You’re the Worst’s Desmin Borges & Kether Donohue talk Season 2

Jack Plunkett
Jack Plunkett

They may not play the main duo at the center of the critically acclaimed comedy series You’re the Worst, but to many fans of the show they are their favourite duo. That’s right, we’re talking about Edgar and Lindsay, aka actors Desmin Borges and Kether Donohue, both of whom make strong candidates for inclusion in this year’s Outstanding Supporting Actor/Actress Emmy races.

Fans of the show will recall that Season 1 ended with Lindsay tearfully singing some Kate Bush karaoke after learning that her husband Paul was leaving her after having an emotional affair with a woman he met in a homebrew chat room. For his part, Edgar was preparing for Gretchen (Aya Cash) to move in with him and Jimmy (Chris Geere) and realizing his feelings for Lindsay may go beyond just friendship as he watched her sing.

The TV Junkies caught up with Borges and Donohue earlier this month at the ATX Television Festival and got the details on what fans can expect in September when Season 2 of the comedy makes the move from FX to sister network FXX. Will Edgar act on his feelings for Lindsay? How do they top the craziness of Season 1? Read on for all the answers and more from Borges and Donohue.


The TV Junkies: How much pressure do you guys feel going back into Season 2?

Kether Donohue: You know I don’t think it’s pressure–I kind of relate it to a basketball game and you’re warmed up and you’re in the groove and you work with the players so well. We’re all so comfortable with each other and the fun things about reading the scripts was picturing everyone and how they would deliver their lines. I don’t feel pressure, I just think we’re just having a lot of fun.

Desmin Borges: The thing is ultimately we didn’t know the first year was going to be as well received as it was. We just knew that we really liked what was going on, that Stephen [Falk], our directors, and FX really liked what was going on. To get that response from everybody else was great. We started reading these scripts and the first four basically pick up where the last ones left off. It wasn’t like we started over from 1-4 again, it’s just continuing from where we left off.

TTVJ: We saw that Edgar may have some feelings for Lindsay is he going to act on anything?

DB: I think as much as he can. It’s just that normal, pedestrian life is still weird for him. So as much as he can with his idiosyncrasies, try to develop feelings I think we see.

KD: Also, we don’t want to give anything away because it’s SO GOOD what happens. We can’t tell!

DB: In his own way he tries. There’s definitely trying that happens.

KD: And he may or may not succeed. 

Byron Cohen/FX
Byron Cohen/FX

TTVJ: So will Lindsay be back into the dating pool at all now that she’s a single woman?

KD: Lindsay is going through it.

TTVJ: She’s still a hot mess?

KD: If you think that what you saw in Episode 10 was a hot mess, it’s like a boiling mess. It’s a boiling mess!

DB: There’s a rabbit hole and I think all of us go down it at some point.

KD: I think the writers have pushed the boundaries beyond what you’ve seen on television. It gets pretty crazy.

TTVJ: In talking about Edgar and his everyday life. How do you guys deal with his PTSD in a fun way but still be respectful?

DB: I think ultimately when it comes to the PTSD you have to understand that we’re telling it through Edgar’s specific lens of life which is a very different lens that we’ve seen from any veteran in TV or film ever, except for maybe the gentleman in Enlisted. But other than that you’ve never really seen someone who loves life and is as romantic as Edgar is. In the second season we really try to key in on his need for normalcy and not to be labeled as a former drug dealer or a vet with PTSD. I think we really try to stray away from that point because there’s so much more to Edgar than just those labels.

Byron Cohen/FX
Byron Cohen/FX

TTVJ: When you guys took these roles did you have any idea that Edgar and Lindsay would turn into such fan favourite characters? How do you keep them from being one-note sidekick characters?

DB: I knew Lindsay was going to be a fan favourite from the beginning. She was my favourite character written from the first time I read it. By far! But Edgar, no, I don’t know.

KD: You’re just being humble!

DB: No I’m not! You don’t know.

KD: Desmin is being modest! It’s in the writing. I think yes, we obviously brought ourselves to the role, but it’s all there in the writing. The writing of Edgar and Lindsay is multidimensional and is not one-note. Our job is then to contribute what we can to the writing. The writing is so phenomenal that it’s already there.

TTVJ: One episode that we really liked from the first season was the flashback episode [Episode 9]. Do we do any kind of flashback in Season 2?

DB: You know, I hope so. But since we’re block shooting we only get a certain number of episodes at a time. So we’ve only done 1 through 4, and we’re going 4 through 8 right now as we’re shooting. I hope we do get a flashback episode because I really feel like that was opening for all of the characters, and to see how Jimmy and Gretchen each made it to that first night. Hopefully we will.

TTVJ: Will there be a “Sunday Funday” Part 2? What would you do for your ideal Sunday Funday?

KD: In real life we all had a Sunday Funday together. I have a convertible so I like to drive with the top down to the beach. That would be a nice Sunday Funday. Korean spa, romantic dinner with somebody.

DB: See if football season is on, I want to wake up, in my underwear and get to the marinated flank steak or chicken wings that I’ve been doing for a day or so. Cook them up and have a couple of friends over, make some bloody maries, hang out and watch football all day and just eat good food. That’s my perfect Sunday.

TTVJ: So you’re as passionate about food as Edgar?

DB: I knew Stephen previously before I started working on this project. So I’m not sure if that’s something he invented or that he remembered from us first meeting when we first worked together. I’m a fat kid at heart. 

Byron Cohen/FX
Byron Cohen/FX

TTVJ: Does Lindsay have anything like that where it’s a trait of yours that has gotten into her?

KD: Oh yeah, there’s a lot of Lindsay in me. I think the spontaneous, daring things she does. I have a very spontaneous personality and I think Lindsay is very spontaneous. 

TTVJ: Is there anything else you guys can preview about Season 2?

KD: I will be singing again. I will be singing two songs. Can’t say what. I don’t even know what two. There’s a lot of fun recurring characters that come on.

DB: They just announced Collette Wolf is going to be recurring.

KD: We have a lot of good recurring roles that open up the “Worstie” family.

DB: Plus we get to see the dysfunctional tripod that Edgar, Jimmy and Gretchen are together living under one roof. It’s never balanced. It’s always two against one going on.

KD: We meet Paul’s girlfriend that he met in the home brew chat room. We see Lindsay and Paul’s new girlfriend which is a very fascinating dynamic.


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You’re the Worst Season 2 returns this fall in September on FXX.