Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain: Has Scratch Actress Put On Some Weight?

Kellita Smith's Weight Gain

Scratch is the latest released web series on Netflix, and it has received a lot of appreciation from the audience. If you have watched Scratch, you might have seen Kellita Smith in the show. The impact of the role played by Kellita speaks volumes of Kellita’s acting skills. Kellita always hit the news due to her fantastic dialogue delivery skills and her acting. Kellita has grabbed a large audience due to her notable works in various shows of big production houses.

Kellita is trending again; this time, the topic is related to her increased body weight. Since the news came out, people have been discussing it. Read this article completely to know more about Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain.

Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain: Actress Was Seen Overweight In Scratch

Actress Was Seen Overweight In Scratch

Scratch was released in October 2024 and is receiving a lot of appreciation from fans. Rating on Google proves how much love the show is getting, and it has clocked about 7.9 stars out of 10 on IMDB. It is based on a story of a student studying in Italy whose country of origin is America. He then falls in love with Lino. Lino then faces health issues, the duo’s future looks in danger, and their family comes together for their support.

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Kellita Smith, who was playing the role of Lynn Wheeler in Scratch, was seen as overweight in the show. The audience loved the role of Kellita, and people couldn’t keep calm in celebration of the role. Other than acting, another thing that stands out for the role of Lynn Wheeler is Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain.

Kellita is never bothered by the opinions that she gets from the fans on her body.

She is not pregnant; hence weight gain of Kellita Smith seen in Scratch is not due to her being pregnant. Please keep reading this article if you want to know the reason behind Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain.

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Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain: How The Actress Gained Weight?

How The Actress Gained Weight?

Being in the entertainment field, you are always in the spotlight and judged for every statement and appearance. Kellita Smith, who played Lynn Wheeler seen in Scratch, was nothing different; people noticed a slight change in her body weight. However, the actress didn’t react to the public opinion on her weight gain. But the audience took to social media and showed a mixed reaction to Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain. Many bodies shamed her, so some appreciated the grace she displayed as a Lynn Wheeler. 

The reason behind the sudden weight could be emotional eating. Kellita Smith, in her previous interviews, has accepted that she sometimes suffers from emotional eating. In the case of emotional eating, people tend to eat unhealthy foods more; hence this could be a reason for Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain. Lack of exercise could be another reason behind the sudden rise in weight. All of these reasons assume none of the above reasons is confirmed.

How The Actress Gained Weight 2024?

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We hope you are clear with your queries on Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain. Please express your feelings and opinions on the topic below.

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