You’re the Worst’s Desmin Borges On Edgar’s Upward Trajectory

Byron Cohen/FX
Byron Cohen/FX

The gang over at FXX’s dark comedy You’re the Worst may still need some work, but thus far Season 2 has thrown viewers a bit of a curveball by making war veteran Edgar (Desmin Borges) the most put together of the core group. Sure, he still crashes with Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), but he’s got a job at a gym and has tried to pursue his romantic feelings for friend Lindsay (Kether Donohue) as well. “This year we’re trying to weave him into the civilian lifestyle as easily as possible,” Borges tells The TV Junkies. While his feelings for Lindsay may not be reciprocated, “there’s some exciting things for Edgar in store. He’s on an nice upward trajectory,” says Borges.

One of those exciting things will come in the form of an Improv group that he will join and is led by guest star Collette Wolfe. Wolfe’s Dorothy will catch Edgar’s eye and may find him moving on from Lindsay in the near future. How will she react? Borges talked to us about her feelings, whether or not Edgar will actually be any good at Improv and what else we can expect for Edgar during the rest of You’re the Worst’s sophomore season. Read on for his thoughts.

The TV Junkies: Lindsay, whether or not she’s aware of it, is playing a dangerous game with Edgar’s feelings. Please tell us Edgar won’t get hurt too badly by her.

Desmin Borges: I think Edgar is extremely resilient. I think through the years of hardship and what he’s had to face–living in his car, being homeless, going through two tours of Iraq and not having much family–he’s got a pretty strong backbone. He may not always be the brightest bulb in the box but he kind of knows what he’s getting into chasing Lindsay.

I know I’ve definitely been in a situation like Edgar when I was chasing someone that was my friend and I knew they were using me, but it didn’t matter because it was so nice to want something and you felt good about it and like ‘I have something to wake up for in the morning and to try and go get.’ That’s energizing him to keep pushing forward and I think with his background that I can guarantee you that Edgar will land on his feet.

TTVJ: We’re assuming things don’t go too far with Lindsay since we’ve heard that Edgar will get a girlfriend. What can you tell us about her?

DB: Pretty soon in the next few episodes Edgar finds himself in the world of Improv comedy and he finds that it’s something that he likes and he’s not so bad at it. Collette Wolfe’s character, Dorothy, is his Improv teacher. Sparks start to fly from there and he becomes very smitten with her very quickly and she’s a complete 180 from where Lindsay is.

Byron Cohen/FX
Byron Cohen/FX

TTVJ: How will the others react to Edgar being in a relationship?

DB: Like they always do, they don’t give a shit.

TTVJ: As long as Edgar is there with the Bloody Marys …

DB: Right, as long as breakfast is being made and the Bloody Mary bar is stacked and every once and while he’s there to pick up Jimmy’s broken pieces as he whines, I think we’ll be OK. Out of those three, Lindsay probably has the biggest reaction to it. Even though she doesn’t necessarily want Edgar like that, she wants him as a friend, but it’s always difficult when someone who pays so much attention to you and gives you this love that you’re yearning for finds someone else to replace you. I think Lindsay is the most aware of it and has to deal with it, where as Jimmy and Gretchen couldn’t care less.

TTVJ: Echo Kellum is also guest starring as a member of Edgar’s improv group. What can you tell us about his role and how he and Edgar will interact?

DB: Actually Echo and I first met in 2006 in Chicago on a furniture commercial where we played roommates. He was the roommate that had a job, wore a suit and I was the sloppy roommate playing video games and eating pizza. (Editor’s note: Someone please find this video for us on YouTube!)

Edgar is at a VA meeting and the vet that’s leading it brings in a couple of guys from an Improv group to do some role-playing to get everyone up on their feet, feeling a bit more comfortable. Echo’s character is Edgar’s first introduction into the world of Improv comedy and they get to do a little something together in that episode and he realizes, ‘Hey, this is something I like and am not too bad at.’ From there his character is woven into the world with Collette’s character and creates a little conflict for Edgar in the next few episodes.

TTVJ: Anything else we should look forward to in Season 2?
DB: Things are only going to get darker and crazier. It’s still going to be funny but we’re about to enter what Stephen calls “the Second Act,” where we start to go down the rabbit hole and each of these characters takes their own, individual pathway. The second installment of “Sunday Funday” is coming up and that right there is going to be some wild stuff that you might pee yourself while watching.


How do you think Edgar will be at Improv? Are you enjoying Season 2 thus far? Sound off in the comments below!

You’re the Worst airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on FXX.