Jennifer Lopez's Georgia wedding gown REVEALED for the first time

After an initial glimpse, a new Instagram photo reveals the entirety of Jennifer Lopez's wedding gown.

Jennifer Lopez's wedding gown for her Georgia nuptials is now on display in its entirety, following a sneak peek on Instagram.

Jlo married Ben Affleck for a second time in Georgia over the weekend, inviting their closest friends and family to celebrate their renewed love in opulent fashion.

After Lopez discussed her fantasy wedding in her newsletter, Vogue Magazine's Instagram account revealed a fresh image of her wedding gown.

Jlo wore a gown from one of her earlier films during her previous Las Vegas wedding to Ben Affleck, but for her actual wedding ceremony, she chose her go-to designer Ralph Lauren.

In addition to the wedding gown by Ralph Lauren, Lopez wore two more outfits from the designer during the evening.

The husband, meanwhile, chose traditional Ralph Lauren Couture to match his wife.

He sported a classy white tuxedo jacket with black pants and a black bow tie. 

Even more endearing is that all five of the couple's children from previous marriages were dressed in Ralph Lauren Couture.

The pair remarried after breaking up their engagement for the first time in 2004.

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