Lost Girl’s Zoie Palmer talks Doccubus and final episodes


The time has come for Lost Girl fans everywhere to prepare for their finale Faewells and bid adieu to succubus Bo (Anna Silk) and her loyal cast of characters. The Canadian supernatural drama returns to Showcase on Sunday, September 6 at 9 p.m. ET with the first of its final eight episodes. When we last saw Bo she had finally come face to face with her long lost father (Eric Roberts) and was still in a desperate battle to stop the Ancients.

While that may be enough to keep most women busy, as always Bo has to work out her romantic entanglements as well. In the midseason finale she and long time love Dr. Lauren Lewis (Zoie Palmer) both finally came to the conclusion that they were ready to try their hand once again at a relationship. Will the fan favourite couple be able to make it work once and for all? The TV Junkies talked with Palmer about Bo and Lauren’s relationship and looked ahead at the final eight episodes of Lost Girl.

The TV Junkies: Bo and Lauren have always been a couple that fans are very passionate about. What is it about them that brings about such passion from the fans?

Zoie Palmer: It’s a lot of things. Certainly the fact that they are two females has resonated obviously with the LGBTQ community, but beyond that it’s really real. I like to think that it’s true. One of my favourite movies growing up was The Princess Bride, and when you can watch a relationship on screen and it feels really true, and it feels like true love, like it was meant to be. Audiences connect to the fact that Lauren and Bo feel destined. It’s like when you meet somebody in your life and it feels like you’re home. I think they are home for each other a little bit. I think people see that. Just based on what people have said to me or come up to Anna or I who have had such a big reaction to the relationship, I think it’s because they’ve found home in each other which is something that everybody is often looking for in a relationship.

TTVJ: After the “oh boy” moment in the midseason finale Lauren and Bo seem poised to finally move forward together as a couple. What can you tell us about Doccubus in the second half of Lost Girl?

ZP: I can tell you NOTHING! It’s the very last 8 episodes of the whole entire show so almost nothing. I can tell you that stuff happens between the two of them. That’s about all I can tell. I hope that keeps you tuned in. ‘What? Stuff happens! What?’ [laughs]

TTVJ: We can’t wait to see “stuff!”

ZP: I know, I know it’s going to be something! Stuff is going to happen left and right and you’ll be there to see it.

TTVJ: Lauren is playing a dangerous game with the Morrigan [Emmanuelle Vaugier] (pretending to develop a cure for her humanity when she’s doing no such thing). Does she have an end game or is she just playing it by ear?

ZP: She does have a bigger picture, but Lauren always does. One of the things that attracted me to her in the very beginning was that you never really knew what she was going to do or even if you could trust her. I think that’s dissipated a little over the seasons but just the idea that there’s always more going on than it looks. This is no different.

Showcase/Christos Kalohoridis
Showcase/Christos Kalohoridis

TTVJ: Lauren and Dyson [Kris Holden-Ried] seemed to be in a pretty good place and working together a lot during the last few episodes. Will these former rivals continue to have a good relationship?

ZP: I think they’ve come to have an understanding. When Lauren and Bo tried to have a monogamous relationship it unraveled pretty quickly because Bo’s a succubus. She did her best to try and do it but she can’t be faithful in that kind of way and with Lauren being a human that was a difficult thing to deal with. Both Lauren and Dyson understand that she means the world to both of them and that they would both probably die for her. There’s an appreciation almost in that I think Lauren appreciates that Dyson would die for Bo if he had to and I think vice versa. They respect each other and although it’s difficult at times to see that there’s love for both Dyson and Lauren from Bo. There’s been acceptance there.

TTVJ: Is there anything else you can share about what to expect or anything you’d like to add about Lost Girl?

ZP: Anytime anyone tells me that they’ve seen the latest episode of a show that I’m watching I stop them immediately from speaking. I don’t want to know anything and I want to have the experience myself. I really want people to have this experience. It’s the very last handful of episodes that will ever been seen from Lost Girl, ever. I am so reluctant to say anything specific, not just because we’re not supposed to, but also because I really want you to see it yourself and have whatever reaction, feeling, emotion happens for you and for everybody. I think that’s the best thing that I can do for fans is to let them have their own journey. I think the writers have done an extraordinary job of figuring out how to tell this story and how to make it come to some sort of closure, not that I’m sure you ever do with this kind of a show, but they’ve done a great job. I think people will have a response to it. It’s not a wishy-washy ending.


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Lost Girl’s final season premieres Sunday, September 6 at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.