X Company Madeleine Knight on Heidi’s Fate


*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the X Company episode “Naqam” ***

It was a moment many X Company viewers have been waiting many weeks for, as Heidi Adler (Madeleine Knight) finally got what was coming to her. After an episode filled with much back and forth between Heidi and Aurora (Evelyne Brochu), the Allied spy working undercover was finally able to gain the upper hand, and Heidi met her end in spectacular fashion after a showdown in the woods. As expected, Heidi wasted no time in putting to use the information she learned about Aurora and Faber (Torben Liebrecht), but thanks to quick thinking and skilled training, Aurora was able to win in the end and the mission is still safe.

To gain some more insight into the showdown between the two women, as well as what it was like filming that fight scene, The TV Junkies spoke exclusively with Knight. She gives her take on the fashion in which Heidi went out and shared what it was like to work alongside Brochu this season. For more information on Knight’s performance as Heidi, check out part one of our interview with her, as well as our weekly postmortem chat with X Company creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern.


The TV Junkies: We finally got the confrontation between Heidi and Aurora that has been brewing for weeks, and I’ve got to be honest, it was so great to see Heidi get what she deserved. How do you feel about how she went out?

Madeleine Knight: Story wise I thought it was fantastic and I loved the last line of ‘I want you to know you were killed by a Jew.’ That was incredibly powerful and I think absolutely how she needed to go. When I read it I was really excited. I’ve always been ridiculously bad at stage fighting in drama school so I was quite worried. Luckily, we had fantastic fight coordinators and it was a really fun day doing the rehearsal for it in the woods.

TTVJ: I think that was one of my favorite parts was that you were in the woods and fighting in high heels.

MK: That was brilliant! [laughs] It was so fun to do though and I really enjoyed it. It was such a rush and I had so many endorphins pumping at the end of it. I thought ‘I need to take up boxing after this. The expenditure of energy is obviously very good for me!’

TTVJ: Why did Heidi try to handle everything herself and not tell anyone else what she knew about Aurora?

MK: That’s a very good question. She wanted to use the information to her advantage, which she talks about in the torture scene where she says she’s going to hand her in. Doing that will definitely gain her some brownie points.


TTVJ: It’s been such a joy to watch you and Evelyne go back and forth all season. What was it like working with her?

MK: We had such a great time together and a lot of fun together, especially on long days. We would get very delirious and got along really well. She has so much television experience, and this is one of my first TV gigs, so she was so helpful and I learned a lot from her. I really appreciated that.

TTVJ: Do you have any upcoming projects that we can look for you in?

MK: My next TV show is an Irish crime thriller called Acceptable Risk about global corruption in the pharmaceutical world. Funnily enough, I play another German. [laughs]


Were you glad to see Heidi’s fate? Share your thoughts below! Check out the first part of our interview with Knight here.

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