Will Be Locke And Key Season 4, Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & More

Will Be Locke And Key Season 4

A few days ago, the third season of Locke & Key debuted on Netflix, and we immediately canceled all of our plans to stay home and watch. However, after a production delay caused by the pandemic and the news of a double renewal for seasons 2 and 3, fans everywhere, including myself, could not help but be intrigued about the show’s eventual fate. Sadly, we know that Locke & Key will not return for a Locke And Key Season 4 (which we should have known months ago with Netflix’s statement). However, alas! It wouldn’t be the first time I ignored a caution sign.

On April 6, the streamer announced on Instagram that the third and last season of the special program would air. The following caption came alongside a collection of stills from the most recent installment: “YOUR FIRST LOOK at the 3rd and final season of Locke & Key—coming later this year.”.

Locke And Key Season 4 Release date

Will Be Locke And Key Season 4 Release Date

Netflix Channel revealed the Locke And Key Season 4 release date. A television show will debut on May 29, 2024. Fresh news and speculations regarding the forthcoming season are provided below.

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The Netflix Network has not yet disclosed its plans for the “Locke & Key.” They could have quickly filmed a fourth season of the show, and it would have been available on the streaming service in 2024 or early 2024 if they had given the go-ahead. The probable launch date of the Locke And Key Season 4 is Monday, May 29, 2024, based on the timetable of the last episodes.

Locke And Key Season 4 Cast

Will Be Locke And Key Season 4 Cast

If Season 4 had been approved, most of the show’s core cast might have returned at the proper moment to conclude the series (with a fourth season, I mean).

This is a peculiar issue, as I am discussing a hypothetical season of a canceled television program. However, let’s examine who may have appeared in Locke And Key Season 4.

This is quite tough to predict. I believe all of the Locke children would have returned for Season 4. I believe their mother would have returned for a fourth season as well. Connor Jessup portrayed Tyler Locke, and Emilia Jones portrayed Kinsey Locke in the television series. Similarly, Jackson Robert Scott as Bode Locke, Darby Stanchfield as Nina Locke, Petrice Jones as Scot Cavendish, Laysla De Oliveira as Dodge, and Griffin Gluck as Gabe.

Therefore, Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, and Jackson Robert Scott might have all participated in the Netflix show’s fourth season.

We will inform you of any updates or announcements regarding Locke And Key Season 4. I suppose they may bring it back if there is a great demand for it and if someone begins a petition to “renew Locke And Key.” (Hint, hint).

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What do you think of this characteristic? Would you have liked to see Locke And Key Season 4 on Netflix? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

Locke And Key Season 4 Trailer

Keep an eye out for Locke And Key Season 4! We will tell you as soon as we receive any season-related information. Enjoy the season by watching the Locke And Key Season 3 trailer on our website.

Please watch the program and provide feedback. Keep up to date and save this site for future updates and show-related news.

Locke And Key Season 4 Plot

What would you do if you had access to a key that fits every lock in the globe and can transport you to each location you have visited? Probably, you would use it to travel and enjoy life without traffic congestion and lengthy flights.

Will Be Locke And Key Season 4 Plot

What if there were several miraculous keys, each unlocked a different door: to your mind, subconscious, or other dimensions? However, the miracle keys only cause the Locke family problems. Following the murder of the family patriarch, the three siblings and their mother, Nina, realize that the family home is loaded with countless secrets, including magical keys. And the dark demonic powers are willing to do whatever to get their ownership. However, the grownups act as if nothing has occurred, leaving Tyler, Kinsey, and Bodie to defend their family on their own.

Where To Watch Locke And Key Season 4

Will Be Locke And Key Season 4 Where To Watch

The partnership between Locke and Key and Netflix appears to have ended for the time being. However, (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the end yet), with Locke’s magical memories protected from deterioration and hints that more keys are hidden around their home, the season 3 finale did leave the door open for future stories if the cast, crew, and streaming platform ever decided to reunite.

Regarding Joe Hill, it appears he has returned to the Locke and Key universe to write flashbacks. All while collaborating with Neil Gaiman of The Sandman to produce a crossover into the realm of the other comic. And given that Netflix owns the television rights to both adaptations, could a merger be possible?

Possibly not now, because The Sandman is so new, and its present goals are to adapt just Gaiman’s comic book series (which ran for ten volumes). But who knows in the future? We just witnessed a crossover between Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars, so everything is possible, right?

Locke and Key are currently available on Netflix.

Reasons for Locke & Key’s cancellation

Reasons for Locke & Key's cancellation

According to Deadline, the popularity of Locke & Key’s first season prompted Netflix to quickly develop a second and third season. Thankfully, this also appeared to be in line with the overarching vision that co-showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill had for the show, so this tale concluded naturally and appropriately.

An unusual occurrence. Particularly on Netflix.

However, the streamer did not divulge any of this until April 6, 2024, when they posted a sneak preview of the “third and final season” on social media.

That day, Cuse and Averill also published their statement on the program coming to an end, writing:

“Once we began production on the series, we determined that three seasons would be sufficient to bring the Locke family and their Keyhouse adventures to a satisfactory end.

“How storytellers, we are happy to have been able to convey Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s extraordinary tale precisely as we desired. However, we are preserving the mystical keys for our use.”

Currently, an increasing number of Netflix series are being unexpectedly canceled— *cough* First Kill *cough* — it’s extremely satisfying for Locke & Key fans to see that this particular story was allowed to conclude as it was intended.

However, it is important to note that in November 2021, Cuse and Averill announced potential intentions to continue Locke And Key Season 4 and maybe beyond.

In response to inquiries about the Locke And Key Season 4, Averill informed GWW:

“That seems to be a question for Netflix. We’d want to do many, many seasons of the program. We adore the show. The program still has many storylines to tell; therefore, I believe they should answer this topic.”

This appears to contradict the information on the cancellation provided by Deadline six months later. Did the Locke & Key showrunners have a change of heart at that period, or were they just hesitant to answer this question given probable difficulties regarding secrecy? Without our magic keys to lead us, it seems unlikely we will ever discover.


Although reviews for Locke And Key Season 4 have not yet been published, the series generally receives excellent reviews. Locke & Key is not the finest adaptation of a comic book compared to, for instance, The Sandman, but it is still a worthwhile program. Season 1 had a 66% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, whereas Season 2 gets excellent reviews, as seen by its average score of 83%.

The third season of Locke and Key has received mixed reviews, with some critics expressing displeasure with the show’s conclusion while others are stating that it was a fitting conclusion. We recommend you try it and begin Season 1 to determine if you enjoy the universe that Locke and Key create.