Blu-Ray Vs. Streaming: Which Is The Best Choice For Movie Lovers?

Blu-Ray Vs. Streaming Which Is The Best Choice For Movie Lovers

Here we go again. Jordan or James? Messi or Ronaldo? Blu-ray or streaming? These are the questions we face every day. Do they have an answer? Well, who knows? Dear God, this article has so many questions and we haven’t even ended the introduction. However, isn’t that better? To have all the questions asked early on?

Yes, that’s fine. We’re not going to delve into basketball and football this time around, but we will talk about the quality of the video available with both Blu-ray and streaming.

The Initial Downside

The Initial Downside

What is it? Another question. Yes. Luckily we are going to answer it straight away. The initial downside of streaming is not video quality, it is the availability. Streaming in its essence is not universal. You have multiple options in this department. Just to name a few we have Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Disney+.

Yes, there is plenty more, but let us get to the point. None of these streaming services could have your favorite film available. Or, the one you’re subscribed to, doesn’t have it. So, what happens if you want to view A Moment of Romance 1990, which you can find here, and it’s not available at your selected streaming service?

Nothing happens. You only need to reach for your Blu-ray and play it that way. Is that a piece of technology that is surpassed by its contemporaries? No, it is not. In terms of quality, we can discuss it. In terms of availability, it’s impossible. Once you own a Blu-ray and it’s in your home, it is there to stay.

It is always available for you and everyone else in your household. However, the debate is there; it’s ongoing; and it’s on us to answer the few initial questions we raised here. Let’s discuss what’s best for movie lovers.

Where Lies The Difference?

Let’s talk about top-notch quality straight away. 4K, enter the room. As far as the video quality goes, 4K is the standard we strive for. Back in the day, it was the pinnacle of its quality but today is slowly becoming standard for streaming services and Blu-ray too.

We’re talking of 4 thousand pixels dispersed across your screen. That’s the quality you want. So, how does the 4K fares between streaming and Blu-ray? Let’s see.

4K Blu-rays

4K Blu-rays

Digital optical discs in the form we know are a known entity. 4K takes it to another level. Technology advanced and Blu-ray adapted and now they are based on the latest video codecs and video coding of the highest efficiency (HEVC) that results in a much better ability to compress material when in comparison to anything seen up until this point in time.

For anyone into Blu-rays, this means that there is a new gen of these discs that will leave everyone breathless. We’re talking about 128 Mbps bitrate which is a better option than what’s seen previously with 40 Mbps Blu-rays that are considered as standard in the industry.

The outcome is something that was never seen before. But, how does it compare to 4K streaming and its video quality?

4K Streaming

To have good streaming at your home it is necessary to own a TV and an internet subscription to any of the platforms we already mentioned. Also, you can get the same service if you download an app or own a streaming device similar to Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV.

We are talking about a real-time video that is streamed directly to your device. If your internet connection is not too good you could see interruptions in the form of cuts or the so-called buffering. So, while a streaming service might promise a high-quality video its quality might depend on your internet connection.

With top-speed internet, these issues will not arise. But, if you have slower internet for whatever reason, streaming in full HD will not be possible. So, while a good option, it is still influenced by a few outside factors.

The Raw Judgment

The Raw Judgment

Let’s be honest here. Streaming options are present and the future of video viewing. Blu-rays are the beasts of video quality, while they still preserve, soon, they will become obsolete. This will happen if the people who value high-end quality and availability disappear.

They are losing their popularity but not an ounce of their quality. They are the clear winner. What we’ll do now, is a comparison to Netflix as one of the best streaming services out there.

Netflix tries to retain video quality. But, they have a massive platform with millions of streamers all equipped with a different quality of internet so they have to put down their streaming quality. This is the primary reason why Blu-ray takes over the win in this domain.

Quality might oscillate on Blu-ray too, but it is nowhere near as unstable as when you compare it to various streaming services out there. We are not intentionally bashing on Netflix or any of the streaming services but truth needs to be told. But, this does not mean that there are no positives to streaming services.

Blu-ray Wins, But?

Streaming services might offer lover video quality, but they do offer more content. Blu-ray can hold one video or a movie. That’s what the format was intended to do back in the day, two decades ago when it was invented.

Its quality is without precedent but in terms of quantity it can never parry the modern technology or any of the streaming services available. One movie can never beat the entire library of available titles. For a single movie, Blu-ray will always take the win.

But, when you want to view a series, a whole season, or 22 episodes, it is just too much work for a Blu-ray format. Streaming services win!

Bottom Line

As always the final decision is a matter of preference. There are no two persons in the world who love the same thing; who will choose the same partner. If you want to watch high-quality videos every day, streaming is your option.

When deciding between Blu-Ray and streaming options for movie lovers, don’t miss out on these top comedy shows to stream right now, offering laughter-filled entertainment for your weekend.

But, if you want to have one film, one memory always by your side, Blu-ray is your perfect choice. Ideally, it would be best to select both. But, we do not live in a perfect world, aren’t we?

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