X Company: Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern Talk “Masquerade”


*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the X Company episode “Masquerade” ***

The power sure has shifted in Season 3 of X Company and Sabine (Livia Matthes) finds herself right in the center of it all. Sabine’s loss of innocence about what her husband is truly up to has been lost, and this week Aurora (Evelyne Brochu) and the team had to make sure she wasn’t going to expose the fact they’ve been working with Faber (Torben Liebrecht) to her father. Elsewhere, any hope viewers may have had that Neil (Warren Brown) could save Miri (Sara Garcia) were dashed as the Germans killed her while hunting a resistance leader.

How will Neil handle her death, especially since it is coming so soon after Tom’s? Sabine also kept quiet, but can we expect her to play nice with Faber, Aurora and the team moving forward? To get the answers to all our questions about “Masquerade,” written by Sandra Chwialkowska and directed by Grant Harvey, The TV Junkies turned to X Company creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern. They also preview what’s to come in next week’s episode and give some more detail on new characters we were introduced to this week.


The TV Junkies: After a lot of uncertainty it seems that Sabine has come around and decided to stay with Faber for the time being. Can we expect a united front from the pair going forward?

Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern: This temporary cease-fire doesn’t mean the two are at peace–they still have a long road to travel before they can be truly united, with no more secrets and a shared sense of purpose. There will still be many landmines on that road–including the revelation that Aurora and Alfred secretly recorded Sabine saying treasonous things about her husband. That’s a mistake that will come back to haunt them bitterly, and force them deeper into a volatile and sometimes hostile complicity with the team.

Though peace between the Fabers is always fragile, there will definitely be times when they seem in sync… but we believe there is only one moment this season they finally are. You’ll know it when you see it…

TTVJ: I love the shift that has happened around Sabine. She was someone that we almost pitied at times in Season 2 because she didn’t know the truth, but now in Season 3 she seems to hold all the power. How will she use that going forward?

Sabine comes of age this season. She begins to understand the world she’s living in is dark, dangerous and complex. She’s become aware of how protected she was–at first by her father, and then by her husband. At the top of Season 3, she feels betrayed by everyone she’s become close to, including Aurora. We think how she chooses to rise above them all and carve her own path is one of the most interesting storylines this season.


TTVJ: At Faber’s party we were introduced to Heidi Adler. Can you talk a little about the role she’ll play this season?

The very first image we had for this season involved Heidi Adler. We’d read a book called ‘Hitler’s Furies’ that profiled some of the generation of young women brought up as passionately-committed members of the Bund Deutscher Mädel: the girls’ branch of Hitler Youth. They were taught to aspire to the highest Aryan ideals following the First World War. We wanted to create a character that might become a new kind of villain, who took advantage of a moment where it was possible to become an empowered female in a male-dominated world. We wanted to create someone liberated and charismatic you might fall in love with at first, someone Aurora would gravitate towards as a kindred spirit. Heidi is played by Madeleine Knight. It’s one of her first television roles and she’s truly extraordinary. Everyone loved working with her. The party scene in 302 was her first day of work and she handled it beautifully, with humour and glamour and panache.

TTVJ: Honestly, I thought you had some real issues with base security, but it turned out to be all part of Krystina’s plan. I’d like to once again mention how much I love her story this season and that will definitely teach them to think women are weak. Now that Scubaman is gone, what’s next for her?

It seems like a no-brainer that Krystina should transition into the field. But her path to get there is complicated. There are other trainees competing for a spot. Is one of them being groomed to replace Tom? Can Sinclair manage Camp X without his right hand? Krystina and Sinclair have quite a complicated personal and professional journey this season…


TTVJ: Neil already lost Tom and now he wasn’t able to save Miri. I thought when we saw her again she’d be saved, so I was admittedly surprised she died. How does Neil move forward?

One of our favourite moments of the season is when Harry sits down beside Neil in a field and comforts him silently. Neil picks himself up… once again. Neil wasn’t able to save his family during the Blitz. He lost his best friend Tom. And then Miri. His war is becoming smaller. He’s gone from wanting to kill every German he sees, to being hell-bent on saving everyone he has left. The source of his strength now is the conviction that he shared with Harry: it’s not what you’re fighting for, it’s who. We’ll see Neil forge some powerful personal bonds with the comrades that join in to fight by their side, and the integrity and loyalty he shows in battle are a testament to the resilience of his spirit.

TTVJ: Who is the resistance leader they were able to find in the village and how will he play a role in their mission going forward?

Jacques Rigaud is loosely inspired by Jean Moulin, a charismatic leader, confidant of General de Gaulle, who was able to straddle both the rigours of the battlefield and the challenge of uniting the French Resistance. This was no easy task when the Resistance was being torn into multiple factions, who sometimes seemed as much at war with each other as with the Germans. Our guy Rigaud has made his way all the way from England back into Paris, off the enemy’s radar–and with the team’s help he hopes to make the critical difference to French morale just as the Germans are preparing to dismantle the Demarcation Line and occupy all of France.


TTVJ: Sinclair is worried, rightfully so, about Alfred’s feelings for Aurora. She told him she’d handle it, but what does that mean?

That’s what Aurora says, by reflex, to reassure her boss–it doesn’t mean she actually has a plan for how to ‘handle’ it yet. But then it becomes a direct order to sever the relationship….

TTVJ: What can we expect to see in Episode 3?

How Faber handles the presence of the infamous Jacques Rigaud, right there in his area of operations, will be one of the first big tests of where his loyalty really lies–with the Resistance, or with the Party he officially serves. The partnership between him and the team is off to a very rocky start as Faber has to decide how far he’ll go to keep up appearances with his superiors. This episode’s another good one for Harry and Neil, who come up with a pretty audacious plan for how to bring Rigaud’s message of hope and unity to the entire country.


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