X Company Preview: Will Alfred Break?


After a frenetic Season 2 premiere that saw the action pick up immediately, X Company shows no signs of slowing down this week. With Alfred (Jack Laskey) still in the evil hands of Franz Faber (Torben Liebrecht) and company, the big question looming over everyone’s head is whether or not he’ll succumb to the pressure and break? Sinclair (Hugh Dillon) has also arrived on the ground in France. He’s got some hard questions for Aurora (Evelyne Brochu) about how and why Alfred was able to be kidnapped alive. Will she tell him the truth?

To go along with all of that high stakes drama, “Night Will End,” written by Hannah Moscovitch and directed by Grant Harvey, also sees Sinclair’s desperation at rescuing Alfred lead him to call in some old favors to try and him set him free. Will the team be able to rescue him? Without giving too much about the episode away, we are able to offer up a few hints about what fans can expect from Season 2’s second episode. Hopefully these will help tide over eager fans until Wednesday night.

Sinclair doubts Aurora

Now that Sinclair has joined the team on the ground he immediately gets to work questioning Aurora about how Alfred was able to be taken alive. Why did she not take him out and stop it from happening? Will he believe her story or will he realize that she may be hiding the truth from him? What will this mean for her place as team leader going forward? He comes at her with some pretty hard questions, but it doesn’t look like Aurora is backing down any time soon, which all adds up to a pretty heated confrontation for viewers to witness. Also, we have to wonder, is it really such a good idea to go shaking up the team when they are only 4 weeks out from the big allied mission at Dieppe?

Reaching out to an old friend

With the team’s most prized possession, Alfred, still being held captive, they are pretty desperate to get him back. Sinclair is even going so far this week as to reach out to an old friend, a German who is now a bureaucrat working in logistics and training for the Nazis. Will Sinclair be able to persuade him into helping out and will this friend be happy to see Sinclair appear again? Better yet, just what is the team up to that they need help from an “inside man?”

Harry faces the consequences

Harry is still struggling mightily with not seeing the truth about Nurse Siobhan (Emily Taaffe), and no one is punishing him more than he is himself this week. He’s feeling guilty for falling for her when he should’ve known better, and he realizes that he’s going to have to own up to the consequences that are surely going to come down on him for this. Will this mean he’ll be leaving the team in the field soon and be sent back home? Or will Sinclair give him the chance to stay and make things right?


You thought you hated Faber before

If you thought Franz Faber was horrible and awful in Season 1, well wait til you see Season 2 Faber get into full swing this week. He knows what a valuable asset Alfred is and that he’s under pressure to get as much information out of him as possible. In order to do that, he’ll go to some pretty gruesome lengths. Also, because of Alfred’s special memory abilities–due to his Synesthesia–the biggest torture from Faber may not be from what Alfred experiences himself, but from memories of awful things he’ll never be able to unsee, unhear, taste or smell. Forst (Julian Michael Deuster) also continues to undermine Faber this week and we just all know that can’t end well.

Is Krystina getting restless?

While Krystina (Lara Jean Chorostecki) certainly works hard at her duties at Camp X, she may be feeling like there’s better areas to focus her energy. She’s been spending extra time training as of late and honing up on skills to have herself more combat-ready in case of an enemy attack. Is this feeling of restlessness just about getting back out into the field or is there an ulterior motive afoot? Like maybe getting back closer to Tom (Dustin Milligan)?


What did you think of X Company’s premiere? Any guesses as to what happens this week? Sound off with your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC