Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & More

Black Lagoon Season 4

The Black Lagoon Season 4 is among the greatest in its category. Fans have been anxiously anticipating its release for a decade. It has been some time since the final episode of this iconic television series.

Rei Hiroe has drawn and written the anime version of the manga Black Lagoon. This is an ancient serialization that began in 2002. It continues to be released today. Even though it’s an ancient series, Rei Hiroe only released 12 volumes between 2002 and 2020. The explanation is described in the next section.

The first season of Black Lagoon (2006), aired from April 9 to June 25, was produced by Madhouse (Death Note: No Game, No Life, No Game, No Life). The second season was released three months after the first. The third season was released around four years after the second season.

After that, Madhouse never touched the franchise again. Is Black Lagoon Season 4 gone for good? Can it be viewed the next year instead? We know nothing further about the beloved series.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Release date

Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date

There is currently no official statement regarding the release date of Black Lagoon Season 4. However, you may wish to investigate it next year.

According to Madhouse’s timetable for 2024, just two anime will be released. The first is the film Goodbye, DonGlees, and the second is the animated television series Police in a Pod.

The large gap between the third and fourth seasons may be worrying, but we’ve already seen instances that raise the likelihood of it occurring. Also, keep in mind that the manga is still ongoing; therefore, there will be a need to produce additional anime adaptations to promote and increase its sales.

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Black Lagoon Season 4 Cast

Black Lagoon Season 4 Cast

Black lagoon Season 4 Cast will include a few new characters in addition to the regular characters from seasons 1, 2, and 3. Four primary personalities manage the Lagoon Company:

  • Dutch was the African American head of the Lagoon Company and skipper of the former U.S. Navy P.T. boat Black Lagoon. He is between 40 and 50 years old and participated in the Vietnam War as a Marine. Before the conflict’s conclusion, Dutch went AWOL and escaped to Thailand to serve as a mercenary.
  • Benny dropped out of the Florida college he attended before facing difficulties with the FBI and the mafia. Benny would have perished if Revy had not intervened to save him. He is the mechanic, computer specialist, and researcher for the Lagoon Company.
  • Rock, a former salaried employee, kidnapped by the gang and abandoned by his department head, becomes their negotiator and “professional” face of the organization, maintaining his prior work abilities.
  • In the anime adaptation of the series, Rokuro Okajima, also known as Rock, is the primary character, although not in the manga. He is also the story’s narrator.
  • Revy, also known by her given name Rebecca Lee, is a co-protagonist of the series. She is mostly responsible for fighting for the Lagoon Company. Her past is not discussed in great detail. Revy is a Chinese-American woman in her mid to late 20s from Chinatown, Manhattan, close to Mott Street, who was a criminal most of her adolescence. She is the primary sniper.
  • Balalaika is the hotel’s manager. Her true name is Sofia Irinovskaya Pavlovna. Her grandpa, the military leader of the USSR, raised her. Balalaika was a Soviet Army captain and Vozushno-Desantnye Vojska paratrooper who participated in the Soviet-Afghan War before joining the mafia.
  • Boris is the second-in-command of Balalaika. The big scar extending from the right side of his forehead to his left cheek makes him instantly identifiable. He is a large, calm man with a thick Russian accent.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Trailer

As there are no confirmations on the release date of Black Lagoon Season 4. We will update and formally announce this area as soon as any updates become available. On our website, you may see the Black Lagoon Season 3 trailer.

Please view the program and provide feedback. Save this website for more updates and show-related news.

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Black Lagoon Season 4 Will There Be One?

The likelihood of Black Lagoon Season 4 is neither high nor low. We believe it is among the most popular series, and Madhouse may make a profit if they create a second season, but some issues must be addressed.

The first is the source material. Since 2002, Rei Hiroe has only published 12 volumes, and some chapters have not yet been collected into a book. There is a cause behind this seeming manga drought, which is hiatus.

Rei Hiroe has taken many breaks in the past. The first occurred in the middle of 2010 and the second in 2018. The author resumed the series in 2019, with 10 chapters published thus far.

The lack of content may hinder the development of Season 4 of Black Lagoon. Mental institutions adopted the majority of the manga, leaving only three volumes. However, it may not be an issue.

The third season had a different structure than the previous two. While the first two seasons each included 12 episodes, the third season featured five OVA. It concentrated solely on a single arc.

There may not be a whole fourth season, but we should be satisfied if there is any.

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Black Lagoon Season 4 Plot

Black Lagoon Season 4 Plot

The series follows the life of the rich businessman Rokurpu Okajima. He had all he desired in his life, but he was still lonely. His existence lacks the joy and excitement of a typical individual. He has nothing comparable.

Then he traveled to Thailand, where a Black Lagoon group abducted him out of retribution for a previous arrangement with Okajima. He was tired of his mundane corporate life and wanted to start something adventurous by entering the criminal underworld.

Therefore, the first three seasons explored the entirety of this plot. In the fourth season’s narrative, Okajima will encounter stunts and actions that are out of the ordinary for him in the criminal world.

The performance in the first three seasons was remarkable. It received an 8.05 rating and a rank of 135 on MAL. There are minimal resources available to create the fourth season of this anime. However, we can anticipate it if the creators alter their ideas.

In addition, there is a shortage of sources, as all remaining types of content were developed in OVA episodes. Therefore, their rather low expectations for season four make it.

Where To Watch Black Lagoon Season 4

Black Lagoon Season 4 is not accessible anywhere since it has not yet been announced; therefore, if you haven’t seen the previous season yet, please do so on Hulu or Funimation.


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