After being diagnosed with cancer, her grandfather extended his life by adopting a healthier lifestyle; he avoided chemicals and maintained a healthy diet. A second grandparent who underwent chemotherapy to treat cancer experienced terrible side effects. Their experiences have convinced her that alternative medicine is the most effective method for preventing the start of cancer.

She discussed her intention to pursue natural medicine with The Athlete Daily, explaining what her grandparents endured and how her grandfather’s transition benefitted him. ‘… Having witnessed this firsthand and having taken so many nutrition-related courses in school, I want to contribute via nutrition.’

From 4:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., she practices medicine in her office; in the afternoons and evenings, she coaches customers as their trainers for four hours. She told The Athlete Daily that many claim lack of time as an excuse, but nobody has time: ‘That was my greatest obstacle. Am I going to commit myself to this endeavor, or am I just going to pretend?

The Troubled Past of Charity Witt

At age 17, a violent relationship exacerbated her grief and suffering. It drove her to overdose on cough medication and commit herself. Shortly after that, she fled to Canada. A bed and breakfast job at a wedding location supplied her with minimal income and free housing. Within a year, her drive and solid work ethic propelled her to a management position. However, she suffered a heart attack and collapsed in front of her employer.

Net Worth, Salary & Earnings of Charity Witt in 2024

Charity Witt Net Worth

Charity Witt’s wealth is expected to exceed $1.5 million by the end of 2024. She makes about $20,000 from the ebooks and bundle and another $10,000 per month from her product sponsorships and connections with Reebok, Herbstrong, MB slingshot, and Elivate Nutrition.

Her Social media accounts are: Instagram, Facebook