24 Auguest 2024

Andrew Tate gets banned from TikTok for violating policies

Andrew Tate is restricted from using major social media networks.

Observing a widespread cancellation. Kickboxing champion Andrew Tate continues to face social media sanctions and is presently banned from TikTok for infringing the app's rules.

His profiles and videos have been removed from the website, which has considerably aided him in gaining Internet notoriety in recent months.

TikTok plans to eliminate his duplicate videos and footage to obliterate him altogether from the platform.

However, social media platforms have caught up with his wickedness, which increases as it spreads.

In addition to TikTok, networks such as Facebook (Meta) and Instagram expelled the podcaster.

The Internet personality has amassed more than 13 billion views on the site, which is cause for concern in and of itself.

Tate offered a long video apology following his suspension, but no redemption appears to be forthcoming.