Betting Like Drake: A Closer Look at the Sports Gambling Habits of the Rapper

Betting Like a Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham is among the most influential Canadians in the modern world. If you, by accident, do not know whom we are talking about, we are talking about a famous hip-hop musician, Drake. For a good reason, he became one of the most prominent faces in the local music industry. His career started in early 2010, even though his career started a decade before. Drake’s first album, “Thank Me Later,” marked the beginning of his successful career.

The most popular song from that album, “Over,” was among the most tunes on the Rap Songs chart. It earned him numerous awards during that year. Besides his musical career, he was cast in several Hollywood movies. Because of that, he became widely popular in the United States. Today, you will see he has numerous tours in Canada, Europe, and the United States. However, these are not the only activities he enjoys.

In the last couple of years, you will see his name made several headlines in popular magazines because of his love for gambling. It isn’t known whether he participates in online gambling, available at sites like, but it is widely known that he enjoys sports betting. Today, we want to discuss his passion for gambling, which has become an interesting topic for many people worldwide.

Drake’s Favorite Game


When it comes to his favorite game, many are unsure about this information. However, if you dig deeper into the topic, the answer to this question is more than clear. You will see that his favorite casino game is, by far, roulette. The world discovered this because his favorite game is one video on Instagram. The video was published on the official Instagram page of a popular website, BleacherReport.

In that video, Drake bet $200k on only one roulette spin. What is interesting about this video is that it was proven false. This discovery is because the website where he gambled allowed only $20k per spin. Nevertheless, this was a discovery for many of his fans who discovered his favorite casino game. However, many people doubt this is true, and they believe this was a marketing move to make a certain sportsbook popular, which we will discuss together.

Another problem that was raised by many is that, in that particular video, he did not gamble with his own money. But when you think about that, this is not the whole point of this video. We are talking about his  loving roulette. At the same time, this wasn’t the only time he was spotted near the roulette table. For all these reasons, we want to say that this is Drake’s favorite game.

Rapper’s Influence on Fans

Drake’s effect on his fans

Before discussing anything else, we want to say that Drake’s effect on his fans is enormous, especially when it comes to gambling. You will find numerous videos of his fans visiting gambling sites and sharing them, while they tag him. So, you can see just how big of an impact his passion has on his fans, even though this may seem insignificant to many people.

Besides the gambling part, his influence is massive in other fields as well. You will frequently see his fans copying his style. You can also find this on numerous Instagram pages. Drake is a friendly person, and he communicates with his fan base frequently. Therefore, nobody should be surprised why they adore him and why his fan base is constantly growing. You will find numerous examples of this happening.

Drake’s Curse

Everyone who knows about Drake and his gambling activity knows his passion for sports betting. However, there is a funny story regarding this part of his personality. The media depict his betting decisions as a curse for athletes. The reason is quite simple: every athlete he bet on, and this bet was made public, has lost the match. There are numerous examples of this happening, but Serena Williams and Anthony Joshua are the most widespread.

Because of that, you will see that “Drake’s Curse” has become a part of popular culture. A famous story about this is when he placed a $275k bet on Jorge Masvidal winning a match against Colby Covington. The result of this match is more than clear if you have followed the story from the beginning. In another situation, he lost $427k when wagered on Justin Gaethje beating Charles Oliveira. Of course, Oliveira won.

Drake and Betting Partnerships

Now that you know just how interested Drake is in gambling, seeing the partnerships he has created over the years with various sportsbooks does not come as a surprise. A good example of this occurrence is his partnership with For those who do not know about this bookie, we are talking about a legal sportsbook, a massive player in Canada and the United States. He mentioned this partnership in an interview.

He stated that he intends to provide a completely new experience to the global gambling community. You can find the products and services of no matter where you live in the world. Drake stated he was interested in entering this collaboration because of their involvement with digital currencies. Many do not know, but this bookie was among the pioneers in this discipline.

The collaboration between the rapper and a gambling site became public in 2022. Drake appeared on a live stream on Twitch where he bet $1 million in Bitcoin on a match. At the same time, this was not a high amount for the rapper, whose wealth is estimated at $200 million. Still, we want to say it is important to say that this collaboration was sealed through this occurrence and lasts to this day.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Drake is influential, and millions of fans follow his activities. Here, we lighten his passion for gambling and how it became a part of popular culture. It is certainly something that has an interesting effect on his fans. We are certain you will find all this information interesting.

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