X Company: Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern Talk “Creon vs. Ixion”


The team behind X Company made one thing abundantly clear in the premiere of its third and final season, it’s not going to go out quietly. Coming off a stellar Season 2, Wednesday night’s premiere episode ensured viewers there would be no drop in the quality or excitement levels as we continue to follow the stories of our Camp X operatives. Sinclair (Hugh Dillon) made the trip over to Europe for an epic showdown with Franz Faber (Torben Liebrecht), as the two hashed out Faber’s new role as double agent. It’s still not quite clear whether or not he can be trusted, but at this point the team really has no choice.

Elsewhere, Aurora (Evelyne Brochu) and Alfred (Jack Laskey) dealt with their feelings for one another as they tried to track down Sabine (Livia Matthes). They finally found her and viewers were introduced to her formidable father, Ulrich Schmidt (Morton Suurballe) in “Creon vs. Ixion” written by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern and directed by Grant Harvey. Meanwhile, Neil (Warren Brown) refused to give up hope on Miri (Sara Garcia) as he searched for her with Harry (Connor Price), and Krystina (Lara Jean Chorostecki) finally got into the action back at Camp X.

What is next for the team as far as working with Faber? And just what was Sabine about to tell her father? As part of our full coverage of X Company here at The TV Junkies, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing you a weekly dose of X Company post-show interview action. Creators Ellis and Morgenstern will be joining us here weekly to break down everything that happened in the current week’s episode, as well as look ahead to what’s headed our way throughout the rest of the season. Check out our first installment below where they breakdown the Season 3 premiere’s most exciting moments.


The TV Junkies: Personally my biggest takeaway from the premiere was how great it was to see Krystina in action. I loved it and that she’s getting this bigger story. What can we expect from her arc this season?

Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern: Krystina’s been itching to get into the action since we first met her in Season 1. With Sinclair in the field, she’s taken on the task of leading the fight against one of the Gestapo’s most valuable undercover agents at home. She’s looking to prove herself–and she’s also looking for blood after the loss of Tom. Trouble is, Sinclair has come to depend on her back at Camp X–will he allow her to leave Canada and continue her work undercover in Europe? It’s a messy tug of war between two close friends and colleagues, and it plays out over the course of the season.


TTVJ: The back and forth between Faber and Sinclair was really enjoyable to watch. Why was it important to bring Sinclair over for that negotiation and is Faber right, has he lost control over the team?

Sinclair is a guy who operates a lot by his gut, by intuition… and although he trusts the team’s judgment, he’s not ready to trust this potential new ally without getting his own read on him, up close and personal. Sometimes you have to look a man in the eye. Faber’s an instinctive man too–he picked up in very little time on the unspoken bond between Alfred and Aurora, and also on Neil and Harry’s testing the limits of Sinclair’s authority. If Faber’s going to put his life in this team’s hands, he needs to be sure of their complete professionalism under pressure. Sinclair hasn’t lost control of the team–it’s just that the team has learned, the hard way, that sometimes they need to make their own choices in the field, with or without their boss’s consent. What they have endured and survived has made them more hardened and confident. Sinclair’s relationship with his team becomes more complicated as the season wears on.

TTVJ: We were introduced to Faber’s father in law who seems like he could be a pretty scary guy. I don’t think you’ll share what Sabine is about to tell him, but what can you share about who he is?

He’s a true believer in the need to make Germany great again, who will use his privilege and authority to rewrite any rules that aren’t in his favour. He dotes on Sabine, who is his precious treasure, and has raised her alone. He is a cultured, educated, patriotic man who has complete faith in the Aryan race leading humanity in a better future… and that certain sacrifices must be made to bring that future into being. Morton Suurballe plays Ulrich Schmidt and he is truly one of Denmark’s finest actors. Many may know him from his leading role in the original The Killing. We’re lucky to have him.


TTVJ: I was very excited to see Miri still alive. What obstacles does Neil face getting her back?

Neil and Harry don’t know yet what dark purpose the Germans have for their captured Dieppe insurgents, and a brazen daylight rescue may not be as simple as they hope… then again, the Germans don’t know yet the fierce and defiant spirit that guides Miri.

TTVJ: Alfred and Aurora were pretty adorable at points in the premiere, but I can’t help but worry that their feelings are going to get them into trouble. Please tell me I’m wrong!

Depends what you mean by “trouble.” Undercover work sometimes requires living a lie. Both Aurora and Alfred, in their own ways, will need to navigate the strategic side of romance this season.

TTVJ: I noticed that there seemed to be less German being spoken and fewer subtitles in the premiere. Was there a decision to move away from that for Season 3, and if so how come?

Using German on screen was important to us in the first two seasons for the sense of authenticity it gave to those characters and scenes–we also felt it was appropriate to use a distinct, intimidating language for the ‘enemy.’ But this season, guided by the theme ‘sometimes to fight the enemy you have to become the enemy,’ we deliberately broke down that barrier so that the Germans were just as easy for English audiences to understand, and empathize with, as the English-speaking characters, without the distancing effect of subtitles.

That’s the thematic reason, the practical reason is that, with all the undercover work in Germany and Poland done by the team this year, we didn’t want to have to subtitle 75% of the show! So accents still shift depending on the character’s origins, and reflect the undercover roles played by the team, but now it’s a level language playing field.

TTVJ: What can you preview about Episode 302?

We’ll see a side of Sabine we’ve never yet seen: brazen, blunt, defiant, fearless… and tipsy. We’ll see our team begin to learn about a top-secret German plan intended to guarantee the Nazi’s ultimate victory by springtime. Neil and Harry close in on Miri. We’ll see Krystina and ScubaMan locked in a fierce battle of wits. And we’ll get to know a couple of new Camp X recruits a little better.


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