Annika Season 2 Release Date & What We Know So Far

Annika Season 2

Based on the BBC Radio 4 radio play Annika Strandhed, Annika Season 2 is a British crime drama television series. The first episode, which debuted on August 17, 2021, and was produced by Black Camel Pictures for Alibi and All3Media, was followed by the second episode one year later.

Detective Inspector Annika Strandhed works for the Scottish Police, and as part of her training, she was recently assigned to the Glasgow Marine Homicide Unit. Her adolescent daughter is traveling with her on this occasion. The bond between Annika and her daughter is a recurring subplot in each episode.

Annika is derived from the same Norwegian forebears as the original radio serial’s protagonists. Nick Walker also wrote the radio series Annika Strandhed, which starred Nicola Walker as Annika Strandhed and was situated in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

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Annika Season 2 Release date

Annika Season 2 Release date

British crime-mystery drama television series ‘Annika’ is directed by Philip John and Fiona Walton. The premiere season of “Annika” premiered on August 17, 2021.

The audience for Annika’s program is desperate for a second season. However, neither cancellation nor renewal for a further season has been announced. The producers have not yet announced the return date of the public’s favorite program; therefore, the audience must wait.

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Assuming the first take is done by October, Fresh Alibi episodes might air in the early summer or late spring of 2024, with Giallo in Italia following in the fall.

Annika Season 2 Cast

Annika Season 2 Cast

Nicola Walker: DI Annika Strandhed

Nicola Walker portrays DI Annika Stranded in the film Annika Stranded. Since 1990, English actress Nicola Jane Walker has worked in the cinema and television industries. She has also worked in the radio and the theatre.

Jamie Sives: DS Michael McAndrews

Jamie Sives plays Detective Sergeant Michael McAndrews. Since 1999, Scottish actor Jamie Sives has been engaged in the cinema and television industries. Born in Edinburgh, he worked as a scaffolder, a mailman, and a nightclub doorman before deciding to pursue acting full-time.

Katie Leung: DC Blair Ferguson

Katie Leung portrays Detective Chief Blair Ferguson. Since 2004, Katie Leung has participated in the film, television, and theatrical industries. She was offered a prominent role in the renowned film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Roach, Ukweli: DS Tyrone Clarke

Ukweli Roach plays Detective Sergeant Tyrone Clarke. Since 2010, the English actor Ukweli Roach has been actively involved in the cinema and television industries. He is well-known for his part in the television series Blindspot.

Kate Dickie: DCI Diane Oban

Kate Dickie plays Detective Chief Inspector Diane Oban. Ricky Tavares, a Brazilian actor, had his television debut in 2009; he has been engaged in the entertainment sector.

Silvie Furneaux: Morgan

Silvie Furneaux portrays Morgan, the adolescent daughter of Annika. Silvie Furneaux is well-known for her part in the 2020 film Limbo. In 2021, she starred in the television series Vigil.

Paul McGann: Jake Strathearn

Paul McGann portrays the child therapist Jake Strathearn. Since 1982, the English actor Paul McGann has been actively involved in the cinema and television industries. His roles in The Monocled Mutineer, Withnail and I, and Doctor Who have earned him widespread recognition.

Annika Season 2 Trailer

If a Annika Season 2 is announced and a trailer is released, we will notify you and instantly update this page. Let’s watch the first season’s trailer.

Annika Season 2 Plot

The film’s setting was Scotland, which also served as its backdrop. Annika Stranded, the mysterious chief of Glasgow’s Marine Homicide Unit and the star of the show “Annika,” is the subject of this drama.

Like the radio program, the detective began her career as a member of the Oslo police murder squad before assuming other posts. Morgan, an educated but temperamental adolescent, finds adjusting to her new home in Glasgow difficult. The audience is shown their troubled mother-daughter connection throughout intermissions.

Annika Season 2 Plot

The fact that Annika, the lone Annika, has a busy schedule with her kid does not diminish her femininity. It is normal for cats to receive blows in their workplace.

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His body was recovered from the River Clyde with a harpoon piercing his skull, and he was recognized. Once again, a murder occurs, and Annika finds herself in a race against the clock to solve the mystery and avoid more victims.

A body is recovered from the Clyde River with a harpoon embedded in the victim’s head, and Detective Inspector Annika Stranded and her team are assigned their first case.

They realize that the man’s boat store is not doing as well as anticipated and that he is not interested in a shady business endeavor after all. If another murder happens, there will be a race against time to avoid further deaths.

The Annika Series Has How Many Seasons?

There is just one Annika Season 2 Series currently available, so stay tuned for the next part!

Stay tuned to Celebcrystal for further details on additional shows.

Where To Watch Annika Season 2

Six episodes of the new criminal series “Annika” aired on the PBS Masterpiece Amazon Prime Video Channel on Sunday, April 17. Moreover, it will be accessible through PBS Passport. The PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is now providing a free seven-day trial.


This reality program is amazing and thrilling. Almost every emotion, including love, betrayal, temptation, trust, truth, deceit, and heartbreak, may be experienced in this program, which has a lot in store for its viewers and audience.

Have you seen the first season of the program? Please watch the program if you haven’t already, then let us know what you think. Keep checking back and bookmark this page for further news and updates regarding the program.